have a bad summer

“He didn’t gave her the time to take breath,be bought his hands on her face. Quickly leaning over her, placing his lips over hers. He heard the umbrella fall to the ground,barelly made a sound for how it was light. 

He felt the rain pour down his forehead, on Summer’s face, the droplets started to stain their uniforms. Surelly after everything ended, his teammate, would have looked at him with confusion, without clearly understanding what happened. 

But it didn’t matter. 

For a moment in his life he was happy,and damned lucky 


Everyone seems to like Cordelia, so here are some new pictures I took today!


That time Namjoon tried to have a heart-to-heart with Taehyung but only ended up getting his feelings hurt instead.

hamilton + high school clothing headcanons


  • he stays up too late every night
  • and gets up too late every morning
  • so he just slips on random shirts and joggers like 15 minutes before school starts
  • only owns two pairs of shoes
  • gets too cold really easily
  • so he often wears hoodies over top
  • never wears matching socks
  • prefers scrunchies to thin elastics when tying his hair back
  • always carries around a tin of bobby pins
  • loses his glasses all the time 
  • refuses to use a normal backpack so he uses a messenger bag instead


  • always wearing shorts
  • no, literally, even in the dead of winter hes wearing shorts
  • he just wears tights underneath
  • (he gets hot way too easily)
  • the type of guy to go out in december with no jacket and tell everyone its not cold
  • has one coveted pair of black nikes hes had forever, but wears therapeutic sneakers if he isnt wearing them
  • athletic socks
  • bracelets??? you can bet he has a million always wrapped around his wrist
  • there are pride ones and beaded ones from peggy and best friends ones he and the boys got ironically
  • (but he actually loves them)
  • owns about 20 bowties that he never wears


  • shops at the thrift store or wears his own clothes
  • baggy sweaters/sweatshirts and distressed jeans/oVERALLs 
  • he has a thing for sweaters with elbow patches but one time alex said he looked like an old man (as a joke) so he doesnt speak of it 
  • has a million different beanies in different colours 
  • wears the same necklace hes had since he was a small child 
  • (its just dark wooden beads on a string) 
  • wears moccasins and burkenstocks exclusively 
  • hates socks with a passion 


  • really up to date with latest fashion trends
  • but he really likes courdoroy pants and turtlenecks
  • would rather die than than TOUCH a pair of sneakers
  • only ever wears boots or dress shoes
  • his go-to coat is a peacoat or a trench coat
  • sometimes he even wears a cloak if hes getting up to shenanigans and wants to get #in the mood
  • he might fill in his eyebrows. no body knows for sure
  • has his ears pierced and only ever wears small hoops or small jewels
  • owns ten of the same black beret and wears it ONLY when hes having a bad hair day bc he doesnt want to be #stereotypical


  • two words: 
  • high waisted 
  • she only wears high waisted mom jeans and shorts (that she cut into shorts from mom jeans) 
  • always tucks her shirts into her pants 
  • has a collection of cute leather belts 
  • basically only wears sandals and vans. and nothing else 
  • crop tops? hell yes 
  • tank tops? hell fuckin yes 
  • sweaters and cropped hoodies over top? very much yes 


  • sweet smocked sundresses or skater dresses 
  • wears tights underneath depending on the time of year 
  • also !!! pleated skirts and denim skirts with buttons down the front 
  • sometimes she’ll wear thigh high socks instead of tights though 
  • and she wears cute flats or heels if shes trying to look more sexy (which makes her feel flustered all day) 
  • as for tops, she’ll go for anything but she…. really has a thing for lace and mesh 
  • hair is always tied back. 
  • a l w a y s 
  • carries a purse and a backpack around school 


  • leggings and sweaters. 
  • thats…. it 
  • leggings, black coverse or her superstar adidas, ankle socks and baggy sweaters over top 
  • cant be bothered to do anything else?
  • (wears a baseball cap if shes having a bad hair day) 
  • in the summer, she might wear baggy tshirts instead or maybe she trades her leggings out for sport shorts 
  • always at a perfect temperature no matter what 
  • however, she wears different shades of lipstick everyday
  • like, shes never worn the same colour twice 
  • will BEGRUDINGLY borrow one of elizas dresses if she has to go to a fancy event 


