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@sixpenceee this is a really cool video I found. It’s made by the channel Omeleto and the sounds are so eerie and haunting.


Disney world secret: Back in the day, the exit for the Haunted Mansion used to be through a turnstile that let guests off at Liberty Square. When the turnstile was removed, a bit of the machinery was left in the ground. Many people thought it resembled a wedding ring, and a legend was born. “Because this ring was a creation of the fans and not Disney canon, the story of the ring varied depending who would tell it. Perhaps Master Gracey had gotten angry at the young woman for cheating on him and tossed it over the balcony in a fit of rage. Or maybe it was the indent of her ring forced into the ground when she flung herself to her death. The delightfully morbid notion took on a life of it’s own and the little piece of embedded pipe grew into legend.” After the ring was finally paved over fans became upset. Because it was such a fun little Easter Egg to find when visiting. So, the Disney Imagineers decided to add an official haunted ring to the ride. The only problem, you have to find it. But, don’t worry Disney cast members are totally happy to help you find the haunted mansion wedding ring!

I’m pretty sure only two people at most will get this joke. But at least I’m certain this is going to be the worst thing I ever post.

H O R R O R . P R O M P T S

  • “I just got back from the cemetery.”
  • “I swear I just saw someone… or something looking in my window.”
  • “I know I closed the damn closet door, but it keeps opening! Please tell me this is just some kind of joke you keep pulling.”
  • “What’s behind you in these pictures…?”
  • “Apparently like 20 years ago, some girl slaughtered her family in the basement.”
  • “I think there’s something about this house that you’re not telling me.”
  • “I keep hearing noises coming from the attic…”
  • “I know what I saw, and whatever is in the basement… it’s not human!”
  • “I didn’t have time to see what it was! I just got the hell out of there!”
  • “Whose grave were you bringing flowers to…?”
  • “The electricity guy said there was absolutely nothing wrong – and yet, the lights always flicker on at 2am. Explain that to me?”
  • “Why don’t you spend the night in that house ‘alone’, then try to convince me that you don’t believe in ghosts.”
  • “Y-you don’t understand, he didn’t have a face!”
  • “I had a dream that I killed you.”
  • “Ah, yes… the room you’re staying in. It’s a paranormal hot spot, apparently.”
  • "I keep hearing whispers at night… I-I can’t sleep!”
  • “There was something else in there with me, I’m not going back to that house.”
  • “Come on, it’s just an urban legend…”
  • “Are you trying to tell me I’ve been sleeping in a dead girl’s room!?”
  • "I keep getting the feeling that someone is following me.”
  • “Don’t panic… but I think there’s someone else in the house.”
  • “I can still feel her/his ghost, and it’s killing me…”
  • “There’s something growling in the basement… could you, uh… check it out for me?”
  • “Can you just… can you please check the closet?”
  • “P-please… put the knife down.”
  • “I bought this haunted ring on eBay!”
  • “No, no, no – run!”
  • "I didn’t forward one of those freaky chain letters and now I keep hearing the laughter of children coming from my hallways at night.”
  • “The dead are all around us…”
  • “She’s dead! She’s dead and yet I keep seeing her, everywhere!”
  • “There’s something breathing under the bed…”
  • "You can’t tell me you don’t believe in ghosts after all we’ve been through.”
  • “I saw something I wasn’t supposed to see, something… that wasn’t supposed to be here.”
  • “Maybe an exorcism is in order…?”
  • “I woke up, and it was j-just… staring at me.”
  • “He was there, then like a second later he literally vanished! I saw it happen!”
  • “I like the ghosts here… they keep me company.”
  • "You can’t honestly tell me you’re in love with a dead girl.”
  • “Wasn’t someone murdered in this house? Why are we here?”
  • “If dying means being with him/her, kill me. I’d be happier that way.”
  • “Ghosts aren’t real. You need help.”
  • “…what do you mean we didn’t talk last night? You came over, you were here.”
  • “You saw something you weren’t supposed to see. And now… now you know what has to be done.”
  • “I’m pretty sure my toaster’s haunted.”
  • "What’s wrong with you? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
  • “Don’t! Don’t you dare open that door!”
  • “I visited his/her grave for the first time today…”
  • “Something terrible happened here, didn’t it?”
  • “Wh-why do you have a knife…?”
  • "You’re all bloody, what happened!?”
  • “You know that book from The Evil Dead? Yeah, well… I’m pretty sure we found something pretty damn similar to it.”
  • “You’re bleeding…”
  • “How can you not see it…? I’m dead! I’ve been dead for years!”
  • “I’ve always wanted to see you choking on your own blood.”
  • “I’m sorry, I’m busy Friday with the… funeral and all.”
  • “I’ll never forget the sound of his screaming.”
  • “From the looks of it, the afterlife is a lot more fun than this.”
  • "Legend has it that you can still hear her crying for her lover in the dead of night.”
  • “I want to be dead, too.”
  • “Well don’t you look lovely, all covered in blood.”
  • "Whoa – wait! Please don’t go down there… let’s just get out of here, please?”
  • “You played with a Ouija board!?”
  • “Me and some friends played with a Ouija board the other night… and things have been a little strange since then.”
  • “There’s so much negative energy in this house… do you know if someone died here?”
  • “You’re always hanging out in cemeteries… and yeah, it’s kinda creepy.”
  • "They just don’t believe like they used to…”
  • “I will haunt you until the end of time.”

