Dress for Dollfie Dream commission based on Valentino’s 2015 Prefall collection. I offered to make some changes to the design, and the customer decided to add the Zodiac constellations and provided design of the planets. You won’t see the silver dots that I painted on the previous dress, but there is a tiny silver and golden spraying and more stars that are spreaded unevenly with massive clusters at the bottom and a smaller starts at the top.

A semi-transparent pure silk gause was used for the dress too. The lining is a beige fabric.

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Christian Dior Haute Couture by John Galliano, models backstage at the Fall 2006 show. Photographer: Arslan Sükan. This image is part of Arslan Sükan’s exhibition “Prelude” at Leica Gallery Istanbul from 08 June to 05 August 2017.