haute spirit

At a brunch…

MC Sophomore: My life is falling apart… Kaitlyn needs my suport for winning The battle of the bands, James graduated and left the newspaper to be run by Reina, Chris is stressing out after the championship and Abbie and Taylor are on the verge to broke up… On top of that, they want to demolish the house we are living in…I mean, can it get more worse???

MC ILITW: Tell me about it. Me and my friends are being hauted by a evil spirit who probably is responsible for two massacres.

MC ES: - “casually sipping from their drink” -

I’m still trying to stop the end of the world and saving Hartfield from turning into a pile of ash. Oh yeah, with the help of my older self.

MC Sophomore: faints…

MC ILITW: Did she just?…

MC ES:… Yeah. Just give her a minute. Waiter! We need some water over here! Thanks!

Freddy’s Story

Long time ago, there was a pizzeria called “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza”, a place for childrens with a Animatronic Band of animals, The leader of the band was a bear called Freddy Fazbear

The place was famous and many, many kids love it, everything was fine.

Until one day, in 1987, a worker of the pizzeria murder 5 childrens in the backstage and stuff their bodies into the animatronic suits.

The bodies never were found, and the pizzeria slowly lost his reputation. The spirits never found peace, the childrens wanted revenge against the man that kill them.

They possessed the animatronics; they could controle the animals at night, 12 AM to 6 AM. In that period of time, a nightguard of the pizzeria come to work; watching the animatronics through the cameras… since they start to move at night after that murderer.

The spirits started to catch the nightguards and stuff them into animatronic suits, searching for the man that kill them and make him suffer. Freddy was the more efficent to do the job, he was fast, he knew how to hide into the shadows, how to play with the guards to make them lose energy. The local kept losing reputation.

Freddy never wanted to hurt anyone, but he couldnt -fully- control himself at night. It was the child who do all of this… well.. half… the spirit put his thoughts into his mind to make him attack and kill people.

The children was full of rage but also very sad, after all, he was killed in a place of fun by a security guard of the pizzeria. Freddy know that, he understand the poor spirit… that was the reason of why he helped him to catch the nightguards.

Freddy always find a way to make the children happy, after all, his work was to entertain childrens, even when the pizzeria close and the animatronics were going to be desactivated.

Many years later, on the year 2000, the pizzeria reopen in a new bulding. This new pizzeria had new animatronics, so the old ones were used just for parts.

This didn’t stop the desire of revenge of the children, who keep using Freddy at night to attack the nightguards.

The place closed on 2003, after the new animatronics started to act… aggressive, like they see something that make them nervious. The company decide to repair the old models and reopen the pizzeria soon.

But then, Freddy see the man that kill the childrens back in 1987 walking through the pizzeria.

Full of anger and a desire of revenge, he followed the man to attack him, kill him and finally get his revenge.


It was a trap.

That man was a spirit… he died long ago and his spirit was hauting the place. He broke Freddy into pieces… just like he do with the others later.

The damage was so big, that the company didn’t bother on repair him, making Freddy disappear.

Until one day…

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