hope amongst the despair — bellamy blake

summary ; in which bellamy & y/n find each other through the havoc of mount weather. [211017]

warnings ; angst, mentions of torture, ptsd, protective!bellamy. however, a cute reunion.

word count ; 1.4k


YOUR RUNNING CEASED immediately, your feet skidding to an abrupt stop as your eyes caught a glimpse of a tall, broad-shouldered guard stood at the opposite end of the corridor. He was dressed in a regular, beige guard uniform, the cream of the cap atop his head eclipsing his shadowed features. He seemed to have noticed you, the halt of his brisk jog falling short as he stood frozen too.

He must’ve known that you were one of the 48 out of 100 that Mount Weather had captured - everyone knew all the faces of the 48 teenagers. But, he remained still. He didn’t reach for his walkie-talkie hanging off his belt, he didn’t shout for you to stop, he didn’t step forward to grab you and carry you off elsewhere like all the other guards had attempted to do when they realised you were all trying to make your escape. 

That’s where you had been running from previously. Jasper’s plan to take over level 5 and start a riot had worked for the most part until you all had to relocate elsewhere due to not having enough weapons or security; you were all split up and you found yourself hiding out with Monty and 10 others in a room belonging to two kind elders who largely disapproved of Cage Wallace’s plans. That was when the guards came in, guns at the ready and death carried in their hands as they shot both Mrs and Mr. Ryan dead right in front of you. 

You, along with some others, had hidden - but they hadn’t been so lucky. You watched the guards handcuff them, and lead them away. Hidden behind the wall, you itched to jump out, fight the guards and free your friends; you knew that was stupid, however, you didn’t have any weapons and you could hardly fight in the state you were in. Instead, you promised yourself to wait until they were out of sight, find Vincent (Maya’s father) and come up with a sensible plan to help them. 

That led to where you currently resided, caught red-handed under the stare of a guard. You were conflicted, unsure whether to limp away and risk getting caught, or whether to try and talk yourself out of it and risk getting caught. The guard lifted his hand, and you took a step back - cowering back under the bleach lights of the mountain. But instead of reaching for a weapon, he pulled the cap off his head and the sudden light projecting rays upon his dark features knocked the air from your lungs.


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(being the second part to Away, and Part 2 of @yehet-sebooty-ohorat​‘s Birthday Spectacular!)

You felt like you had been on the train forever. 

The matter of which baggage was heavier, the bags under your eyes or your small suitcase, was under constant debate as you groggily checked into the hotel beside the train station. You were too tired to be sad, too tired to think straight as you absentmindedly dialed Sehun’s number before falling asleep.  

It only rang once before he picked up.

‘Where are you?’ His voice rang thickly with panic.

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companions react to sole survivor's spouse's ghost haunts their ring.

Ever since Sole had given them the ring, strange things have been occurring. A lot of them cant be explained. Could the ring be haunted?

