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Yo yo yo!!! Ur seeing the boys! Im so happy for u:)) mind me asking where ur seats are? Jst curious, i mean Regardless im sure you'll have a blast ~(@,@)~ hahaha did u like my little emoji thing of u having a blast cause ur so shook lmao im so weird sorry but yeah happy for ya girl!

I am!! And thank you so much :”) My seat is GA standing (im gonna die) I can’t wait to see these boys perform live, it’s gonna be life changing I just know it. LMAO that emoji is meeee!!! Shook to the max. You aren’t weird! Thank you for stopping by, you’re so sweet! ♡

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(holy shit  if i see this^^ live O___O )

Magic and the Marks It Leaves

So somehow “Ludo in the Wild” and a comment from @starcotp has lead me to having another trans Marco theory.

So a lot of this is conjecture but I’d still love to hear what you guys think.

Anyway in the book “Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension” Star mentions that magic leaves a mark when you have been around it as long as her and her family. These marks taking the shapes of the various playing card suits and other objects that seem to appear on the cheeks of her family.

My theory is what if those marks aren’t always physical but can be mental as well.

Anyway in “Storm the Castle” the wand blows up and Marco, Star and Ludo are all within the blast radius. Marco and Star protected by the crystal box and Ludo by his egg. This must have blasted loads of magical energy throughout the blast radius and theoretically possibly some residual energy when Marco and Star leave the crystal box and Ludo, their egg. So my theory is Marco and Ludo are exposed to this energy. Star is already marked by magic so.

Now, in “Ludo in the Wild” Ludo has a vision of Star that guides them to the new wand. Something Ludo has wanted since the beginning of Season 1, a wand to call their own.

In “Red Belt” Marco has a “stuck in life” dream. All we know is it is recurring (or at the very least similar dreams) but we don’t know how long it has been going on. All the dream is indicating is Marco feels stuck, like everyone in their world is going ahead of them while they are stuck in the same place. We also don’t know if these dreams are continuing or if they ended after Marco got their red belt.

And like I said, it is purely conjecture but what if exposure to magic in the way Marco and Ludo theoretically experienced causes them to have dreams and visions guiding them to their deepest desires.

We still don’t know a lot about magic and it is possible. Plus let’s assume Marco is trans and their dreams are continuing, if they don’t really know they are trans perhaps the magic exposure is struggling to guide them. Like Marco needs some knowledge of what their desire is for the magic to guide them to it.

And as I said, just a theory with a lot of conjecture but make of it what you will.

Enjoy :)


Run streak day: 50!!!

Miles for the year: 224.97

So I got myself a dreadmill, and of course I had to run on it, which was yhe first time I have ever ran on a treadmill.

I did 2 miles one on incline one flat, and I have to say its a beast, I had it up to 8.5 mph and I was having a blast, it will take a bit of getting used to though, but it’s only for days when time/weather isn’t permitting an outside run. I’ll take yhe outdoors any day lol!!!

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I get to buy a new bookcase this weekend! I have reorganized my cases three times since October and I am still out of space, so my fiance said we could go get a skinny BILLY bookcase from Ikea on Saturday, which means I get to spend this weekend reorganizing my shelves again and I am so excited :)

New bookcases are just the best, I’m really happy for you! I hope you have a ton of fun this weekend! I always have a blast reorganizing my shelves :D Loads of hugs! <3

Tell me about something nice/awesome/lovely/unexpected that happened to you and that made you smile and/or brightened your day :) Let’s spread some positivity :)

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You're going to have so much fun at the concert! I went to the Denver show and it was so awesome. I'm already pumped for the next time he tours here, whenever that may be! So surreal to see the band I heard for my first time way back when they released AFYCSO in the flesh, even if it's only Brendon now. What made it so surreal is that the Pepsi Center is right across from Elitches and it was on my way up to Elitches back in 7th grade with my bestie that I first heard PATD. Such a cool feeling.

But I mean, you obviously know you’re going to have a blast considering how many times you’ve got to see him live and the fact you MET HIM. Ahhhh jelly. D:

awww thank u im glad you had a good time, im so excited to see them again!! theyre so good

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My family life is in shambles, but I get to go see Power Rangers this weekend with some friends, so I'm excited about that, plus, I got Ed Sheeran tickets for September!

Omg that’s amazing!!! I hope you have a blast at Power Rangers and YAY for Ed Sheeran!

All my love! <3

Tell me about something nice/awesome/lovely/unexpected that happened to you and that made you smile and/or brightened your day :) Let’s spread positivity :)