I had sex in a graveyard and was walking around nude cause it was like 80 degrees and I was all sweaty and it was like midnight or whatever.
So this car rolls up out of nowhere and I’m stark fucken naked.
I’m also white as fuck. I glow in the dark.
I make eye contact with the dude driving.
I don’t make a move to cover up or anything because idgaf about being naked.
I see his eyes widen….

With fear.

He fucken books it out of there like a bat out of hell.

And that’s the story about how I became a ghost sighting in a small town in New England.


Most Spooky Cemetery: Highgate Cemetery, England

Winner of this years Most Spooky Cemetery Award is Highgate Cemetery in England.  Other than some of the amazing architecture seen in the cemetery, and being the final resting place for famous people such as Karl Marx, Douglas Adams, and Charles Dickens’s parents, this cemetery is known for its ghosts and strange occurrences.

Several incidents have been documented in the cemetery. One account is that of a man whose car broke down near the cemetery gates.  To his horror, peering out at him from the graveyards iron gates was the face of a ghoul with glowing red eyes.  

Another man was horrified when he saw a strange phantom with pointed ears, glowing eyes, and a large nose jump over the graveyard fence and land in front of him.  Many believe this sighting to be that of the infamous Spring-Heeled Jack.

Other than these two specific incidents, others have reported seeing the spirit of a nun floating over the graves.  A dark figure in a shroud has also been seen standing still and staring into space.  If it is approached, it will immediately disappear.  Once it vanishes it will reappear a short distance away, still staring at nothing.  The ghost of a crazy old woman with long gray hair can also be seen running among the gravestones.  Legend states that she is searching for her children, which she supposedly murdered.  

Finally, the most famous haunting in this cemetery is that of The Highgate Vampire.  Unlike classic vampires, The Highgate Vampire is described as a 7ft tall, shadowy man.  He has piercing eyes, a long black coat, and a top hat.  When seen he vanishes into thin air. Supposedly, one man was killed by this vampire in the cemetery, while several others were visited by him in their bedrooms at night.  


The Haunting Owlman of Mawnan

First reported in 1976 in the village of Mawnan, Cornwall, England the Owlman is a rare but terrifying creature. Very similar to the Mothman, the creature is a humanoid with wings and glowing red eyes. It also has pointed ears like an owl, pincer like claws and has a silvery grey color.

The first eyewitnesses were a 12 year old girl and a 9 year old girl who saw the creature flying above the church tower (pictured above) and ran to their father who then abruptly ended their holiday in the area to get away from the creature.
The second encounter was by two teenage girls who were camping near the church. After hearing a hissing sound outside their tent, they went to investigate and witnessed it fly into the air as if they’d spooked it. There were multiple sightings the next day, and occasional and rare sightings in the years to follow with every single sighting taking place around the church.

So what is the Owlman, and why is it only seen around the church? Is it simply the Mothman these people are seeing? But if it’s the Mothman then where are the tragedies the harbinger is said to appear near? It’s a very interesting and one of the most rarely seen cryptids, but could these lack of sightings just be due to an elaborate hoax? Let me know what you think! Stay Curious!


Haunted Places: John Snow Pub

John Snow (at least the version referred to in this article) is a public house located in London, England. It is named after a famous doctor of the same name who saved thousands of lives during a 19th century cholera epidemic by proving that the city’s drinking water was the source of the disease.  The pump was located where the pub now stands. Now, this popular drinking location is haunted by a ghostly specter.

Several managers and employees have reported feeling an invisible presence walking past them. This presence is icy to the touch.  Customers have also seen a shadowy figure sitting in the corner of the bar.  The figure has a look of agony on its face, and has horrible staring red eyes.  

Although no one knows for sure who the spirit is, it is speculated that it might be the ghost of one of the cholera victims who perished from the disease.

(Source: Haunted London: Discovering the Cities Best Kept Secrets by Richard Jones)