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So I feel like Khonjin would have a Trash Dove as a pet. Would this be so? I hope Adult Swim let's you in btw <3 if not maybe Animation Domination. Not the family guy Animation Domination but the Lucas Brothers Animation Domination. I can see that happening.

khonjin would have The Bird from zelda cdi as his pet

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First of all, thank you for everything you wrote! They are lovely! Also, just a small prompt I have on my mind: once logic and morality wants have a talk of the birds and the bees with prinxiety separately?

Logic speaks with Prince, Morality speaks with Anxiety. Logic is very good at explaining it, and Prince now knows, well, let’s just say Logic is very thorough.

After they’re finished they go to check on Morality and Anxiety, and walk in on Morality saying “-and that’s why the bees must be protected at all cost”

Unfortunately my lovely birds have all but deserted my garden apart from this Blackbird, the snooty Robin and the shy Dunnock. I had asked my neighbor if she would refill my bird feeders whilst I was away but she refused, so I think they’ve all got the hump with me, or found a better place to feed.

Both this Blackbird and the Robin were perched high in the tree opposite but they won’t enter my garden at all. I photographed this through the closed window of my conservatory. It’s rubbish, like most of my photos these days, but they would have flown away had I tried to get any nearer by going outside.

I really miss all the Sparrows, Starlings and Goldfinches. Hopefully they’ll come back eventually.

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I think this is trivia but it's also a question. Are Blathers/Celeste the only owls? I don't think you can have an owl bird villager.

There’s numerous species of birds in Animal Crossing, but yes those two are the only owls.

Unless you count the Owl that shows up at night when you have a new message on the bulletin board! :v

I cant believe I forgot Penguin in my own au. Silly me-
‘Controls birds’
Yeah … Yeah.
‘Control and communicate with animals of the avian type. Works on flocks and individuals. Staff has seen cages moving alone even when empty. There is just not enough evidence to move him to a higher danger level zone like with Tetch or Crane’.

Although having the ability to make 'Birds’ (the movie) a reality for other people, and for it to happen constantly, is scary and I dont want it.

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How long have you been drawing?

Short answer: like 23 years?

Long answer:
Been drawing since I can remember, but my first sketchbook is from about 3rd grade I think (which I still have). I drew dolphins, birds, and dinosaurs all the time. Then I played final fantasy viii in 8th grade and drew my first human figure. I didn’t take art classes in high school because “I didn’t want people telling me what to do”, then promptly went to an art college.

I did digital art mostly through high school and college, but when I graduated I didn’t draw (or write) for almost three years. I haven’t been able to figure out how to digital art again since then.

Really, I should be better than I am for how long I’ve been doing it, but I’ve made so much progress in three years, that my motivation is to just constantly best myself until the end of time. It feels good, man.

Thanks for the question! ^^

oh god oh god oh god i’m not ready for the last episode tomorrow :’(((