In which Sock makes a shitty necklace for Johnathan

Is a fanfic yeet

Rating: F for fucking fluff
(either that or T for cusses)

Also it’s kind of short it’s vv smol and cute

In the immortal words of Mephistopheles, Sock had LSS. Also known as “Look Something Shiny!” disorder. One glint of metal or a rustle of fabric sent Sock skittering to find the object. So, it was only obvious that he had collected a shitload of beads or random objects over the time that had been shoved into a corner of Johnathan’s closet. Thankfully, the hauntee hadn’t discovered the little stash, so the objects he considered sacred were safe from being snatched away from him.

On a lazy Saturday, Johnathan had gone out to buy some pizza for the two of them to share, so Sock had the whole house to himself. He floated through all of the walls, searching for a string to lace all of his beads onto. He found a very long string that was formerly connected to a large sweater. Next, he found the smallest sewing needle he could to easily attach the multiple beads. One good thing about the necklace is that it was just large enough to fit over someone’s head.

The bad thing?

It was comprised of beads of all shapes and sizes, and no beads matched.

And Sock was super proud of it. He was going to make Johnathan wear the necklace everywhere, to taunt him and make him embarrassed every time it was seen. He smirked as he wrapped the necklace up in a little blue bag, tying it up with an orange ribbon he had stolen from a girl at the school they went to. Well, the school Johnathan went to, at least.

When the blonde arrived home, Sock dropped the bag in John’s palms with a cackle of pride. He watched eagerly as the other male gently opened the little present, kicking his feet as he floated.

His reaction wasn’t what the demon boy expected.

Johnathan blushed as he took out the necklace, and scrunched up his nose as he looked at the haphazardly placed alignment of beads. Sure, it was corny as shit, and it looked ugly at first glance. But deep down, he thought that it was cute. It was sweet. The blonde hesitated…

Then calmly slipped the necklace over his head to Sock’s surprise. He hid the necklace under his shirt, but left a small assortment of beads poking out from under his shirt. He said “Thanks, dork.” before walking over to his room and shutting the door.

Dammit, Sock was in love.

OCtober say 2- PiNK!

Here’s Rosie, my old oc Lula’s (a ghost who i have yet to post here) sister and ex-hauntee. See, I’ll have to post a character backstory for Lula, but long story short, Lula died years before her sister, and unintentionally haunted her after she did. She just had a hard time…letting go. While Rosie was being haunted, she couldn’t tell it was just her sister causing her so much trouble, and hired an exorcist. The exorcist she hired wasn’t actually very well practiced, and accidentally sent MORE ghosts from the dead to haunt Rosie, rather than get rid of the spirits she already had. So now, Rosie just had like, 12 ghosts following her around. They became part of her Identity, and eventually it was hard to tell who was Rosie speaking, and who was a ghost. During her time with the ghosts, she had acquired some interesting habits, such as moving things with her mind, growing new body parts, disappearing and reappearing frequently, and gravity-defying hair. Later, it seemed, that there was no Rosie, and her friends, worried greatly about the well being of their now off-putting friend, Unknowingly hired the same terrible exorcist as before. Listen, that guy needs to practice exorcising more spirits, because of course, he screwed things up again. instead of getting rid of all the ghosts, the souls of Rosie’s friends were pulled into Rosie’s possessed mind, and they personally had to look for Rosie’s true Identity, lost among the minds and memories of other dead people.

So its like, sort of like any movies or shows were people get pulled into a video game, and have to fight off video game characters to get back home to the real world,,only the gang are sucked into a body, and the video game characters are ghosts??

More info: 

Rosie is 20, and is in college. She had to drop out because of the ghosts.

Rosie’s favorite color is actually royal blue, but she has to wear pink for work as a waitress. She dances as a hobby, her favorite food is red jello, all of her friends (the one’s who were mentioned) are attempting to start a band that Rosie wants no part of, because they are really terrible, and Rosie has CIPA, a rare condition where she can’t and never has felt pain. This has always made Lula protective of her when she was still alive, because the condition can be dangerous, and it was part of the reason she didn’t want to leave.

Hey guys! Since I’ve never made a follow forever before – at least not on this blog; I did make one once upon a time, like years ago, idk, it was soooooo long ago :c – I thought it was high time I got with the times and showed my mutual follows (and unrequited love of the follows aka those peeps i follow but who don’t follow me back /wink) just how much I appreciate their steadfast loyalty and awesomeness. I’m also past the 1.5 mark, and that was the number I’d long ago decided on – to do the whole follow forever thing. And my blog is over a year old, so that too. xD.

Soooooooo many reasons to celebrate, so little time.

But at the heart of it all is my love and kooky adoration for not only the people I follow but for all of my followers as well. You guys are amazing. What would I do without you?

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