Carmen Part 2.  Joker X Carmen/Reader (J’s perspective)

That night I occupied myself with my thoughts, alone in my cell. The cot I laid on tortured my back. Frost when we spoke had his hand on the button having prepared another escape plan. He wanted to execute it so bad. I just laughed as his eyes lit up when explaining, in extensive detail, how it would be executed. “Will it work for two?” I said dragging my fingers around on the steel table. He stopped seeming to think for a minute. “No boss. Will we be braking another person out with you?” I nodded haunted by her velvet face. “Yes” I growled caught up in her memory. “I need more time though.” I stood up smiling at him before pushing my chair in. “Sound good frosty?” He nodded obviously bummed. The guard that stood at the door beeped the scanner and let me out. I bowed to him snatching the keys off of his belt without him noticing. 

I let the keys dance on my fingers. I was going to unlock my cell and make my way into hers only to lay my eyes on her and nothing more. I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for myself.. The night guard usually fell asleep around this time, my ears eagerly waited for the sound of his greasy snores. It became to much to bear my heart raced pounding in my chest. The thoughts of her hair in my hands drove me wild. ‘She smells like roses J go get her, touch her, wrap you repulsive hands around her immaculate neck’. 

Unknowingly I had dropped the keys out of my hand only my ears picking up the distant clang as they hit the ground. A terrible head ache plagued me. I couldn’t stop they had taken over, they ALWAYS take over. ‘Watch as your own blackness corrupt her, ruin her, Your black oozes up he throat, look’ They laughed. ‘look your suffocating her’ My head turned looking at my empty cell. To my horror she was there on the floor in a white night gown gagging, black grossness crawling up her neck making it’s way to her face. I got up to reach out her to stop whatever was torturing her but only sped up the process. I took my head back watching her writhe in pain, she was chocking and coughing. ‘See you can only ruin, only ruin’ I stood up bouncing my head off of the wall to break apart their nonsense. She ws dying in front of me and there was nothing I could do. 

 “Hey you with the tattoos’? I heart a sweet voice from a crossed the hall that pulled me clean out of my thoughts. Serenity engrossed me. “Yes dear” I smiled walking towards her voice. It was lazy as voices are when they first wake up.  “What’s got ya wacky kitten?” I found myself laughing at how she repeated my own words to me. They sounded so much better when she used them “Nothing dearest now put your pretty self back to bed” She smirked not wanting to go but she did.

I watched her the need to pick up the keys and unlock my door grew stronger. A ping of what I think to be embarrassment rose  inside of me stopping any idea of going to see her. I had acted like a maniac in front of her. She would be scared to wake up to see me.I drug my hands through my green hair snarling in annoyance with myself. “How weak” My voice mumbled before bashing my head off of the brick wall again.

All of the lights in the facility were off. To be in the dark alone was.. the worst part of this place. The cold haunting dark that instilled fear in any heart that sat beating..My body grew weak laying back down on the cot. Before my eyes I saw the bat, my true love, spring out of the corner.I flinched letting out a manic laugh. ‘hes not there you fool. why would he come to visit YOU.’ I laughed louder a feeling of alienation washing over me, uncomfortable pricks poked at my body leaving me feel ultimately.. hysterical. I wanted out. I needed out. This place was the demon in my soul, the root of all evil. I sprung up from my bed swiping the keys off of my bed. ‘She wont come with you buffoon. She does not  trust you, Leave, She will forget about you, Win her trust, Win her trust.’ I froze at the door in a mass of confusion and inner desire the only clarity being her sigh from a crossed the hall. 

Everything stopped and I held my breathe begging her to do it again, to save me, to cure me. “Come on, come on doll” I mouthed silently. Her breathing became sightly louder taming my foolish delusions. She was beautiful. I fell to my knees pressing my ear in between the bars to hear more. Then there it was. In and out. Soon I became washed away by her breathing, her breathe being the tide and I being only a speck of sand, completely at her mercy. In and out. In and out. I closed my eyes to it laying down on the floor. In and out. Oh how I admired the way she kept herself alive. In and out. My ears could pick up her softness, my mind put me next to her. I would place my head on her chest and hear her.. heartbeat, to feel her soft skin, to feel her breathe. My eyes closed, dozing off to the image of being next to her, my angel

. That night I had a nightmare. Dreaming of a world were I was forced to live alone as she sat  by herself in a glass case, away from me, only to be entertained by her memory. I was wandering the streets of Gotham with my hands shoved in my pocket. The lights were bright on my eyes burning them. She was at the end of the road held in her case. Calling out to me. My legs began to run to her the lights becoming so bright and hot they melted my eyes out of my skull.

 She screamed having awoken from her sleep “I want out of here! Let me out!! You filthy pigs. I will kill you all! I will kill myself! LET ME OUT! please.. ” Her voice weakened to a desperate plea. She was collapsing on herself. Arkham had a way of making the sick sicker. There was no getting better it only served as a holding cell to keep the undesirable out of sight.  I on the other hand was trapped in my dreams, not seeing her, not saving her form the salty tears that burned down her face but left to wander only hearing her pain, breaking in it. I had to get her out whether she come with me by choice or by tying her hands and carrying her out. I wouldn’t lose the brat to this hospital. Never. 


“Fleur Delacour, whose whole narrative is wrapped up in her physical beauty until the point where she stands up and says hey, it’s not. Fleur Delacour, the Beauxbaxton’s champion, Fleur Delacour who stands with the Order, Fleur Delacour who loves and fights with fierce devotion […] How is this someone to hate?” (x