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nico is the world’s biggest sweater thief, and wears jason and reyna’s sweaters and hoodies on a daily basis. will is not exactly jealous, but it starts getting annoying after a while because i’m your boyfriend nico why won’t you wear my clothes why wear jason’s. and nico just smirks and unzips the hoodie he’s wearing and oh. oh. nico’s wearing one of will’s favorite tank tops (the one he thought he’d lost), and it’s way too big and shows more skin than it covers, and will’s mouth dries. and suddenly will thinks it’s a pretty good thing nico wears the hoodies on top of the tank, because there’s no way he’d be able to function if he had to keep seeing nico like that.

in light of recent events involving the Josten Sass™ and its similarities to that of another fan-favourite brown-haired anti-authoritarian protag with an attitude problem, I give you:

the foxhole court, narrated by percy jackson.

  1. “I Am Offered A Foxy Deal”
  2. “I Meet The Worst Kind Of Twin Pun”
  3. “I Get Dragged Into Some Gay Shit”
  4. “My Troubled Past Comes Back To Haunt My Ass” 
  5. “I Strip, But Not In A Fun Way”
  6. “Coach Gets The Gang Together”
  7. “I Have The Worst Night Out, Ever”
  8. “I Get Dragged Into Some Gay Shit, Pt. 2″
  9. “I Become Kevin’s Super Secret Project”
  10. “I Go See A Doctor For The First Time”
  11. “We Kick Serious Jackal Butt, Sort Of”
  12. “I Don’t Want To Be On This Show”
  13. “I Want To Be On This Show”
  14. “We Get A Killer Phone Call”
  • Hermione: What do you two want to do?
  • Harry: I dunno. What do you want to do, Ron?
  • Ron: I dunno. Hermione?
  • Hermione: If I knew, I wouldn't have asked. You decide!
  • Ron: Well I don't know either! Harry. Come on mate, what do you want to do?
  • Harry: I don't know!
  • Ron:
  • Harry:
  • Hermione:

What’s been going on in this house isn’t just some affair. No. No, it isn’t.


It just kind of hit me yesterday that Delphox has a really cool design and I went on drawing spree because damn, it’s so much fun! I love how the fur mimics a wizard’s robe, giving a fantastic flow to the design. Not to mention the contrasting elements, like big ears / small nose, wide ‘sleeves’ / small hands.

there is one ed relationship that deserves a lot more love and attention that it gets and it’s marlon x vic

marlon has been there for most of vic’s life. and sure they bicker and fight and would probably be closer if they didn’t work together in a cramped little kitchen every single day.

but they do genuinely care for each other like family?

and i just find it so beautiful???