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He looks like he doesn’t even know what happened
Like management shields them from knowing….

     The signing had been very confusing for the boys, because the fans kept saying sorry or are you mad. They had no idea what they were supposed to be mad at.

     Paul just looked at the boys, guilty for not being able to tell them. Management always hid from the boys that songs were leaked, because they didn’t want them to be upset. Escpecially when it wasn’t just one song - it was the whole album.

     Modest! Management was not popular with the fans, but when it really came down to the boys, they were gentle giants. Working furiously to make sure they wouldn’t see any tweet, or read any text post on tumblr. They were sure it would crush them, they had worked so hard on it afterall.

     So the signing went on, and the fans didn’t directly say what happened. And the boys never found out, and they never did.

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