Septiplier Fanfiction

Mark looked down at the shattered photo of him and Jack, a tear going down his cheek. The smile he was wearing in the picture was so different from whoever this is, a shell of his former self.
“Why…” Mark thought, looking at Jack’s baby blue eyes, tears in his own. He hesitated before placing his fingers on the picture version of Jack. Going through their relationship, they were fine until he showed up. Tears flowed down his tan cheeks, red hair falling in his face, the feeling of remorse and sadness filled his chest.
Sure, him and Jack still kept in touch, but it wasn’t the same. They couldn’t joke about septiplier anymore, and when someone sent him a fanfiction, he would only sob and throw his phone across the room. Seeing the old relationship photos made Mark sick to his stomach, the sick smiles of happiness on their faces.
His face still Haunted Mark to this day, replaying the same scene in his dreams over and over again. He slowly stood up from the floor, shattered glass and broken memories around his feet. He didn’t feel like cleaning, nor did he mind the burning sensation of glass in his feet. Everytime he stepped down the sharp glass would pierce his feet deeper. But he didn’t care. He had felt worse pain.
He got to his desk, sitting in his swivel chair. He looked at his desktop, which was covered in different figures that he and Jack had collected through the years of them being together. He felt tears go down his face as he picked up the septiceyesam plushie that was pushed being the computer, tears falling on the soft green fabric. What did he have that Mark didn’t? Was he prettier? Was he nicer? Did he care more?
Mark barely heard the skype call he was receiving from Jack, looking up at the noise and seeing the icon. He stopped breathing, his heart pounded in his chest more tears fell from his eyes, the sharp stab of regret and love swelled in his heart as he wiped away the tears and accepted the call. But what he was staring at wasn’t what he had expected.
He saw Jack, breaking down and crying, hiding his face with his hands, the same look he had the last night him and Mark where alone in the same room. His eyes were closed, tears streaming down his face and loud strangled sobs filled the air around the both of them. Jack looked up, meeting choclate brown eyes, his baby blue ones. His eyes were red and puffy, a ring of purplish-black around the right one. His lip was busted, blood trickling out the side of his mouth, green hair messy.
“J-Jack?!” Mark gasped, seeing Jack’s glazed over eyes. Jack tried to speak, but all that came out was a choked sob, he looked up, eyes squinted with tears still pouring from them.
“M-Mar-Mark…” He weakly whimpered, hiding his face behind his hands.
“Jack! What happened?!” Mark demanded, then winced as Jack just kept sobbing. He heard coughing, followed by sobs. He saw the once bright blue eyes look up at him, his face flushed red.
“Ma-Mark…H-He-” Jack couldn’t finish, he was a sobbing hiccuping mess, his eyes were a dull blue now. Mark didn’t realize he was crying until he looked at himself in the webcam. He slammed his fist onto the table, sending papers flying off his desk. His teeth were clenched and his eyes squeezed shut.
“Mar-” Jack started, looking at Mark fearfully.
“What the fuck did he do to you?!” He growled, looking at Jack through narrowed eyes. Jack looked surprised at Mark’s sudden reaction. Jack didn’t want to talk, he started shaking from fear again, looking at Mark’s now red face.
Mark sighed, breathing in and out slowly, the only sound that they both heard loud and clear. He looked back up to see Jack with his knees pulled up to his chest, shaking violently with wide scared eyes.
“Jack, start from the beginning…okay?” Mark whispered as Jack let out a shaky breath. He looked back at Mark and slowly began. “D-Dan wa-was really angry wi-with me and he sta-started hitting me, then he-he…” Jack started sobbing again, he felt Mark’s gaze burning into him, making him let out a strangled sob, as he looked back up. He tried to find words but was only shushed by Mark.
“It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me anymore.” He soothed and looked at the man he loved in great pain. He sighed and saw Jack start crying again, the pain in his chest coming back. He felt sick seeing him cry so hard, seeing him in pain, seeing him with someone else.
“Do you just want to stay here with me tonight? I’ll keep you safe, I promise.” Mark whispered, half hoping Jack wouldn’t hear him. Jack looked up and gasped, a smile spreading across his face. “M-Mark…? A-Are you sure you want me to go with you this weekend…?” Jack whispered, a small smile spread across Mark’s face as he looked up at Jack.
“Yes.” Jack smiled again as Mark’s eyes lit up with joy.
“Oh my god! Mark…thank you so much…” Jack started sobbing again.
“Hey, Hey shh, I’ll be there soon, so pack a bag and get ready to go baby.” Mark smiled at Jack as he smiled back, and hung up the skype call. Mark started crying softly, happy that Jack would finally be home again. He slowly stood up, only to hiss and sit back down and see the glass in his foot.
“How could I forget about this?” He whispered out loud. He quickly grabbed the pliers and pulled the small, thick shard of glass out of his foot, but he didn’t care. He was too busy thinking about Jack.
“Jack?” Jack gasped and grabbed the bag he had packed, throwing it under the bed. He jumped onto the bed and got on his phone, scrolling through his comments. “Jack. I Know you are no ignoring me right now.” The growl of heartbreak rang in his ears as he softly whimpered.
