3/? Favorite Male Characters - S A S U K E   U C H I H A

“ if anyone wants to deny my way of living, I’ll kill anyone they ever cared about! maybe then they will understand… a little of my hatred. “

title: wanted
rating: K+
characters/pairings: sakura, sasuke, naruto / mentions of sarada / implied sasusaku and naruhina
summary: in which sarada takes after her father and makes both of her parents very proud.
author’s note: this just a fun short little piece inspired by a headcanon i came up with a few days ago
disclaimer: naruto and its characters do not belong to me. all copy rights reserved to shonen jump, tv tokyo and kishimoto.

“Naruto, there’d be a good reason for me to be here, or Kami so help me, I’ll dismember you and feed your dick to Kurama.” Needless to say, Uchiha Sakura did not like to be disturbed on her way home from eight hours of stitching together recklessly injured shinobi. Especially not via a slimy toad blocking the door to her office, croaking miserably as she packed up her belongings for the day when she had planned on heading some to her husband and relaxing.

“What she said.” Sasuke wasn’t any more impressed with the blonde idiot. A rather large, mucus colored toad stuck to his left leg and croaked incessantly whenever he took a step in the wrong direction from the Hokage’s tower. He was tempted to just kill the little thing, but reasoned that he’d rather not have the Ero-Sennin haunt him from his grave, nor be sent to Mount Myoboku for a thousand years of toad-centered torture.

It was nearing 5PM and Naruto had called his beloved friends and former teammates into the Hokage’s office for what he designated to be an urgent meeting. Sasuke was convinced otherwise, seeing as they’d been here for ten minutes and Naruto had done nothing but make instant ramen and ask Shikamaru to remind him to pick up his dry-cleaning.

“Relax, Sakura-chan,” the blonde coaxed, stirring the cup ramen, “It is important, that’s why I called you.”

He glares at Sasuke as he catches a kunai between his fingers, twirls it and sends it flying towards the wall behind him, before giving Sasuke the middle finger. Impatient bastard.

He shifts a hefty stack of papers—what Sasuke presumes to be housing permits and budget plans, judging by the stamps—and reveals a large book in brown leather casing.

“Due to the growing trust and allegiance with the Five Kage, we’ve been able to create a bingo book the covers the span of all five nations,” he starts, “This is the newest edition and it doesn’t just list criminals; it prints commonly found flee-on-sight orders and bounty hunter posters.”

“So? You called us here for a bingo book, Naruto?” Sakura chides. The rosette was far from impressed; the hospital would surely receive the newest edition in a week’s time—why had Naruto interrupted her night of wine and bubble baths with her husband for the sake of a bingo book?

“Yes, actually,” he slurps his noodles in between speaking. “For one, both you and Teme are in it.”

The two Uchiha share a look, and stare back at their friend, unfazed by his news. Sakura’s been aware of the bounty on her head since the day she became Tsunade’s student—gang leaders, drug lords and rogue ninja would give just about anything to have her dead, given her impeccable medical mastery and ability to reduce any poison to water. Sasuke’s been wanted—criminal or not—since he was eleven years old.

“Not as criminals, of course,” he spoke to Sasuke. Naruto had worked long and hard to get him unlisted as a criminal in the bingo book, but like Sakura, he couldn’t help the hefty bounty on his head in exchange for his sharingan.

“Tch, get on with it, Naruto,” Sasuke growled, looking away from him and growing impatient.

“How about you wait three seconds and let me,” he snarled back. “You’d think you’d be a little more patient and willing to hear about matters concerning your own daughter.”

“What about Sarada?” Both asked in unison. Sasuke’s focus was sharp and deadly, Sakura’s head snapped up dangerously quickly; the Uchiha didn’t fuck around when it came to their only child.