Cait: She came to the conclusion after hearing whispers every time she was alone and objects falling off tables. She eventually got annoyed enough and screamed at it. “I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YER BULLSHITE! SCREW OFF AND HAUNT SOMEONE ELSE!”

Curie: It took her while to realize the odd occurrences. Instead of being scared, Curie started using different methods of contacting them but had no success.

Danse: He had been woken up by strange noises at the same time for the past 2 weeks. When he started wondering if it was possibly supernatural, he got really freaked out and told Sole his concerns.

Deacon: Having the creative mind he has, He would often try talking to the spirit and called him his “Wingman”. He would even set out drinks and food for it.

Hancock: He didn’t notice any difference. Every time something unexplainable happened, he would either not notice it or think it was a hallucination.

Maccready: Once he realized the possibility of being haunted, he immediately wanted to give the ring back but he didn’t want to hurt Sole’s feelings. One day he made up a excuse for Sole to hold onto the ring and never asked for it back.

Nick: He tried making contact but when he got no response, he would just ignore everything. Occasionally he would make a comment like “Oh, you don’t say,” while hearing strange whispers.

Preston: He tried sucking it up and hiding his fear but after a few nights of no sleep, he told Sole and gave back the ring.

Piper: Piper got so paranoid she wouldn’t even change clothes in fear of the spirit watching. Sole eventually noticed something was wrong and got a confession from her.

X6-88: He didn’t give two shits. The only time he’d be on edge is if the spirit was capable of hurting him.

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can we get some jason todd imagines?

Not really proud with how this turned out but I hope it’s still enjoyable? Thank you for requesting! I think this blog needs a little more Jason, Tim and Dick, don’t you agree?

When Jason finally came to, he realises that he is standing in an open area – nothing seems familiar but at the very same time, he also can’t shake the feeling of familiarity. He turns around to assess the situation and it dawns on him that he is just standing there alone with no one in sight and surrounded by a fog that was ominous and dark.

Jason frowns; what the hell is he doing here? Wasn’t he just sleeping soundly in his own bed earlier?

He tries to take a step forward but he can’t. The frown deepens and he looks down, there’s nothing holding him back yet he can’t move forward. Why does he feel like there’s something holding him back? Jason tries to step forward and he furrows his eyebrows when he can finally move his feet. He tries to open his mouth to call for someone, anyone, and finds that he can’t speak either.

Jason opens and closes his mouth a few times, growing frustrated with each failed attempt. Why the hell is he not able to speak? Suddenly he feels anxiety creeping up on him and he’s breathing faster now. There’s a sudden tug and Jason lurches forward, almost tripping over his own two feet. He shakes his head and tries to ignore the ominous feeling but he can’t seem to do anything.

Then suddenly he hears it. That laughter that sends chills throughout his body. The very same laughter that caused his heart to race in his chest. The same laughter that caused him sleepless nights most of the time.

The fog lifts and Jason feels relieved slightly though it was short lived. Terror seeps in to him when he sees the familiar silhouette. You’re just standing there, admiring the view like you normally do – that was just how you were, so carefree and all sunshine and smiles.

Jason tries to call out your name but again, he finds out that he can’t speak. His mouth is open and he’s screaming in his mind but no voice is leaving his mouth. When you finally take notice of him, Jason has never felt this scared for someone else’s safety.

When Jason is finally able to move his feet, he is a few seconds too late as you are snatched away, right in front of him. The laughter is back and it’s ringing now, haunting him. You had let out a scream – one he didn’t think he would ever want to hear ever again – and the look of pure terror on your face probably matched his as well.

And just as he’s about to reach you, something big and green and red swallowed you whole.

No!” Jason calls out your name and falls to his knees. The laughter gets louder and closer and then suddenly, everything’s black.


Jason’s eyes shot open in panic and he sits up, gasping for breath. His heart is beating wildly in his chest and he knows he is drenched in sweat too. He pushes himself on his elbows and blinks a couple of times, in confusion when he notices that the space next to him is empty. Glaring at the blankets that are tangled around his ankles, Jason roughly rips them off of his ankles.

