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There are a number of spooky tales from Louisiana, but one of the most enthralling is that of Manchac Swamp. First of all, Manchac is rumoured to be haunted. It’s also rumoured to be the haunt of Rougarou, the Cajun werewolf. As well as that, it’s said to be haunted by Julia Brown, a once practising voodoo priestess, who put a curse on the entire town the day she died. Legend says that on the day of her funeral in 1915, a deadly hurricane ripped through the town, destroying three villages and killing a number of people. A number of curious visitors to the swamp have reported hearing shrill screams from a disembodied woman.


Legend says that a cemetery in Castletown, Isle of Man, is the final resting place to a vampire. In 1854, 54-year-old Matthew Halsall passed away. As is customary, his family and the locals held a wake and drank copious amounts of alcohol in his memory. At some point in the evening, it was said that the group of people heard a loud groan coming from the coffin. Believing that Halsall was still alive, they broke open the casket to see that he was indeed very much dead, leading them to believe that he was a vampire. They obtained a stake and pierced it through is heart, re-buried him with a slate on concrete over the grave and then surrounded the grave with chains. It was widely believed that this would prevent the vampire rising from the dead.

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This episode has officially terrified me! Even if you don’t believe in the paranormal, I’d highly recommend you watch this. This is the home of serial killer Dorothea Puente who murdered 9+ people. She looked like a sweet old lady but was obviously evil as hell. This investigation gave me so many chills, particularly the evidence from the dead victims. If you watch this one, please let me know what you think.


@sixpenceee figured this would be right up your alley. took this doll home from a thrift shop a few days ago!! She seemed to give me scared child vibes and kept dragging me back to her no matter how many times I’ve walked away. And the pendulum seemed to give me a lot of energy readings. Its an Amish doll so the faceless appearance is due to the Amish not wanting to instill vanity in their children, and the fact that everyone is the same under the eye of god. I’m def getting child spirit vibes though. I hope its spirited!!!


In 2014, a man called Nathan posted on Reddit that somebody was messaging him from his girlfriend, Emily’s, Facebook account. However, Emily had been dead for two years. At first, he assumed it was a glitch but then Emily began to tag herself in photos. He even received a message which read: “ust [sic] let me walk.” This message disturbed Nathan the most due to the fact that Emily’s legs had been severed in the car accident which killed her. He soon turned Emily’s Facebook page into a memorial page hoping that the messages would stop but instead, they continued and even more alarming, he received a photograph of himself taken from behind the door. He claims nobody was in the house at the time.


In 2011, Latoya Ammons and her three children were tormented by paranormal entities so much, that she was forced to call the police. According to Ammons, her small home in Indiana started to “feel strange” ever since she moved there in November.

Swarms of huge, black flies would appear out of nowhere around the family’s screened-in porch, footsteps would be heard all around the house, including one night when Ammons saw a shadow figure walking across her living room. Even more disturbing is the fact that her children complained of a man “crawling across their ceiling as they slept.” Latoya was awoken by their screams but by the time she had entered their room, the figure had vanished. Although these types of figures are closely linked to those seen in the terrifying hallucinations of sleep paralysis, it seems unlikely that every family member experienced this at the same time.

The supposed haunting came to an abrupt end after Latoya witnessed her unconscious 12-year-old daughter levitating above her bed at 3:00 AM. She immediately contacted various psychic mediums who all agreed that the home was plagued by not one, but some 200 demons. Ammons and her children underwent controversial exorcisms, but to no avail; they were forced to leave the house. Today, the house is well-known for a picture that supposedly shows a demon standing by a window. Ghost Adventures host, Zak Bagans, purchased the property in 2016, but after just a few months renovating it, he hastily ordered for it’s demolition for unknown reasons.


The Bird Cage Theatre, located in Tombstone, Arizona, once operated as a theatre, saloon, gambling parlor, and brothel. It was in operation from 1881 to 1889, which was during the silver boom. Evidence of it’s colourful past can still be seen today - there are over 120 bullet holes throughout the building. New York Times described the Bird Cage Theatre as “the roughest, bawdiest, and most wicked night spot between Basin Street and the Barbary Coast.“  One of the more bizarre murders to occur here took place when two brothel workers got into an altercation and one responded by stabbing the other to death with her stiletto. 

With a history of violence, it’s no surprise that the Bird Cage Theatre is said to be the scene of much paranormal activity. Visitors and employees both claim to have seen the ghosts of former brothel workers as well as dowdy men dressed in cowboy hates. Some people have even reported being pushed or shoved by unseen forces. Disembodied laughter and music can often be heard in the dead of night.

The Faces of Bélmez

In August 1971 in Bélmez, Spain a woman and her grandchild noticed something strange on the kitchen floor of their home. Imprinted on the floor appeared a face. The face appeared sad and troubled. When the family tried to rub it out the face only appeared sadder, and the eyes widened. Disturbed, the home owner had the floor removed and a new concrete one replaced it. Three weeks after the first incident, another face appeared on the floor.

As word began to spread of the strange phenomena the local authorities started to take interest. They had the section of the floor where the faces were removed. As the dug under the floor they uncovered human remains. The skeletons dated back to the 13th century, and some were even decapitated. As the discovery was made four more faces appeared in the floor. The skeletons were removed and buried in a local cemetery. The floor was then covered in cloth and wax as a local notary oversaw. Three months later the wax was removed and the faces had changed positions. The faces continued to appear until the residents moved out of the home.

Said to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States and probably even the world, Resurrection Cemetery is located in Justice, Illinois. A myriad of bizarre and unexplainable phenomena have been reported from this very cemetery. 

One of the most infamous ghost stories the takes place in this cemetery is that of Resurrection Mary. Beginning in the 1930s, several drivers have reported driving alongside the cemetery when they spot a young female hitchhiker dressed in a formal white party dress. She is described always as having blonde hair and blue eyes. Whenever the driver gets close, the young hitchhiker disappears into thin air. Legend says that the hitchhiker was at a party with her boyfriend when they got into an altercation and she stormed out into the blistery cold only to be killed by a hit-and-run driver who left her to die in the cold.  

As a matter of fact, in 1934, a 20-year-old woman called Mary Bregovy was killed in a car accident. She was laid to rest in Resurrection Cemetery in her best white gown. According to legend, it is this Mary that wanders the cemetery searching for her grave.


Built in the 13th century, Houska Castle in Prague, Czech Republic is one of the country’s most haunted landmarks. It was built with no fortifications, no water, no kitchen, away from major trade routes, and with no occupants at its time of completion. The castle was not built as a residence or as a protective sanctuary, but was instead built because a large hole, nicknamed “The Gateway to Hell” needed to be covered up. People believe that, by building this huge castle, they were able to keep the demons trapped in the lower level and they built the thickest walls closest to the hole to keep the supposed demons at bay, away from nearby villages. Spooky tales of humanoid creatures and dark-winged creatures flying out of this hole have been reported for centuries, and the ominous castle is host to further paranormal occurrences.