Worst case scenarios flooded Sasuke’s mind. He knew he’d missed a large portion of Sarada’s childhood and prayed to Kami that his absence didn’t lead her to take the same blind and vengeful path he had—he figured it’d be nearly impossible; Sarada didn’t have the same dark ambitions he had as a teenager, even if he wasn’t around to fully raise her, Sakura was, and under no circumstances would she have lead their daughter down that dark road. It had to be impossible. Sarada was a well-ranked kunoichi by Konoha standards, Naruto even went so far as to call her the best in the village and name her Police Captain.

Come to think of it, Sarada had been out of the village for some time now. His seventeen-year-old daughter had embarked on a six-week long mission in Cloud. She’s leading a squad of ANBU and shinobi from the A-class Military Police Force to infiltrate the headquarters of mad scientist who’d been taking civilians and shinobi hostage from a nearby village, and performing experiments on them.

What if she’d been caught up with the scientist? Rumor had it that his man had some distant connection to Oorchimaru—had the old snake bastard planned on involving his daughter in the same disgusting mess of revenge and power that he’d done to Sasuke? Had the bingo book been updated and reprinted that recently?

“It seems like your daughter is quite feared by some,” Naruto flipped open the book, going to the “U” column, “Interestingly enough, she’s listed under all three categories: criminal, flee, and bounty.”

Sakura was deadly quiet, fists clenched and ears open. Her little Sarada was not a criminal. Whatever was printed in that bingo book must be a mistake—a ploy from a rival village to get back at her and Sasuke by framing their daughter.

Naruto flipped the book around, letting Sakura and Sasuke take a look at Sarada’s profile. Her name had been listed on over twenty-two flee-on-sight orders from various villages and gangs, as well as several hefty bounties on her head. And sure enough, the Village Hidden in the Shadows had listed her as a criminal, charged with killing their ruler.

“I wouldn’t worry too much about the criminal warning, Sakura-chan—the Village Hidden in the Shadows has no real connection or allegiance with any of the five major countries, and person Sarada killed that they claim as their ruler was a criminal himself, some sick child molester,” Naruto explained, “This is just a rough draft, I’ll have it cleared up with Gaara and the others.”

The coupled nodded and continued to flip through Sarada’s section of the book. Twenty-seven. Uchiha Sarada was seventeen-years-old and had twenty-two flee-on-sight orders in thirteen villages and five bounties on her head.

Sakura opened the binder spine, and carefully picked up a slightly yellow sheet of paper, and held it closely.


Hidden Leaf Village Ninja • Rank: Jounin
17 years old. 5 foot, 3 inches • Black hair, black eyes


Captain of the Konoha Military Police Force. Heir of Dr. Haurno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke. Wields the sharingan of the Uchiha clan. If forced to engage in combat, do not make direct eye contact.

Commonly found with the following ninja; do not engage in combat or threaten:

Uzumaki Boruto
18, blonde hair, blue eyes, two whisker marks on either cheek; son of Uzumaki Naruto, Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

18, blue hair, gold eyes; son of Sannin-nin Oorchimaru.

Sarutobi Konohamaru
26, brown hair, blue eyes; grandson of the Third Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.


The other twenty-one flyers read similar messages, some labelling Sarada as a ss-rank ninja, warning not to be within so much as 400 feet of her at any given time. The bounty flyers listed her name, age, weight, parents and sum for the head, dead or alive, set at 3.4 million ryo or more.

Sasuke blinked carefully, scanning the paper in his hand and those in the binder. He knew Sarada would eventually collect a bounty on her head—it was a conversation he and Sakura had had too many times before. They were both well aware of the status and power they possessed, and that which Sarada held as well; they knew that others would seek out their daughter and her kekkei genkai for a reward. They never expected, however, for that price to be well over a million ryo.

“You two did well,” Naruto grins, “Sarada’s pretty badass. Of course, the bounty on Boruto tops 4 million, but he is the son of the greatest Hokage ever.”

“Cha! That’s my baby! Make those little boys cry, Sarada!” Sakura cheered. She couldn’t wait to tell little Ino-pig; she bets her wimp ass son didn’t have a single flee-on-sight order.

Sasuke kept quiet, but the grin on his face spoke a thousand words. That’s my little girl.

