The Faces of Bélmez

In August 1971 in Bélmez, Spain a woman and her grandchild noticed something strange on the kitchen floor of their home. Imprinted on the floor appeared a face. The face appeared sad and troubled. When the family tried to rub it out the face only appeared sadder, and the eyes widened. Disturbed, the home owner had the floor removed and a new concrete one replaced it. Three weeks after the first incident, another face appeared on the floor.

As word began to spread of the strange phenomena the local authorities started to take interest. They had the section of the floor where the faces were removed. As they dug under the floor they uncovered human remains. The skeletons dated back to the 13th century, and some were even decapitated. As the discovery was made four more faces appeared in the floor. The skeletons were removed and buried in a local cemetery. The floor was then covered in cloth and wax as a local notary oversaw. Three months later the wax was removed and the faces had changed positions. The faces continued to appear until the residents moved out of the home.


I imagine John Watson thinks love’s a mystery to me…

You’d be surprised.//No I wouldn’t.

This face is haunting me.

I don’t think that’s a John Watson expression we’ve seen before, in reality or mind palace. Anticipation. Hope.

John knows what’s coming.