  • short skirts (any kind, really) 
  • with blouses tucked into them 
  • and thigh high boots 
  • and chokers in all different sizes and colours 
  • paints her nails to coordinate with every outfit 
  • she wears exclusively holiday colours when it rolls around 
  • (christmas? you can bet shes wearing red for a month straight)
  • does her hair up in fancy styles every day 
  • but she also really likes floppy hats 


  • dress shirts and dress pants and dress shoes 
  • but funny ties 
  • they can be optical illusions or annoyingly bright patterns 
  • but he is wearing a noticeable tie no matter where he is 
  • however, when hes flustered or embarrassed, he holds it in his hand to make sure no body thinks lesser of him because hes wearing pugs on his tie 
  • has ten pairs of the ever classic heart boxers 


  • he only owns khakis and jeans
  • this boy rarely even touches sweatpants
  • polos are his go-to tops
  • wears belts, but still has his pants low enough that the waistband of his boxers are showing
  • he always keeps his wallet in his front right pocket
  • but… never takes it out in front of anyone and gets nervous/angry when they try and touch it
  • (its a batman wallet, obvs)
  • timberlands? yes
  • nike??? double yes


  • tshirts with logos and striped long sleeves underneath 
  • and jeans that are too short/too long or sweats 
  • has a package of kleenex in his pocket at all times 
  • but wont share because he doesn’t know which ones are used or not used 
  • uses the same pair of beige vans hes had since third grade
  • wears superman and spiderman boxers
  • sometimes he forgets to wear socks or wears ones that are different lengths


  • plain, single colour t shirts 
  • the most weird or abnormal colour he wears is eggplant purple and he loves that shirt to death 
  • it has a pocket and he puts his pens in there 
  • beige or brown khakis, sometimes blue jeans!!! 
  • he even owns a pair of red pants
  • but only wears them when his other pants are in the laundry 
  • tighty whities. hates boxers 
  • has a pair of white vans that everyone made fun of him for
  • bought all black converse next and people made fun of him for that too
  • didn’t want to buy anymore shoes

heinousactszx  asked:

You read Homestuck in FOUR DAYS?!? How on earth did you do it do fast?!

I have this good ability to focus on one task for 12 hours and also I read fast.

I miss creating OC couples with friends! I want to do that again, but at the same time– too busy with other stuff TT TT

Can we appreciate the fact that “an uncut Ruby the size of a duck’s egg” is only given to fae by the Summer court if they have done something bad to them. The ruby came in Feyre’s chest from Tamlin. Summer court is NOT going to side with The Tool during the war!

preference #1- how you met (marauders)

im actually kind of proud of this one :’)

James: The day you received your hogwarts letter was the day your life changed forever. You, being muggleborn, had never imagined yourself being a wizard. The only time you ever really heard of magic was when you read, which you did a lot. But now you were here, standing in front of the Hogwarts Express, nerves taking over you as your parents left after giving you a final goodbye. You climbed onto the train and tried to find an empty carriage and when you did you quickly put your luggage up, sat down with your book in your lap, and stared out the window until the train finally started moving out of the station. You were a little sad that you didn’t have friends or at least another person in the carriage that you could share the ride and experience with, but that feeling quickly dissolved when someone knocked on the carriage door. You turned your head quickly, startled by the sudden noise, to see a brunette boy, wearing glasses, returning your gaze. “Sorry to bother you, but do you mind if my friends and I sit in here? There weren’t any other carriages available.” You shook your head, grateful to at least have some company even if the four boys walking in might be noisy. You scooted over right against the window, and the brunette boy sat next to you, with his three friends across from the two of you. “I’m James, and this is Sirius, Remus, and Peter.” he said, gesturing to himself and the other three. “I’m (y/n), pleasure to meet you. Is this your first year as well?” They all nodded, muttering “yep”s and “mhm”s. “Would you like to hang out with us when we get there? You seem really pleasant to know.” said James, looking at you with a hopeful glint in his eyes. You smiled shyly, nodding your head. “I’d like that.”

