Left: House Sparrow ~ Haussperling ~ Passer domesticus

Right: Black Redstart ~ Hausrotschwanz ~ Phoenicurus ochruros

Birding for beginners: In these pictures you can see the difference between granivorous (left) and insectivorous (right) birds. The difference is obvious when you look at the beak shape: Granivorous birds have stronger and stout beaks that are strong enough to crush the shells of the seed. The beaks of insectivorous birds are thin and pointed to facilitate the grasping of insects e. g. in the crevices of the bark of trees.

2013 © Jesse Alveo

Sleepy, hungry young House Sparrow waiting for parents to return with food ~ Junger Haussperling wartet auf die Fütterung durch die Eltern und macht dabei ein Nickerchen ~ Passer domesticus

2013 © Jesse Alveo


House Sparrow ~ Haussperling ~ Passer domesticus

2014 © Jesse Alveo

House Sparrow mass bath orgy at a sweet water puddle on the beach in France. This was funnnnn to watch. ;-)