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Hello! Could i have a #1 with GD for the drabble prompt? Thank you <3

I hope you like it. :D

1. “Don’t hate me ‘cause I’m beautiful.” 

You had been sitting on the bed for half an hour, ready to go, before Jiyong finally made his way out of the bathroom. The two of you were going to a party, and you had put on your dress and done your makeup early, because you knew how long your boyfriend would use in the bathroom. He was such a perfectionist. 

The door opened, and Jiyong sashayed out, in true Rockstar fashion. The man really knew how to make an entrance, even if it was just into his own bedroom. What he was wearing could only be described as a weird haute couture mess. The shirt and jacket by themselves would look out there and cool, but the trousers he had paired them with were some of your least favourite trousers you had ever seen him in.

You sighed, he knew you hated those trousers. He looked at you, and cocked his eyebrow in a challenge to you. “Don’t hate me ‘cause I’m beautiful.” Then he winked at you, and you rolled your eyes. He did a slow sensual spin in front of you, and you couldn’t deny that you liked the way he moved. It was then you saw it.

 “Sweetie, unless you want to be extra controversial tonight, I suggest you change your outfit,” you smirked, after taking it all in.

 He looked at you dubiously, “what do you mean?”  

 “Well,” you walked up behind him, pretending to be judging his outfit. “For one,” you slipped your hand through the gaping hole in the back of his trousers to give his sexy little butt a good squeeze, making him jump a little. “There’s this giant hole in the back,” you finished, a Cheshire-cat smile adorning your face.

 “What?” he yelped, “but I just got them!”

 You shrugged, before crawling back into bed, ready to wait for him to choose a new outfit. Jiyong’s cat jumped up on your lap the second you sat down.

 Jiyong squirmed around a little, trying to get a look at the hole in his trousers. “How could this be? It’s the newest collection from my favourite designer!”

 The size and shape of the hole made it blatantly obvious what, or who had happened to the trousers. “I think I know what happened to them,” you tried to hold back a giggle, while gently stroking the head of the perpetrator, who just happened to lie on your lap.

 Being unable to be angry with the cat, Jiyong just huffed, and turned to grab some different trousers from the wardrobe before stomping into the bathroom to change and check out his new outfit.

 You leaned down to gently kiss the cat on the head, “did I ever tell you that you are my favourite?” the cat just purred happily back at you.