Remus: You stood up from your seat in the Great Hall, grabbing your shoulder bag full of books and parchment for your homework. You left dinner early, knowing very well that it would take hours for you to finish the load of homework you were given. It was crazy the amount you and your classmates were given, considering it was only the second week of the school year. As you walked out, you could see many other students had the same idea as you, getting up and leaving to their common rooms or the library to do their homework so they could get some rest tonight. You walked to the library, luckily being one of the first people there and getting a seat, immediately taking out your parchment and getting to work. -4 hours later- Rubbing your eyes out of tiredness, you put your finished homework back into your bag after what felt like forever. It was almost 10 pm, which seemed late, but you knew you were lucky as there were still many students packed in the library not even close to finishing their work. You walked down the halls to your common room, your head and sight cloudy from being so exhausted. Your walk clearly showed that you probably fall asleep standing if you really wanted to, that or it looked like you were failing at a straight line test. You turned a corner as you yawned, shutting your eyes and enjoying your peaceful yawn, until it was sadly interrupted when your body crashed into a much larger and muscular one. Your bag fell on the ground, your parchment scattering everywhere, and you were about to join its place on the ground when suddenly two muscular arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you up onto your two feet. “Woah, woah, woah! I’m sorry, love, are you alright?” Your eyes darted up to meet two beautiful green ones, returning your gaze, and suddenly you felt wide awake. “Y-yes, thank you. I’m sorry, that was my fault. I’ve just come back from the library an-” “Don’t worry about it love, let me help you with those.” He interrupted as he bent down to help you pick up your parchment. You felt your face heat up at the nickname he has apparently given you. He handed you half of the papers and you put them all together and quickly stuffed them back into your bag. The two of you stood up and he quickly met your gaze again, smiling. “I’m Remus.” he said, stretching out his hand to you. You shook it, returning the smile and replying, “(Y/n). Pleasure to meet you.”

Sirius: You frantically ran down the halls toward the quidditch pitch, where the try-outs were being held. You were going to be late which made you feel like you had no chance and that all the practice and lessons you had taken over the summer had been for nothing. You had always been interested in quidditch, although you were never really good at it, so you told your parents about your interest and they signed you up for lessons so you could make the school team and see how it went. You’d have to admit, you weren’t half as bad by the end of the summer and you thought you had a pretty strong chance of making the school team, but hopefully those chances wouldn’t be ruined by your timing. Rushing into the girl’s locker room, you changed, and made it out to the pitch with 2 minutes left to spare. You spent those minutes stretching and warming up on your broom, flying laps around the pitch. You had noticed some people in the stands watching and tried not to let your nerves get the best of you, thinking you might mess up or something stupid. The house captain blew his whistle, and you all huddled up to listen to him. They basically told you how they were very happy with the outcome of people and assigned you all positions, before starting a practice match to see how you all could actually play. You tried your best, flying swiftly around the field and feeling confident in your abilities. You made several points, making the people in the stands clap for you each time, and by the end of the match you were almost certain you would make the team. Your guess was right, and your captain had called your name first on the list. You left the pitch with a bright smile, and heard someone call you from behind. “Hey, you! Wait up!” You turned around to see a boy around your age, handsome may I add, jogging towards you. He caught up to you and smiled, his eyes locked on yours. “You were really great out there, amazing really.” You smiled even bigger and stretched a hand towards him, “Thank you, it really means a lot. I’m (Y/n).” He shook your hand, “I’m Sirius, and may I say your eyes are absolutely stunning. I’d enjoy looking at them again, how about this weekend at Hogsmead?” You blushed, looking down. “I’d love that.” He smiled wide, satisfied with your answer. “See you this weekend, (Y/n).”

so I’m watching Total Rickall and I’m at the bit where they find out the parasites only give them good memories, and Rick keeps suggesting Summer is a parasite and Summer says something like why do you keep coming after me, but Morty saves her by saying “she’s my bitch of a sister” and like…..
Rick doesn’t have bad memories of Summer…I think he genuinely enjoys having her around …RICK DOESNT HAVE ANY BAD MEMORIES OF SUMMER

☀️ Summer tol and smol ☀️

Kenma and his shoes are too cute for this world and Kuroo is That One Guy™ who wears flip flops all summer you can’t convince me otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


ok so we’re going to sit our booties down and learn a thing

These boots here are called Renegades. I love them. They come in lots of cool colors, like maroon and yellow and the whole rainbow k. These saved my life last summer when I couldn’t keep Bella from abscessing bc even once they would blow and heal, they weakened her feet. If I didn’t have these bad boys, I wouldn’t have been able to ride that whole summer.

