haus mother

I saw a headcanon somewhere that Hau is very affectionate and Moon cannot deal, and I 100% support that headcanon. He’s a hugger I can sense it. Plus overly affectionate Alolans + more reserved Kantonians= hilarity


The Countess (Lady Gaga)

The owner of the titular Hotel Cortez, The Countess is a glamorous but deadly creature who sustains on a healthy diet of sex and blood — she kills with her very fashionable but very sharp chainmail glove. “She’s extremely strong,” explains Gaga. “She’s been through so much. It’s kind of impossible for anything to penetrate her.”


@LadyGaga preparing for Today Show! JUST LOOK AT @TARASAVELO!!! #dying

Since I’ve started getting requests, here’s another bit of advice for new queens starting out:

Using a well-known haus name such as Andrews, Van Cartier, Infiniti, Milan, or Ebony is something that needs to be earned. Unless it was given to you by your drag mother, don’t use it.

And another thing, a drag mother (or haus mother) is someone who takes you on as an apprentice, teaches you the art of drag, and gives you her name to carry on. A drag mother is not someone you idolize or base your drag persona on. If you don’t know her personally, she is not your drag mother.