“What the hell was that dream about…” He mutters to no one in particular before getting off the bed. His legs are shaky from the nightmare but Jason has a mission. He wastes no time and walks over to the door, exiting his bedroom.

Despite the darkness of the hallway, Jason’s feet led him to the one room he knew he would be able to slowly feel at ease at and when he opens the door to the library, he lets out an inaudible sigh. He steps inside and quietly closes the door. Walking towards the center of the room, he spies a familiar figure lying underneath a blanket and relief washes over him.

You’re alright and alive.

The sudden relief is probably too much for him because his knees almost gave out had Jason not decided to sink to the floor beside the sofa and resting his head near your arm. Several different scenarios ran through his mind – what if he hadn’t been dreaming? What if he actually lost you? What was he going to do if he lost you? He lets out a shaky sigh and one of his hands reaches for you. “Thank fuck.”

“…Jay?” Your slurred voice causes him to look at you and the sight of you struggling to keep your eyes open and on him, relieves him a little bit. Jason sits up straighter when you sit up and let out a small yawn. “What time is it – I must have fallen asleep here.”

Jason nods his head. “It’s way past midnight.” He whispers quietly and you nod your head before moving aside, making space for Jason on the sofa. You pat on the space beside you and you smile when Jason moves from the floor to the sofa beside you.

When Jason finally moves from the floor to settle beside you, you wrapped your arms around his waist and snuggled against him. He wraps his arms around you, burying his nose in your hair. He presses his lips on your temple.

“…Was it a nightmare about me again?”

Jason nods his head, knowing very well that you already know him too well. He knows even if he had lied to you, you’d be able to tell immediately. He feels you tightening your arms around him and pressing a kiss to his chest, right where his heart is. “Can we just talk about it tomorrow?” He murmurs quietly, he doesn’t really feel like reliving his dream right away.

“Okay, let’s just sleep and talk about it tomorrow.” You tell Jason, throwing the blanket over him as well. Jason hums in response, pulling you closer to him, so much so that you are now on his lap. He presses a kiss on your forehead and you give him a small smile.

“Love you, Jay.” You yawn as you make yourself comfortable on him. As you were about to fall in to a deep slumber, you hear him whispering those words back at you.

Out Loud

Ship- Peter Pan (2003) x reader

Based on the song Out Loud by Gabbie Hanna

This is from Peter’s POV

Warning- Angst (probably poorly written)

Originally posted by soiwatchthestars

I still taste your presence, once sweet but it turned sour. Tried to shake your indifference, but it’s too late now.

I could still feel her around the island; her presence still lingering in the air and haunted me and the lost boys. She was watching over us; waiting to guide us when we joined her but she was with her family now, and she wouldn’t return. It’d been years, and though the boys hoped, waiting patiently for the day she would burst through the doors or come tumbling down the slide with that perfect smile. But I knew. She was happier there. 

I hear you in the quiet. I see you when I’m in the dark. You just couldn’t fight for this, but it’s not your fault.

Her image came to me every time I closed my eyes. She was there, next to me in all her beauty. But, I opened and she was gone once again, the only thing in my mind being the throbbing pain of knowing she was gone. When it was silent at night, the birds residing in their nests, pirates resting on their ship and boys sleeping soundly in their hammocks, she was there. Her voice would plague my mind, her singing resounding like a thousand symphonies. The way she would comfort me, the way that she would talk back or take charge when something bad went on, even the way she would complain about things that were totally unnecessary; they echoed and bounced off every inch of my skull causing unbearable migraines every single night. 

Say what you mean out loud, drowning in silence when I’m lost in the crowd. Coz every sweet thing, you’d never speak, it’s deafening never knowing what could be. Wish I could show you how, but you’re just a ghost now.

The boys were laughing in a circle around my chair as I lounged, leg over one of the armrests and head resting on my upper back. They were making so much noise, but I couldn’t hear a thing. I was drowning in the thoughts of the things we could have said, the things we could have been. My head span, the words and sentences we would never exchange, the looks and glances we would never throw at each other. I wish I could show her, tell her all the things I was locking up in the dark place called my head but I couldn’t. She was gone, and I wouldn’t get her back. 

