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I tend to shy away from writing fic in a modern setting, since it tends to put me in a constant state of worry that I’ll miss something important, or screw it up like so many books and films do.

That being said, fuck it I’m having an absolute blast with this young Tony meets the Winter Soldier fic. Absolute, balls-to-wall, excited squeaking level blast.

My favorite part has to be reading up on major events that were happening in the world in 1991-1992 and being like *tongue click* HYDRA *finger waggle*

The Soviet Union dissolving ten days after the Winter Soldier is sent to kill Howard and Maria Stark? *tongue click* HYDRA *finger waggle*

And if I’m getting a particular glee from writing up scenes where a sarcastic and gangly 21-year-old Tony Stark goes head-to-head with HYDRA agents and assassins and his own father issues and one particularly done-with-this-Stark-shit 70-year-old eternally a badass Peggy Carter? Well, good for me for enjoying myself. I deserve that.

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Clexa taking Alex to her first pride as a proud and out bisexual and obviously they get signs that Clarke and Jake (maybe even Lexa and Alex) painted and they all have such a blast!! Lexa does her war paint in rainbow colours and Clarke and Alex are sporting bisexual flags and Jake is just happy to be there

This is so heartwarming

Y'all know I gush about One Piece and TMNT like Niagara Falls but, seriously, I can’t stop gushing. It’s not so much the fights and the animation and the dark stuff (though that is very much my jam as well ngl I eat that stuff up) but - the FAMILY ELEMENT. ALL OF THEM. Like, I love fics that show how Badass the turtles are in battle as ninjas, or how devastating the Strawhats can be. But stuff like the turtles chilling in the lair watching TV and eating pizza, or the Strawhats messing around on the Sunny in the sun having a blast….gimme that stuff. I’m a sucker for it.

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a summary of cherry bomb

• mark having a fucking blast because he rapped 95% of the song
• taeyong as his backing rapper
• yuta on a car with no lines
• taeil wants to die?? he’s hanging off a crane??
• doyoung really wants to ride a helicopter
• haechan and sicheng exist somewhere in the background i guess if you squint
• mafia drug lord johnny wants you to clap your hands if you’re happy
• jaehyun being the most beautiful man alive