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ok so, i have a question that has been haunting me ever since easter and it's the fucking worst. i hate myself for thinking of it but i still can't stop thinking about it. i mean it in the nicest possible way when i say that my first thought was to turn to you for answers. please, mother sarah, i'm dying!!! ok here goes: for which of his apostles would jesus bottom?

This is……just to inform all of you that my first thought was Revelation 1:8 and I now have to go drown myself in a baptismal font.

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Maybe im jikook trash but i totally think kookie played lie so loud not only to tease jimin but because he wanted him to come back. He literally kept looking at the door all the time and he looked disappointed when he said "he's not coming back" and the second jimin came again to "scold" him his face lightens up and he laughed/giggled so cutely! These two are truly something ahhhhhhh also that look they shared will haunt me forever, gosh the tension!!!

Trust me, it’s reality. Jungkook literally sat there, played lie loudly, and danced just to lure Jimin back into the video. @satellite-jeon translated it as: 

“’You can hear it? So you’re saying you can hear it. Huh. You think I’m going to lose? I’m going to make you come back again.’ - JJK, speaking in banmal, total Dom Mode.
Used Lie as bait.
Got visibly deflated when Jimin didn’t took the bait.
“He’s not coming? He’s not coming… “
Got visibly happy when Jimin took the bait.
Jimin ran so fast he tripped on the way over.”

You can literally see the dissapointment on Kook’s face when he realizes Jimin isn’t going to come. 


look at how happy he is once Jimin came storming into his room! Little baby was literally giggling, and you can tell Jimin wasn’t even mad. Like I can’t believe how obvious Jungkookie was. 

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Also I want this gif played at my funeral bc I have died bc of this romantic-ass-chessy-kdrama-type stare those two shared. Like no joke, I 99% believe that if Tae (bless his soul) hadn’t interrupted, Jikook may have made out right then and there. Like…. just sayin’. 

