I had sex in a graveyard and was walking around nude cause it was like 80 degrees and I was all sweaty and it was like midnight or whatever.
So this car rolls up out of nowhere and I’m stark fucken naked.
I’m also white as fuck. I glow in the dark.
I make eye contact with the dude driving.
I don’t make a move to cover up or anything because idgaf about being naked.
I see his eyes widen….

With fear.

He fucken books it out of there like a bat out of hell.

And that’s the story about how I became a ghost sighting in a small town in New England.


Newsham Park Hospital- England

Newsham Park first opened in Liverpool in 1887 as an orphan institution for children who had lost their parents at sea. 

In 1954 Newsham Park became a psychiatric hospital. Patients would tell of seeing “little boys in sailor outfits” though they had never been told it had been an orphan institution. 

In 1997 Newsham park was shut down however nothing was moved from the building. Today you can still find paperwork from doctors and various things such as suicide cages, patients beds and an electric shock theory chair in the building. There is even one room that was kept as a classroom from the days of the orphans. 



The South Shields Poltergeist -

In the summer of 2005 in the town of South Shields, England, a young couple and their three year old son started being terrorized by a malicious spirit. The couple’s real names have never been revealed but they are usually known as Marc and Marianne.  It started off like most poltergeist hauntings. The spirit stacked chairs, moved chests of drawers and slammed doors but it didn't take long for the ghost to find something that it really enjoyed playing with: children’s toys. 

One night while in bed, Marianne felt her son’s toy dog hit her in the back of the head. She sat up and turned on the lights just in time to see a second cuddly dog flying in her direction. The couple hid under the sheets, but felt something trying to pull the blankets away from them. Suddenly Marc cried out in pain, and 13  deep scratches appeared on his back. Strangely, the scratches were gone the next morning. 

Even though the poltergeist had shown that it could cause physical harm to living people it seemed to decide that it liked torturing the family with toys instead. It hung a rocking horse from the ceiling by its reins and on another occasion it placed a large cuddly toy rabbit in a chair at the top of the stairs, with a sharp box cutter in its paws. The ghost left threatening messages on the three year old’s magnetic drawing toys, such as the one in the image above. The little boy would also go missing, only to be found in various strange locations in the house. One of the stranger habits of the poltergeist was its ability to send text messages and emails that could not be traced back to any number or computer saying threatening things like “You’re Dead.” On one occasion the family’s toilet cistern filled with blood, which mysteriously vanished a few moments later. 

After months of being tormented and threatened the family called in a team of investigators to put an end to the poltergeist problem. This only seemed to make the ghost worse. It threw knives at the investigators and their experiments, it appeared as a silhouette in front of both the investigators and the family, it destroyed equipment and it also began talking to people through a number of children’s toys. Eventually, after several visits from various experts they were able to terminate the problem and the poltergeist disappeared. 

Christmas just got Creepy, in memory of Cassie England

This year, I lost my best friend and the Monster High fandom lost one of its most dedicated members. You might remember the name Cassie England from this post, written by her dad, Logan. I can’t possibly explain better than he did how much Cassie suffered, and how much Monster High meant to her, how it buoyed her up on her bleakest days and got her through her worst pain.  

Still, Cassie was the kind of kid who loved giving presents even more than she loved getting them, and every year she’d fundraise and more for kids less fortunate than her. Over the years she and her family collected and donated toys to places like St. Jude’s Childrens’ hospital and St. Vincent De Paul. 

We want the tradition to continue this year. 

I know we all want those shiny new dolls for ourselves and our kids, but if you can spare a few extra bucks this holiday season, let’s wish some kids a freaky fabulous Christmas in Cassie’s name. 

This is the Christmas Just Got Creepy Amazon wishlist, run by Cassie’s dad. Dolls purchased from this list will go towards our local chapter of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the that always took care of Cassie when her condition got bad enough that she had to be hospitalized. They’ll be donated in Cassie’s name. 

It’d mean a lot to us if we could blow this up for Cassie. Thanks, guys. Pass it on. <3 



The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

  • Amazon: 4.5/5
  • Goodreads: 3.95/5

This book was written in 1908, when the world was being shaken by the newly self-confident masses. Women were propagandising for the vote; the Irish were demanding Home Rule; the Trade Unions were showing their strength. Socialism theatened. A spectre was haunting Europe, and particularly England.

The Wind in the Willows is an elegant parable about class struggle, about the dangers of decadent country-house-living in the face of powerful revolutionary forces.

There are [about] four generations in the story. There is the young man Ratty, a gentle sort of chap who spends his time messing about in boats. He is joined by the younger, less experienced Mole. Mole may even be petty-bourgeois, but he proves himself to be stout-hearted for all that. Mr Toad, however, has come into his inheritance, and lives in his country house. Toad is an irresponsible figure, taking up foolish hobbies of which, in the story, the most fateful is the motor car. The older man is Badger, and it is he that casts cold water on this irresponsibility.

But where is all this irresponsiblity going to lead? Outside this cosy comfortable setting, lie the dangerous forces in the Wild Wood. Mr Toad, besotted by his motor car, is arrested and sent to gaol. His defences down, his house is quickly occupied by the weasles and stoats who live in the Wild Wood.

To the rescue comes Mr Badger, who is wise enough to see that if Toad is to regain his valuable property, he must forsake idleness and frivolity and stand up to the people of the Wild Wood. So the band of gentlemanly heroes take up arms and re-establish the shaken social order.

“We shall creep out quietly into the butler’s pantry -”, cried the Toad,

“- with our pistols and swords and sticks - ”, shouted the Rat,
“- and rush in upon them -”, said the Badger,
“- and whack ‘em and whack 'em and whack 'em - ”, cried the Toad in ecstasy.

This is, then, a cautionary tale, a warning to the propertied classes to take up, if necessary, arms against the lower classes and to stop living lives of decadent indolence.

guest review by Anthony D. Buckley 

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