“Y-Yes Dan….?” He whispered as the door opened. He felt the bed sink in as he turned his phone off and stuffed it in his pocket, turning around in the bed to be greeted by a rather muscular chest. He felt two strong arms wrap around his waist, pulling him closer. He whimpered as he felt a big hand grab his jaw and yank his face up to look him in the eyes.
“Why is there a packed bag under the bed baby?” Jack froze his eyes began sparkling with tears as Dan flipped them over so that he was now on top of Jack, pinning Jack’s hands above his head. He yelped, trying to wiggle out of his stone grip, Dan leaned forward and licked Jack’s ear, making him gasp and shiver.
“You weren’t planning on leaving, now were you~?” Dan growled, grinding his hips into Jacks’. Jack let out a soft moan, staring up at Dan, tears daring to spill.
“Pl-Please let me go…” He whimpered, trying to get away from him. He felt a pair of lips kiss his neck, biting and sucking on skin, creating purple bruises.
“N-No…St-Stop..” Jack whispered, tears escaping his blue eyes. Dan pulled away from his neck, an angry look on his face as he slapped Jack across the face. Jack whimpered, closing his eyes and trying to get away from Dan.
“Baby, why are you trying to get away?~” Dan whispered, pulling Jack’s green hair. Jack yelped, trying to pull away from Dan, managing to push him off. He quickly stood up, ducking and grabbing the bag and running for the door, tears in his eyes as he burst out the front door and into the cold crisp air of Irish fall. He saw Mark’s car parked at the curb in which his house started. He ran to it and ripped the car door open, jumping in the car and slamming the door.
“J-Jack?! What’s going on?” Mark asked as he started the car, startled at the amount of tears streaming down Jack’s pale face. He grabbed ahold of his hand as they drove off into the dark night.
“H-He…” Jack was now heavily sobbing, tears staining his cheeks. Mark felt tears prick in the corner of his eyes as he squeezed Jack’s hand softly.
“It’s okay Jack, you talk when you’re ready, okay?” Mark told him, driving faster and pushing the speed limit. Jack only let out a muffled sob in response, he was covering his face with his hand. The pained expression on his face made Mark feel a deep sorrow and regret.
They soon arrived at Mark’s house, pulling into the driveway. Jack by this time had fallen asleep from crying to hard. Mark only smiled, grabbing Jack’s black bag and throwing it over his shoulder and getting out of the car. He opened up the passenger side of the car, picking up Jack bridal style, and carried him to the house. He kicked the door with his foot and was soon greeted by a sleepy looking Ryan.
“What the actual fuck Mark.” Ryan groaned, letting him in. “Also, thanks for leaving glass on the floor you asshole, Matt hurt his foot.” He whispered as Mark stepped in the house.
“I’m sorry, I accidentally smashed a photo and forgot to pick it up, damn.” Mark growled, walking to his room and closing the door with his foot. He heard a small groan come from his bed, which made him look up to see his beautiful dog, Chica.
“Hi Chica-Pika.” Mark whispered, setting Jack down on the bed He leaned down to pet the golden-blonde dog, getting his hand licked in the process. He lightly giggled, patting on the bed to let her know it was okay to get on. She jumped on and curled up at Jack’s feet, making Jack shift slightly. Mark sighed and stood up from the bed and started heading for the door, before he heard a small voice call him.
“Mark…?” He turned around to see Jack’s eyes looking at him, a small blush on his face, his hands entangled in Mark’s bedding. “Yes Jack?” Mark asked, getting a little closer to Jack.
“C-Can you sl-sleep with me to-tonight…?” He whimpered, his blue eyes filling with tears. Now, this wasn’t your normal Jacksepticeye, no, this was the more cuddly, clingy version of him. He wanted nothing more but to feel comfort. Mark smiled, walking over to him, he layed down on the other side of the bed, wrapping his arm around Jack’s waist. Jack had his arms curled in front of him, pressing into his and Mark’s chest. Mark smirked and grabbed one of Jack’s wrist and guided it to his neck.
Jack blushed, burying his face into Mark’s flannel. Jack felt himself grow groggy, his eyes slowly closing. He snuggled closer to him, with Mark snuggling into his green hair. Before he went to sleep he whispered.

“Please don’t leave me again…”
“I wouldn’t dream of it…” He replied, it felt like the first time Jack ever really smiled in his whole life.


bridgetteirish  asked:

Supercat prompt: Post-hurling-over-balcony in Fallen. Missing scene.

The worst part of the whole thing is seeing Carter solemnly take down his Supergirl poster and crumple it into the trash can. He doesn’t look angry, or even heartbroken, which is the uncomfortable best term for the raw emotion thrumming through Cat’s veins. He does it staunchly, with a quiet, practiced readiness to give up on the people who hurt him, who hurt his mother.

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scarredlove  asked:

AG appeared in front of Sansy's door, arms wrapped around her and a haunted look on her face from her nightmare. She knocked on Sansy's door, waited a few seconds before entering, since they were best friends. "Sassy-Girl?"

Gaster looked confused for a moment before she realized who it was. These “jumpers” were started to wear her out. Sansy had made a big mess.

She opened the door and looked at AG curiously. What was it she sensed?

“Wow. We match now girlfriend!” Gaster mocked and then smirked. “Sansy isn’t home and wont be for a long time.You could leave a message but I doubt I will give it to her.”