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”So I knew loads of stuff that happened around me wasn’t exactly normal, but anyways I’ll start from the beginnings of the stories that go with this line of thought.

My family has a ghost that follows the youngest member of the direct line (from what I know/can tell its from my mom’s/granma’s side through female descendants mostly) and most of the time nothing happens.

Mom has never told me any stories of how she dealt with things as a kid, so I don’t know whats up with that, I intend to ask at a later date or something

Anyways, soon after I had been born, one of my mom’s acquaintances started taking real interest in me. She was highly religious and had never been able to have her own kids (I saw her have an encounter later with my mom which is how I know) and made several ‘oh she’s so cute I could just take her away!’ Kind of remarks, apparently no one took it seriously until one night she was babysitting me alone and my mom and bio-father got home while she was screaming bloody murder, apparently the family ghost did something that scared the daylights out of her because she flat refused to be in the same building as me or my mom until my mom left the area

So that was the infant years, about the time I was 3-4 my grandparents got a lakehouse and I had my own room with an antique radio in it, sometimes my grandma would come in and wake me up for a goodnight kiss and turn it off, sometimes not, but until the day they packed to move, the radio was ALWAYS off in the morning, seemingly of its own accord most of the year, this went on until I was 11-13 ish.

About the time I was 15, my mom introduced me to a wide array of religions including wicca, I got really sensitive to things this last year and I’ve started seeing a tall ‘shadow man’ out of the corners of my eyes, mostly in the hallway and such.

I recently found out (which prompted this) that my step-dad scoffed hard core about whether or not any of it was real until his first night alone in the house with my mom (I was a toddler and was staying with my grandparents). She had gone to bed, and he was watching the TV alone and the door on the entertainment center opened and closed on its own twice- no wind, no windows open. I remember as a kid having to struggle because that door relied on magnets that were REALLY strong to stay closed.

Outside of that I don’t know much, most of the occurrences are incredibly mundane but consistent.”

By: @thedarksideofthefey


I thought maybe sixpencee might be interested (dont know if she already saw/heard of this)

But youtube user MichaelDMagee records and uploads his experiences with the paranormal.

It starts out small, but the spirit/poltergeist/demon gets more intense with each upload. 

If it’s fake then it’s really well done, but by the way he’s acting it doesn’t really give me the fake vibe. You’ll be the judge.

The Six Types of Hauntings

Generally, when one thinks of a haunting, one might think of a mischievous ghost just looking for some fun or, in extreme cases, a demonic entity bent on causing mass chaos. But there are in fact six different categories of hauntings that go as follows:

Residual Hauntings - Are often the result of intense amounts of energy being blasted into the environment upon a person’s death. This energy can be both positive or negative. Both cases involve entities playing certain events over and over again without any knowledge toward the living. Cases of positive hauntings are often of disembodied voices laughing, running children, or even ghostly parties. However, negative hauntings are often the result of extremely traumatic events and these are the scenes that are played out.

Poltergeists - These entities, to put it simply, are the embodiment of emotions. Poltergeists are usually attributed to young children and teenagers, especially teenage girls. During puberty, an adolescent may contain enough inner energy to manifest itself into an entity. Poltergeists can range from simply mischievous by moving objects to downright dangerous, with some cases of knives being thrown across rooms. These entities are usually triggered by extreme emotions, such as anger.

Demons - Perhaps the most dangerous of hauntings, demons lack any sort of humanity. If one believes in the concept of heaven and hell, then demons are put upon Earth by Satan himself in order to cause pure pain to people. Demons lack any sort of physical form and are more commonly known to possess people, but can also be known to attach themselves to objects and places. They are extremely violent, known for pushing, punching, and scratching. Although demonic hauntings are extremely rare, it is imperative that a priest is contacted in order to perform an exorcism or an experienced Demonologist is called in to investigate.

Intelligent Activity - Every person that has ever lived has their own personal sort of energy, called an aura, that uniquely makes them /them/. When they die, this aura is meant to disappear, but, in some cases, this aura lingers. This is what we would call a ghost. Ghosts are residues of people, both good and bad, capable of interacting with the living. Sometimes ghosts act as guardians to loved ones, others are simply lost souls who can’t move on, and still some more aggressive spirits linger to protect what they think belongs to them. Their methods of communication are usually unorthodox, such as moving objects. There is an old saying that ghosts are often stuck on Earth in order to fulfill a purpose and can’t move onto the afterlife until their purpose is achieved.