They’re the most popular boot with Endurance riders and that’s bc they’re fuckin fly as hell. Do you know how easy it is to put these things on? 9/10 times when I use them, I only use front boots, and they take me like a minute per foot INCLUDING picking out the foot. Tell me that’s not crazy af. 

The bottoms are designed like a real foot and you can gets studs and shit if you do hardcore things. That heel captivator you see there moves free from the boot, so no rubbing or foot restriction. You can do legit everything in these babies and your horse’s perfect little tootsies will be nice and protected, while still maintaining the health that comes with a bare foot.

Worried about cables? Don’t k. I have…. 5 pairs of these plus I know lots of people that use them personally and never have I heard of a cable breaking. Even if it does, you don’t have to order a new boot so don’t stress! You can order every piece of these boots separately and save a buttload of skrilla.

Worried about them being loose and coming off? Don’t k. I’ve lost a boot once and it was my fault. I didn’t latch the velcro strap on the toe correctly so that sucker came loose and came off while we trekked through mud bogs that’ll make u cry. When they’re put on right, they stay put. No twisting. No nothin. You ride and you don’t worry.

And what’s super rad? They weigh less than any other boot I’ve seen. There are some shoes that weigh more than these.

AND there is a new design called the Viper that is currently being tested by Endurance riders before it goes on the market and I’m so hype for them. They’re supposed to be EVEN EASIER to put on and move even easier with the horse’s foot for the most natural movement possible. 

Wylan Van Eck: Hogwarts Au
  • at first, Hogwarts for Wylan meant nine months without seeing his father, but now it’s much more than that
  • it’s putting ingredients into his cauldron during Potions, watching the liquid slowly change colour, feeling satisfied when Professor Snape grudgingly awards Ravenclaw five points because Wylan is the only one to perfectly brew the Draught of Living Death
  • hiding a smirk as Jesper furiously informs Professor Snape that ‘‘he should’ve got at least twenty’’
  • it’s his love for Arithmancy, because, unlike words, all the numbers make sense
  • it’s studying for exams in the library with his five best friends, feeling grateful for the spell that reads out his notes for him
  • and midnight Astronomy classes, looking through his telescope at the enchanting night sky, mapping out the stars on fresh parchment
  • making Polyjuice potion in secret, watching gleefully along with his crew as twenty confused students transform into Professor Dumbledore, while the man himself chuckles heartily at the High Table
  • it’s setting off fireworks by the Great Lake after the OWLs, all the students celebrating as the display lights up the sky in a multitude of colours
  • discovering the flute thanks to a few Muggleborn friends, learning to play and eventually starting the first Music Club at Hogwarts
  • sneaking into Jesper’s dormitory when the nightmares get too bad, having whispered conversations well into the night
  • but during the summer holidays, everything is different
  • summer means flying to Jesper’s house on his broomstick when Wylan’s father goes into one of his (frequent) rages, fighting back tears the whole time 
  • Jesper hugging him close when he arrives, Wylan melting into Jesper’s embrace, because Jesper is always content to offer him a flask of Butterbeer and shelter 
  • both of them under the covers, Wylan feeling safe in Jesper’s arms, and if he can’t sleep, Jesper fetches a book from Wylan’s backpack
  • listening to Jesper’s soothing voice reading Beedle the Bard or a Muggle adventure book (reccommended by Inej) always lulls Wylan to sleep
  • moving permanently to Jesper’s when his father kicks him out, feeling safe at long last
  • Hogwarts and his friends will always make Wylan feel at home, because, as one Muggle put it, “home is not where you were born; home is where all your attempts to escape cease”

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