I know it's been a while since Naruto ended and someone else has probably already said everything I'm about to say at one point or another, I just need to unload okay.

Naruto is fundamentally and empathic character - he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if he didn’t understand people and pain and the reasons they do what they do so it disgusts me that he actually hit his kid, who is so much like him - in fact, I’m disgusted that he neglects his kid after everything he went through as a child.

1) SasuSaku

SasuSaku was a toxic ship from the start, it’s not only bad for Sakura who becomes a housewife with a kid that looks more like Karin then her and all her development is thrown down the drain but it’s bad for Sasuke as well.

Unlike some, I don’t actually hate Sasuke, Konoha murdered his entire family and forced his brother to do it when he was 13 - I would be fucking pissed too.

Also, I don’t think he owes Sakura anything for her love, she gave him all her time and affection freely, he never asked for it nor did her ever return it so he shouldn’t be expected to be nice to her for stalking him cause seriously, if someone stalks you for 4 years + are you honestly going to suddenly start being friends with them, even if you’re teammates??

Also, Sasuke wants change, he wants a revolution - what Naruto wants (or used to want) - but he went about it in a different way to Naruto.

Also, I think that before Madara got involved, Sasuke’s revenge was quite fair, he only went after those responsible for the Uchiha genocide but Sasuke is an impressionable 16 year old boy without a guardian figure, who is unable to process emotion calmly and after years of being told that the path he chose is wrong, someone decides to tell him he’s doing the right thing and about the murder of his family and obviously, it doesn’t take much else to manipulate his feelings.

Sakura, as a lover for Sasuke, would have been the worst, she constantly only thought of her own feelings in regards to him, Sasuke wanted change and Sakura wanted things to go back to the way they were, Sakura wasn’t affected by the toxic shinobi system, she didn’t understand the oppression and hate it brought about so she saw nothing wrong with it.

And the thing is Sakura didn’t care what about what Sasuke wanted, she didn’t care about his goals or his feelings, whenever she thought of him, she thought of her own feelings for him, her own goals, her own desires.

Never his.

2) NaruHina

The same things goes for NaruHina, sure, Hinata had a crush on Naruto but that doesn’t mean that Naruto owed it to Hinata to like her back.

He didn’t owe her anything, her feelings for him were her own and she didn’t care whether they reciprocated or not, she just went about her stalking business as usual.

At first I felt sympathetic for Hinata cause I saw her potential as a character, she could have been iconic as someone rising above the abusive the abusive nature of her home, becoming strong and showing her father how much she has grown.

I felt bad because of how crush on Naruto was unrequited but I also knew that it was a CRUSH and it was UNREQUITED because there was no way Naruto would give up on his love for Sakura.

No way a girl he thought was shy and weird would ever take Sakura’s place because those two were literally opposites.

I kind of sympathized with her. She had a lot of potential as a character but Kishi didn’t put any of that potential to good use.

I ended up not liking her because in the end nothing came form it. She was a walking pair of boobs.

The sexist man’s dream girl. She was submissive and obedient and quiet and quite happy to give up her future as the Head of Hyuuga and as a ninja to become a housewife and knit scarfs for the rest of her life.

She wouldn’t be able to motivate Naruto to do his best, she wouldn’t nag at him to get his work done, she wouldn’t help him make decisions for Konoha because she simply doesn’t care about any of that.

She only ever wanted Naruto and she got him so obviously, the Hyuuga and their ways had nothing to do with her and Neji, who was so angry for the first 13 years of his life because of the oppression he suffered from his clan, is nothing but a distant memory to her.

3) NaruSaku

NaruSaku tbh, is the most realistic heterosexual pairing because there is actual interaction between the characters.

Sakura is a bully to Naruto, she insults him, physically abuses him and hurts him and it’s disgusting.

Naruto is quite good to her, he understands her love for Sasuke (possibly because they have that in common) and doesn’t force himself on her in the way Sakura forces herself on Sasuke but at the same time, and I can’t stress this enough, just because Naruto loves her, that doesn’t mean she owes him something.

