have 2 let the world know dont u

2 celebrate hitting 2k i thought it would b fun 2 do my 2nd follow forever 🎁 this time ft excessive length. b4 that though i thought i would like 2 take a second to say i am incredibly thankful to all of you following me and all the people who leave me kind messages or participate in ask memes or just like/reblog my gifs and vids and subpar memes (i always check 2 see if u guys say anything in the tags lmfao). thank you for listening to me vent and for putting up with me never shutting up you all mean the world to me 🌸 i’m glad exo let us find each other like this 💕

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Why Can’t I

genre: angst, fluff

word count: 1.5k

warnings: none. you may cry, however.

extra tags: reality  


I wish that it could be like that, why can’t it be like that, because I’m y o u r s

fic based off “Secret Love Song” by Little Mix, and a lil bit of a prologue to Love Wins;


He knows the answer’s no before he even reaches out, and it’s the warning glance that constantly kills him, wilting him from the inside. Phil brushes his pinky against Dan’s, quick enough to be accidental, and when Dan instinctively flinches away, he can’t help feeling the tiniest bit hurt, even though it’s expected, he knows that this isn’t allowed.

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