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Now that your curation is almost over, I want to thank you for a great week, Leo! I loved how your GIF's reminded us that we have to take a moment to see, grasp and appreciate beauty; especially now with fashion's blink-and-it's-gone pace. You did a magnificent job!

Chris! I should be the one thanking you for following the curation and for your support. I deeply appreciate it. What you said was my purpose here and I am very happy that I achieved it. Thank you once more!  

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i’m paraphrasing but raf said in an interview that he’s trying to make dior instantly recognisable like chanel and the other big brands. so i guess the things that have been repetitive are just him presenting signature looks for the house

ehh I understand creating a signature look that is synonymous with the brand is important and I understand his motives for doing so, it’s not an excuse for repetition if that repetition isn’t partnered with creativity and the collections remain distinguishable from each other. I think his couture is great though but the RTW could use a bit of liveliness.

But either way I think he’s doing a good job at Dior in it’s entirety he’s establishing his mark slowly.

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I would argue that he’s not being repetitive, but progressing through a theme.

ehhh but this is fashion we’re talking about it’s nice to have a thematic mindset in terms of a singular collection but resting on your laurels season after season can result in stagnancy.  But I understand he’s trying to establish a signature like what was stated above.