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Wrong Classroom

Most students know that space being more fluid on university grounds than the outside world often leads to people winding up in the wrong classrooms. Not so many know that it being more ridged than in Elsewhere can sometimes give Them the same problem.

Unlucky Gentry: (Wait, that’s not the poetry professor)

Chemistry Professor: “Good morning class, today we will be discussing the relationship between metals and salts.”

Gentry: (!!!)

Prof: “While the term salt is most often used to describe the common table salt, sodium chloride, there are in fact millions of different types of salt.”

Gentry: *Internally screaming*

Prof: “A salt is any chemical in which the hydrogen in an acid has been replaced by a metal. Hydrochloric acid produces table salt when reacted with the metal sodium. However it is possible to make a salt from any metal on the periodic table, such as iron.”

Gentry: *faints*

The chemistry students were eyed even more warily after that day.