Shadow People - The most baffling of all the categories of hauntings, Shadow People are almost always never caught in direct eyesight. They are almost always reported being seen in a person’s peripheral. Reports of these entities describe them as shapeless black masses that can walk through walls that gives off feelings of dread. They are completely non-human. There are two common types of Shadow People: the Hat Man, which looks like they’re wearing a 1930′s style hat and the Hooded Figure, who looks like they’re wearing a hood.

Doppleganger - A very rare strain of hauntings, dopplegangers are bad omens. In a sense, they are your “evil twin,” stealing your form in order to harbinger unfortunate events. Doppleganger hauntings only happen when a person is in immediate danger. They often proceed reports of death. 


Aries: Banshee / a spirit (usually female) whose wailing warns of an impending death.

Taurus: Haunted Object / an object that has supernatural qualities; may have belonged to someone who passed

Gemini: Poltergeist / a ghost or other supernatural being that causes physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects thrown around.

Cancer: Floating Orb / transparent, balls of light commonly found in photos but can also be seen in person

Leo: Revenant / a person who has returned from the dead to terrorize the living

Virgo: Wraith / an apparition of someone (usually female) that is believed to appear as a sign just before a person’s death.

Libra: Cold Spots / a small, defined area of intense cold that usually signals the presence of supernatural energy

Scorpio: Demonic Presence / an evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell.

Sagittarius: Spirit Guide / an entity that remains a disincarnate spirit in order to act as a guide or protector to a living incarnated human being.

Capricorn: Residual Haunting / a playback of a past event; the apparitions involved are not spirits, they are “recordings” of the event.

Aquarius: Shadow Person / the perception of a shadow as a living, humanoid figure, often a spirit or other entity.

Pisces: Visiting Spirit / an apparition of someone who is deceased (usually a loved one) that often appears in person or in dreams

One of the maids, whom it is said was on her third day of work – without warning leapt headfirst from the balcony, killing herself. The stains from blood and bleach are still present on the steps where she landed to this day.

Visitors to Monte Cristo mansion say her ghost can be seen in the upper floors to this day.

10 Reasons the Dead Don’t Move Into the Light
When the Dead Stay by Choice, Not Force

The greatest myth about spirits who have not moved on is that they are held against their free will, either by other ghosts, or by loved ones who are still alive.  To the contrary, these earthbound spirits are here by choice, not force.

An earthbound spirit is the energetic essence (life-force) of a once-living person who has not yet crossed over to their spiritual afterlife.  The idea that a spirit is somehow being caused to remain on the earth plane, rather than moving into the Light, likely has more to do with our misunderstanding of both human nature, and our own spiritual essence.  In general, human beings have a pervasive belief in good and evil.  It’s simple, although misguided, to believe that any spirit who is still hanging around the earth plane must be trapped by something evil.  After all, who wouldn’t want to go into the Great White Light of Peace and Joy?


1. Unaware of Their Death: This can be common in the case of sudden or traumatic death.  The individual had no time to prepare for death, and maybe confused, fearful, or in shock. They can remain stuck at the site of the accident that took their life.

2. Unfinished Business:  We all have it, and if we carry it with us after death, it can keep us from moving into the Light.  We all have to learn to let go at some point.

3. To Protect a Loved One:  Some spirits have incredible loyalty to those left behind.  They feel obligated to continue their human role as protector.  An example might be older siblings who looked after younger siblings.

4. Guilt:  This is most common with suicides.  A spirit, seeing the effect of their actions on loved ones may feel guilty about the choice they made.

5. Obsessed with Another Living Soul:  The inability to let go of, or harboring anger at, someone who is still alive, can keep a spirit from going on with their journey.  Even a great love for someone can keep a spirit from moving on.

6. Forced by Another Ghost:  This is not possible because every spirit has free will.  It is possible that another spirit who had control over a newly deceased person is perceived to still have that power.  An example would be an abusive man who dies before his wife.  If she believes in death that the ghost of her husband has control over her, that perception can hold her back from the Light.

7. Not Wanting to Face Someone Who Has Already Passed On:  Just as we can be afraid to face someone in life whom we feel we have let down in some way, so too can that fear be a powerful trap for the spirit to remain on the earth plane.

8. Don’t Believe in Live After Death:  If one has no belief in a place to go after death, they may simply remain a wandering spirit.

9. Not Understanding That Existence Does Not End:  Some spirits realize they are dead and in spirit form, but become fearful that leaving the earth plane will mean they cease to exist.  The task here is to let go of the ego.

