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dude imagine guzmeria having a day away from the grunt fam so they go to an amusement park for a date,, guz is very scared of roller coasters and all plumeria eats that day is cotton candy and dippin' dots

That’s such a cute idea <3

Then Guzma suggests they to go to a haunted house instead of a roller coaster… Turns out it’s really spooky. Plumeria loves it.

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This is a picture we took in the building in the story I shared. We found a pitch black room. There were no windows, no light escaping in, we were shining our flashlights into the darkness and saw nothing. My friend finally took a picture with the flash on hoping it would light up the room enough in the image to see what was in that room since our flashlights didn’t even help. She saw nothing so we left the room. When she got home and started putting the images on her computer she realized she actually did catch something on her camera.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 8/10 Nice.  Thanks for sharing the scares!

Imagine a human AU where you are a paranormal investigator. You go around helping people with ghosts and other supernatural entities (though a lot of the time it turns out to be nothing or a prank).

Thor and Jane contact you because they think their house is being haunted. You go check it out since it’s not too far. When you arrive both Thor and Jane seem perfectly polite but Loki (who doesn’t live there but stops by every now and then) openly laughs when he hears what you’re there for. You ignore him and look through everything. Most of what Thor and Jane bring up are easily explained away except for one: Thor insists on seeing a shadowy figure every night in the hallway at 3am. You stay up to see it, setting up cameras to catch the movement.

When you look back at the photos you can tell that it isn’t a ghost but an actual person. Quite easily you deduce that Loki has been playing a prank on Thor and Jane, who had recently seen a horror film about a haunted house and were terrified.

You confront him about it but while you do he starts acting distracted, saying he can feel something tug his hair. You think Loki’s still kidding around until he is pulled back by some unseen force and slammed into the wall.

Cue saving Loki from a ghost and him having to acknowledge the possibility that ghosts are real.

ECCC Day Two: Introducing Depa Billaba

I am too tired after another excellent day at ECCC to write much, so instead, have a photo spam of images I took while doing my Depa Billaba costume for the first time. I have decided that I will definitely be submitting both this costume and the Leia gown I will be wearing for consideration to the Rebel Legion, so I can get involved with that group. The do such awesome work, and their people were so nice when I talked to them today.