haunting in ky


Waverly Hill Sanitarium is the photo above. A very well known haunted location all over the United States, especially in the Louisville, KY were it was built in the 1910 and was completely in 1926. It was used to treat those with TB (tuberculosis). At this time there was no cure or antibiotic to help it at all, and often racial treatments were used to try and fix it.

The black and white pictures of all the patient in the hall are in a solarium, a screened in porch, because they though that fresh air, rest, and sun would make it all better. This was less of the racial ones. pneumothorax (the collaps and reinflation of the lungs to help them heal), and thoracoplasty (removal of ribs to give the lungs more room to expand and heal) were used when nothing else did. Less than five percent of patients survived to see any kind of result, and those that did died because it didn’t work at all.

10,000 people died in the first three years it was opened. The hospital was closed in 1961 because there was no more threat from TB as it was before 1943 (when the ‘cure’ was made). A year later it was opened as Woodhaven Geriatrics Sanitarium only to be closed twenty some odd years later, in 1982, due to patient abuse, and even after that many lost their lives.

Rumors spread of satanic rituals being held within it’s walls for years in addition to the spirits roaming the halls. Cold spots, voices, spirits being seeing are nothing knew for this place. There is a little girl that plays hide and seek on the third floor, a little boy, Bobby, who likes to play with a leather ball. Lights come on in rooms even though there hasn’t been power to the building in years, slamming doors, voices, screams echo through the halls. One of the nurses that killed herself with in the halls can be seen running around and even hanging herself.

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This you could spend the night there?

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Here is all the streamers from Vinesauce in a bizarre stylish way. I think that’s importand to point out, that I not very familiar with all the streamers. Beacuse of this fanart, I tried to watch all that I could to understand who they are and how they act. Some I could actually watch a stream of them, but other all I could was find some videos which it didn’t have much of them and what they are know for.

I also tried to draw most of the streamers based on photos. And at some moments it was kinda hard to do. Some  are easy to find photos, like Vinny, Rev and fred, other were kinda more difficult but I could find a decent amount of phots to give a idea, but some where pretty much impossible. At least I couldn’t find. so I had to use other’s fanarts as reference.