10. Fear of Judgment:  If there is a place of Light, there also must be a place of Darkness.  The fear that one might end up in darkness is powerful enough to keep one earthbound.

As we can see, themes common to the human condition include fear, anger, greed, guilt, false hope, non-awareness of divinity, the need to feel loved, and the need to understand and be understood.  These can easily follow us into the afterlife.  In all cases, nothing binds a spirit to the earth plane except their own perception or emotional state, which they willingly choose.

[Read the entire article by Karen Hollis at OM Times]


If I was a ghost, I’d sing straight into their fucking recording devices because fuck your shit.

By Matt post

“On two separate occasions I have seen a figure standing in my bedroom. The first time I was 8-9, the second time was last year. Starting about 2-3 years ago, I began hearing two distinct voices in my house; one is a female voice, the other male.

The weirdest part about it is that I think the female is a lot more benevolent/ pranky than the male. Like, when I’m home alone, I’ll hear (what I think is) my mother calling me from downstairs, only to go down and realize no one is there. Once I came home, and opening the door I heard the female voice say “oh, he’s home!” to which I replied “what’s for supper?” When I realized that it wasn’t my mother, I yelled out “IT’S NOT FUNNY!” and then heard laughter (not evil laughter, just “haha we got him” kinda laughter) coming from my bedroom.

The male voice has never done anything particularly malevolent, but I have heard really loud screaming in various parts of my house. Once, when I was about 10-11, I got into a habit of covering my head with a blanket. As I was lying in bed, I heard a voice right near my head say “do what you want, we know you’re still there.” That wasn’t a fun night. I’ve also heard the male voice singing what sounded like an Irish folk song.

It all sounds a bit insane, but that’s only because I’m giving about 10 years of stories in a couple paragraphs. These things don’t happen every day, usually months apart when I’ve stopped thinking about them.“ (Source) 



The Waverly Hills Sanatorium opened in 1910, and was intended to house 40 to 50 tuberculosis patients. But a tuberculosis outbreak hit Jefferson County soon afterward, spurring construction of an expanded hospital, one that could hold over 400 patients. Once the antibiotic used to prevent tuberculosis was invented, there was little need for the hospital, and it closed in 1962. While urban legend holds that over 63,000 people died at the sanatorium during the time it was in operation, average death rates for the hospital suggest the total number would be closer to 8,212. Still, the sanatorium has gained a reputation for being one of the most,  if not the most,  haunted places in the United States. The building offers tours and opportunities for paranormal investigation, and there are numerous pictures of apparent paranormal phenomena to be found on a quick internet search, if you are so inclined.

Article -

Reoccurring Hauntings: December 24th

Below is a list regarding several haunting s that supposedly reoccur every Christmas Eve:

DISCLAIMER: This list is taken from, a research site dedicated to recording paranormal and cryptozoological experiences in places such as England and Wales.  Their website is