Your laughter haunts me, like a ringing in my ear. You left me long ago, you’re still everywhere.

I swear I could hear her laughter in every corner of Neverland. It was up in the trees, below the ground, even near to where the pirates lie waiting. My brain would give me visions of her, running around the island, and taunting me. They knew my deepest desire, the things I wanted more than anything; and they would give me them for a solitary moment of sweet reprieve before viciously ripping them from my hands and throwing them out of my reach. 

I reach out for you, I’m desperate for your warmth. Can you tell me where we went wrong, at least tell me just to move on.

She gave the best comfort in times of need. Her warmth from not just her body but from her heart could turn even the coldest day in the Neverland winter into a cozy igloo of love and warmth. It sounds cheesy but there was no other way to express the sheer happiness I felt when I was around her. But then she left. We didn’t get a warning, she just left. No word to me or the lost boys we just had to deal with her sudden departure with no one’s help or support. 

Say what you mean out loud, drowning in silence when I’m lost in the crowd. Coz every sweet thing, you’d never speak, it’s deafening never knowing what could be. Wish I could show you how, but you’re just a ghost now. 

It’s time to let it go, you left me alone. I wanna feel your heartbeat, but it doesn’t beat for me no more. It’s time to let it go, you left me all alone. It’s holding me down, it’s burning me out. I’m begging for sound but I can’t bring you back now.

She’s gone, but I can’t let her go. They make it sound so easy, they make it seem like you can flick a magic wand at everything will disappear but it’s not that easy. It sticks with you, you’re mind sees nothing but them and it’s unhealthy for me to be like this. I was struggling to deal, and it was destroying me from the inside out; burning me up until I’m nothing but a walking shell of the boy I used to be. I wanted to hear her voice, I wanted to listen to her and even just to hear her breaths as she slept next to me, but I couldn’t. 

Say what you mean out loud, drowning in silence when I’m lost in the crowd. Coz every sweet thing, you’d never speak, it’s deafening never knowing what could be. Wish I could show you how, but you’re just a ghost now.

I leant against the tree, looking at the makeshift grave that was surrounded by flowers in her favourite part of the forest. It was secluded so the pirates wouldn’t find it, but me and the lost boys would visit it regularly. All she wanted was to help, but she was killed in cold blood in front of us; her family. I kept the tears back, but when I looked across to the left side and saw some of the roses wilting, I couldn’t help it. I wanted her back. I wanted her back so much. I wanted to hear those sweet words out loud once again. 

Boyfriend! au - Wooseok

Ok so warning before I was told this has a different feel than my other aus but thats cuz wooseok is my bf & i have a different kind of love for him lol

Originally posted by yeo1

  • Ok just so yall know this is gonna be based off one of my dreams of wooseok and it was great so ur welcs
  • Now it might not sound great at first, but wooseok gonna be a fuckboy/troublemaker lol
  • Like i know wtf…..but just imagine his dark ass clothing…..& the fuckin lip ring
  • Yep that lip ring haunts me in my dreams cuz it was so hot lol
  • Ok so u & wooseok in college, u both work hard in ur majors, but in ur free time u guys are dipshits lol
  • One thing u guys like to do is prank ur friends (sorry pentagon lmao)
  • This is literally how u guys became friends lol
  • Like one night u guys both end up being at some boring lake house party
  • & u were inside for most of the night just relaxing & talking to people u know no biggie
  • But as soon people began moving inside to sleep or ;) u were like bye nasties
  • So u walked outside to see the mess of what was a party
  • …but then u see this super tall skinny guy, obviously drunk, trying to toss this other tall guy into the lake thats just laughing
  • & ur like oh shit trying to save the drunk guy from drowning lol so u grab a really large floatie, big enough for the drunk guy to lay on, and run over to them
  • & u didnt think the guy was sober enough to actually throw the other guy in the water, or realize what he was doing for that matter, but even if they both passed out right there they could drown
  • So despite u telling the super tall (& super attractive) guy he should just put him down he refuses and keeps mumbling “I…have to get…Yuto back for….putting teriyaki sauce in my drink..”
  • And ur like wtf is up with these children
  • But ur also not the type to give up a prank

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