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for the anon, terminal length is when you hair wont grow past a certain length. but many ppl reach a false terminal length because they never take care of their hair the proper way its supposed to be treated, so the rate of hair breaking off exceeds the rate of growth, therefore making it seem like they have reached terminal length but they havent. trimming off the damage is the only way to "fix" damaged hair. then proper maintenance is key, and protective updos. ur "terminal length" will be

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longer when you take proper care of your hair. and yes, actual terminal length will look thinner than the top usually and will have fairy tale ends because all hair grows at a different rate so it will look uneven and some might say very pretty. to see a real terminal length, take proper care of ur hair, moisture and evertyhing(oiling), and dont cut hair that isnt damaged. put it up in a protective updo and there. if ur hair is dyed or blreached or permed/relaxed, what ever got changed isdamaged

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oh you just stuck them into the bun itself? yeah its better to have them go in at the bottom of the bun to grab scalp hair and itll hold. if ur bun is big and theres loose bits, you can use a minispinpin and spin it into the bun where the loose hair is and not worry about scalp hair cuz you already have that secured. you bought the regular size?

Yeah i didnt really know what I was doing at all so I just kinda spun them in there and realized I was doing it wrong. I got the regular size but next time I go to the store I plan on buying the mini ones too