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[INTERVIEW] CanCam Magazine - June 2014 Issue - Jun. K

This is the album in which all of my musical colors and styles are expressed.

- Please tell me about your album “LOVE & HATE”.
Actually, I’ve decided since my debut that if I were to release a solo album, I would title it “LOVE & HATE” since I thought “love and hate” could be expressed in various ways. The illustration is one of those ways. There’s a logo I designed, a combination of a “heart” and an “X”, called NO LOVE, and so I put the “heart” from “L♥VE” and the “X” from “HXTE” together into one.

- The thing you were particular about is?
First, it’s the design of album cover. I created the details, such as the background of the jacket and the design of the characters. Another is the outfits. I created an original design since I wanted to show my individuality. To all the staff, thank you so much for listening to my selfish desires! kkkk

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