  • Kempston (Bedfordshire)- Kempston Manor: At one point in time this office space used to be the home of a family.  Legend has it that one of the children from the family ran out of the home to greet his parents, who were returning for the Holidays in a horse-drawn carriage.  The child was run over by the horses.  He ended up dying as a result of his injuries.  Every year on this date the sounds of this tragic event can be heard.
  • Egremont (Cumbria)- Tarpot Area: In this area an old man was coming home for Christmas Eve when he vanished without a trace.  Both the man and his ride are sometimes seen on the date of his disappearance.
  • Brough (Derbyshire)- Traveller’s Rest Public House: This location is where a local farm girl met her demise while trying to run from a drunken labouer on Christmas Eve. She died when she fell down the stairs. A woman in black can also be seen around the inn holding a large set of old keys.
  • Stubley (Derbyshire)- Stubley Old Hall: Every year the spirit of a young girl named Fatima can be seen playing the harp.  A Roundhead has also been seen less frequently and a young girl can be seen here running around outside in the fields.
  • High Laver (Essex)- Main Road Village:  One of the most prominent residents of this village used to be Abigail Masham.  After she passed away she was/is seen passing through the village in a carriage every Christmas eve to have a look at where her house used to be before disappearing.
  • Evesham (Hereford & Worester)- River:  Supposedly a set of silver bells was hidden in the river when a local abbey closed in 1539.  Each Christmas Eve they can be heard ringing.
  • Hever (Kent)- Bridge Over the Eden: Each year the spirit of Anne Boleyn can be seen crossing the bridge.  This location is also haunted by a farmer who had been murdered nearby.
  • Marden (Kent)- Road to Hawkhurst: During the 18th century, a highway man named Gilbert was stabbed to death by a woman who occupied the carriage that he tried to rob.  The woman had recognized Gilbert as the man who had previously killed her brother.  Afterwards the woman went mad.  This event can be seen being silently reenacted every Christmas Eve.
  • Salford (Lancashire)- Kersal Cell: Once a year a ghostly monk appears
  • Bradley (Lincolnshire)- Bradley Woods: Legend has it that a woman dressed in black will appear on Christmas Eve if a person called out “Black Lady, Black Lady, I’ve stolen your baby!” This woman is thought to be either a nun or a woodsman’s wife.
  • Brigg (Lincolnshire)- General Area: One Christmas Eve an old woman left her house to go and beg for money in order to buy herself a Christmas lunch.  On her way she became lost and froze to death.  On this date her ghost can sometimes be seen asking for directions home.
  • Halam (Nottinghamshire)- Valley Southeast of the Village:  Hidden somewhere in this area is the buried village of Radley.  On Christmas Eve ghostly church bells can be heard throughout the valley.
  • Sanford on Thames (Oxfordshire)- Fields Around the Village: On Christmas Eve a carriage of four hourses driven by a headless horseman can be seen running through the fields.
  • Holford (Somerset)- Normansland Driveway: At midnight a coach pulled by a team of black horses circles the driveway before vanishing.
  • Barsham (Suffolk)- Between Barsham Norwich: Each year the spirit of a Blennerhassett family member leaves the village in a coach pulled by headless horses.  This spirit travels to Hassetts Tower in Norwich before returning home before dawn.
  • Beccles (Suffolk)- Roos Hall Driveway: A coach pulled by headless horses is said to arrive by the front door December 24th.  Legend states that inside the hall wall, hidden in a cupboard, is an imprint of the Devils hoof branded into solid brick.  Another legend says that there is a window in the hall which will open and lock itself.
  • Outer London: East Barnet (Greater London)- Oak Hill Park: Each year Sir Goffrey can be seen riding on horseback towards the church. He then disappears through its walls.
  • Madingley (Cambridgeshire)- Madingley Hall: Lady Ursula Hynde returns each Christmas Eve to the hall. She had become upset at her son after he had pulled down a church in order to use its wood to finish the Halls Construction.  Other times of the year witnesses have claimed to hear the sounds of a ghostly party, followed by the apparition of a young man who had the face of a skeleton (some have reported the man having a decaying green face)
  • Saffron Waldon (Essex)- Cross Keys, Corner of King Street and High Street: People can hear the sounds of footsteps marching up and down a passageway.  These footsteps are thought to be those of a soldier of Cromwell.  

The Legend of Ghost Hollow

The original newspaper article from 1985 can be found at Legend of Ghost Hollow. The following is a recent article in The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Iowa:

Was it haunted or not? The house, whose address was “End of Skip Level Road,” stood three miles west of Millville in Clayton County.

Bill Meyer was born on the property. He was 15 when he helped build the house that seemed to be haunted when he and his wife, Annie, moved out in December 1959.

Strange events began to occur around Thanksgiving that year.

Bill, bedridden with a broken hip at age 83, and Annie, 77, weren’t particularly superstitious and they didn’t believe in ghosts.

But when the ambulance came to take Bill away from the house on Dec. 17, he and Annie said they’d had enough.

“I don’t think it’s safe to go in there,” he said. “I don’t know whether there’s going to be anything left or not. It’s hard to tell. The whole house might fall down.”

“I’ll say I was scared,” Annie added. “Anybody would be scared.” But she still vowed, “There isn’t such a thing as a ghost.”

Just before Thanksgiving, black soot-like dirt started falling through the ceiling, coating everything. It started at about 11 p.m. and kept going until about 3 a.m. In the morning, the coverlet on Bill’s bed in the parlor was covered.

They looked for cracks or disturbances in the plaster. Nothing.

On Dec. 15, another incident: “I was sitting there in the dark bythe heater,” Annie said, “when a flower pedestal at the side of the room fell over with a big fern crashing over. You know how that would sound. The house didn’t shake or anything either.”

For the next two days, strange things continued to happen.

“Once I was sitting there in the dark when a glass on the stand by his bed across the room came down on my head and broke in a thousand pieces,” Annie said.

And there were noises. A sound like a crew of men hammering started in the kitchen, moved up the stairs, then back down to the porch.

Pills from a bottle behind a closed cupboard door were found in a pile on the kitchen floor.