Naruto’s feelings are his own, his actions and thoughts and words are his own and shouldn’t be used as examples to show why Sakura ‘should’ like him because she shouldn’t have to like someone just because someone likes her, that’s not how attraction works.

Sakura is hella rude to Naruto, that is true and widely accepted but when you think about it, she is an example of how most kids are to Naruto, they are taught by their parents to stay away from him because he is a monster and Sakura grew up with that mentality.

She grew up thinking that Naruto did something wrong because kids learn from the adults that surround them so it wasn’t surprising that she was harsher to him than normal but she learned.

I think in the end, she knew and cared about Naruto more than anyone else, she saw his strength and understood his pain and grew up with him in a way Sasuke and Hinata didn’t.

I think realistically speaking, this would have been the best no homo ship to go with.

Sakura began to see Naruto in a different light from the Zabuza arc, she saw that Naruto was growing and then after the Chunin exams.

She herself acknowledged that she was useless and could never catch up with Sasuke and Naruto and she used to be content with being protected, it was after Sasuke got the curse-mark and Sakura had to take care of him and Naruto in the Forest Of Death that she started wanting to change.

Cutting off hair in Asian culture used to mean being banished or rejected from their home. In the more modern age that is now, cutting long hair into a short cut means to forget the past, leaving the old and starting anew and that’s why everyone made such a big deal of Sakura having cut her hair, not only because it was so important to her.

Also, from my personal experience, hitting in Asian cultures isn’t seen as being as taboo of a thing as in western cultures and it could have been used to show Sakura’s affection for Naruto as well because of that whole 'tsundere’ thing going on and I think that was the aim with Sakura.

Sakura improves and grows stronger and is character you can relate to most in the entire manga because she is bullied for her appearance by her peers, it isn’t the most tragic of back - stories but it is the most applicable in real life for a wide variety of people.

She is annoying in the beginning because we don’t know her and because she is horrible to Naruto - but think about it from her perspective, the guy that everyone hates keeps fighting and insulting the guy she likes and follows her around, she was probably worried that Sasuke wouldn’t want to be around her if he thought she and Naruto were friends.

Also, she was bullied and wanted to be accepted, she probably didn’t have many friends and the one friend she did have was Ino and she was horrible to her when they found out they liked the same person.

She wanted to be accepted but being around Naruto wasn’t going to help her case but he wouldn’t leave her alone and that would annoy her to no end - it would also be kind of creepy.

She then learns to move past that, she gradually grows to understand Naruto’s pain and isolation and sees him doing his best and becoming stronger and starts to accept him and you can see that her way of violence changes.

She goes from trying to get rid of him to trying to get him to improve, she lectures him about being more careful and she worries about his health and his wounds and gets angry when he makes jokes about his injuries because she sees him as a friend now.

I don’t condone the violence, I still think that’s wrong but when you think about the differences in culture, it’s actually a huge improvement on Sakura.

Hinata was created by Kishi because Shonen Jump said he needed a big boobed character for male fan service, she literally served no purpose other than to be ideal female from a sexist point of view.

She only ever had one love, thus retaining her 'purity’ she had big boobs, she was what you’d call the 'sheltered ojou-sama character’ the damsel in distress who always needs saving.

She’s also strong, but never enough to outshine ANY males. But even then she had potential, she came from an abusive background and she learned to rise above that; she could have been such a genuine role model to so many people, to overcome abuse and stand on her own feet as someone who has been through hardship and can be kind because of that.

I don’t particularity detest her, I just think there is a lot of wasted potential that Kishimoto could have worked with to make her character that much more iconic and it just kinda feels like a waste ya know?

Please don’t feel insulted, this is mostly just my opinion - this is how I saw the manga develop from my perspective and I’ve been following it for 10 years now.

You are free to ship whatever you want to ship and i’m not trying to tell you whats right and wrong…..okay maybe a little….sorry….