Annie and Bill decide to try an experiment. They put an egg in the neck of a milk bottle on a stand at one end of the living room. They found the egg broken against the door on the opposite side of the room.

The frightened pair reached their last straw when on the night of Dec. 17, a separator bowl on the porch crashed to the floor, breaking several jars. An icebox on the porch fell over, too. They called their son, Elmer, who told his parents they needed to get out of the house.

An ambulance was sent to pick up Bill and the couple went to stay with Annie’s sister and brother-in-law. They left Annie’s two cats at the house.

The night they left, a couple of men checked the house at about 10:30 and everything looked fine. The next morning, the sheriff decided to check and found the bed upside down. He straightened it. Later, he sent someone to check the place again and again the bed was upside down.

That night, the sheriff sealed the doors of the house and placed eggs around the house. An egg in the living room broke, but the sheriff blamed that on the cats.

The Meyers’ son, Elmer, and his wife lived in a smaller house up the road with their 16-year-old son, Gene. Elmer went back to the house with a divining rod and reported to his father that it behaved very strangely when it was close to the house.

Pat Livingston, a riverboat captain, was not a small man — he weighed 260 pounds — and he wasn’t afraid of much. He volunteered to stay at the house. As he was beginning to fall asleep in the bedroom he saw a chair glide across the room. He ignored it and went to sleep. “ … the next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor. I’ll take a lie detector test or anything,” he said. “I woke up kind of groggy. I wouldn’t have believed it for love or money.”

News of the haunted house spread across the nation, drawingscientists and other researchers to investigate, but their tests proved nothing. There were no faults detected, no unusual electrical activity, no radiation.

No other unusual things happened after the house was sealed until a photographer went to take pictures of the house. “He was in the basement when a brick fell from the cellar wall and broke a crock on the floor,” The Gazette reported.

The Meyers never returned to the house, selling it to their neighbors, the Finnegans, in May 1960. They moved into a two-room apartment in Millville. Fifty acres of the Meyers’ farm were added to the Finnegans’ 240 acres. Elmer retained eight acres.

By then hundreds of curiousity seekers had passed by, some even stopping to explore.

General consensus seemed to be that the spooky occurrences were the work of pranksters.

When asked about the house they now owned, Mrs. Finnegan said, “We don’t believe in spooks. We just laugh it off as a joke when anyone inquires about us living in the house. It will remain empty, unless someone wants to rent it.”

No one ever rented it, though. It became a target for vandals and trespassers, until finally the Finnegans filled the house with hay, turning it into a barn.

A quarter of a century later, it still stood empty with broken windows and a sagging roof. It had acquired the name “Ghost Hollow” along with a batch of theories about the so-called ghost that drove an elderly couple from their home.

[The Gazette via Phantoms and Monsters]


In 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. was convicted of murdering his parents and his four siblings– two brothers and two sisters. He shot them all with a .35 caliber lever action rifle at around 3 AM. He would later try to cover up his crime by suggesting that a hitman had been hired to do the job. Ronald ended up confessing to the murders and saying that "Once I started, I just couldn’t stop. It went so fast.“

This mass murder is said to be the base for the experiences of the Lutz family during the Amityville Horror. 

The above pictures were taken at the crime scene. 

A lot of people know about hauntings, specifically the hauntings of buildings, but not a lot of people know how much effort it takes for the spirit to do the haunting. You can tell how strong a spirit is by the type of haunting you’re experiencing, and I receive a lot of asks from people worried about potential paranormal activity in their house. A lot of the time, it turns out to be a very low-level haunting. 

I spent five years living in an undeniably haunted house, and I’ve put together a sort of checklist for hauntings, from the most commonly reported phenomena, to the rarest. Each one takes more energy on the spirit’s behalf than the last, so you can tell what kind of haunting you’re dealing with. If you’re at the low end of the scale, you probably don’t have anything to worry about. If you’re at the higher end, things are probably going to get a bit wild.

  1. Strange atmospheres: The earliest sign of a haunting is the constant feeling of not being alone, or being watched. This requires barely any energy from the spirit, so it’s usually the first thing people notice.
  2. Cold spots: These are commonly associated with spirits, and can stay in one spot or can move around the house. If a cold spot can’t be explained, it’s likely one of the first clues you have a visitor.
  3. Muffled sounds that sound vaguely like speech: You can never quite work out what’s being said, but it sounds like the underlying hum of people talking through walls or floorboard. When you go into the room you think it’s coming from, the sounds will stop, and there will be no way to explain what caused them.

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