Who To Fight - Choices Stories You Play Edition - Part II
  • For Part I: http://hwuariana-writer-movie-star.tumblr.com/post/154360456508/who-to-fight-choices-stories-you-play-edition
  • ______________________________________________________________
  • Professor Vasquez: He's already dead. You can't fight him, anymore...
  • Zig: This dude's already a badass and you wanna fight him? You're gonna be left with scars and bruises. Or worse, lying on the ground, not moving at all.
  • Rachel: Same as Natasha.
  • Amara: She's on your side and also why would you wanna fight her?
  • Arjun: Poor Arjun being beaten up by you. He doesn't do anything wrong.
  • Yasmin Udoka: You better fight her. She's already sexual harrasing James.
  • Cassandra Leigh: Don't you dare to fight this precious cinnamon roll. She's already being held hostage by John Tull and Hayley Rose and she needs to be protected. Don't fight her, please.
  • Ryan Summers: Again, this guy didn't do anything wrong to you. There's no reason to fight him. Unless, if you're the antagonist/hero in the movie that you're starring alongside him and he's the hero/antagonist.
  • Alyssa Griffin: She'll call her lawyers if you wanna fight her.
  • Capt. Dana Beckham: You dare to fight with a superior of the Los Angeles Police Department? You're gonna be thrown into jail for sure.
  • Officer Rebecca McKenzie: Don't fight with a freaking police officer. You'll end up in jail. You can't run from your crimes.
  • Severin Cale: You're gonna lose if you're not careful with him "playing dirty", but sure fight him.
  • Prince Tevan Drammir: He'll fight you if you wanna fight him.
  • Adder: Queen of daggers, bad idea.
  • Kailani Keawe: She and her brother Noa will have their combo move and you had no chance on winning.
  • Noa Keawe: Same as Kailani.
  • Anu Rhuka: This fire master would probably burn you to death. No kidding.
  • Hex: FIGHT HER.
  • Leon Stirling: Heh, he'll beat you up first. Now that he's dead...
  • Gabriel Amarne: He's dead...
  • The Mechateur from The Foundry: Bad idea. *cues the "You have died." screen*
  • The Bear recruited from Aurelia: The Bear will eat you before you could even fight it. *cues the "You have died." screen*
  • Mama Kraken: Like I said above for the Baby Kraken.
  • Party Twin: Why do you want to fight with your own sister? There's no sibling rivalry in your family. Unless, there's a cookie left... maybe?
  • Smart Twin: Same as Party Twin.
  • The Brother: He's your own brother... he will protect you for those people who wants to fight you. Unless when it comes down to "only one left" piece of food... maybe?
  • Elena Sanchez: Elena is just a precious cinnamon roll that there's no reason to fight with her.
  • Blake Yasuda: You're gonna get fired from Nomade. Lmao.
  • Carter: There's nothing to fight with him. Why bother?
  • Evil Aunt: She's trying to fail you and your siblings for the inheritance. GO FIGHT HER.
  • Claire Pierce: FIGHT THIS BITCH.
  • William Sloan, Rich Businessman: He's a sweetheart. Why would you want to fight him? He has lawyers too.
  • Prince Leo of Cordonia, Greek Dude: Well fight him for being in a relationship with you when he was engaged with someone else.
  • The Bartender: Um... he used to be in the military so I guess he knows how to fight so...
  • Audrey: There's completely no reason to fight with her.
  • Paolo: Fight him for the internship, I guess.
  • Blaire Hall: Um...
  • Diego Ortiz Soto: You'll regret this for the rest of your lives. Don't fight him, please. If you still want to fight him, -1000000 friendship points with Diego.
  • Jake McKenzie: Hahahahahaha... ha... ha... sure, if you DARE, Princess/Boy Scout.
  • Quinn Kelly: DON'T FIGHT THIS PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL. If you do, -1000000 friendship points with Quinn.
  • Sean Gayle: Wait you really want to fight this quarterback? Here's a story, Sean has hard abs and looks like he can crush your trachea. RIP you. Cause of death is asphyxiation because Sean crushed your trachea.
  • Michelle Nguyen: You fight her, you get -1000000 friendship points with Michelle.
  • Craig Hsiao: If you win, Craig will praise you. If Craig wins, you have to do his betting.
  • Raj Bhandarkar: Again, why would you want to do it so? -1000000 friendship points with Raj.
  • Zahra Namazi: Heh. No big deal for her.
  • Aleister Rourke II: He's up for a challenge.
  • Grace Hall: -1000000 friendship points with Grace and Aleister. Also, Aleister will fight you if you dare to fight Grace.
  • Estela Montoya: You and her are gonna fight. A probability of 1/2 for you to win and another 1/2 for Estela to win. Dare to do it?
  • Lila: Woah, if you get on her bad side, she'll probably electrocute you with her traps.
  • The Watchers: You HAD to.
  • Sabertooth: Same as the Watchers.
  • Giant Crabs: Same as the Watchers and Sabertooth.
  • Everett A. Rourke I: Ok but fight him because he's the one who trapped y'all in La Huerta but then again, he's hibernating in a pod so...
  • Mark Collins: I seriously don't know dude. Maybe you guys fight in a game of Scrabble or something. No physical strength involve.
  • Sereena: You wanna fight her? She also wants to fight you. *plays Wild West fight scenario music*
  • Brooke: But... why? Poor Brooke.
  • C. Coleman: Did Cole did anything wrong to you
  • Horatio Santos: Why do you wanna fight this cinnamon roll? Horatio didn't do anything wrong to you. How dare you?
  • Ben: Poor Ben.
  • Leah: Poor Leah.
  • Martin: He's your boss... you're gonna get fired.
  • Felix: Maybe you guys challenge each other in a spicy food eating contest.
  • Isabel: Isabel looks like she can break your bones.
  • Eleanor Waverley: Um, she's dead. (in my game)
  • Simon Waverley: He's dead and if he was alive, you still can't fight him because he's a precious cinnamon roll that needs to be protected at all costs.
  • Clarissa Waverley: Same as Simon.
  • Thomas Waverley: Same as his siblings.
  • Victor: Victor's been nothing but a love interest/best friend to you and being in a fight with him is just... not right.
  • Rose Waverley: She's dead but if she was alive, FIGHT HER FOR WHAT SHE DID TO HER CHILDREN.
  • Hana: She just came here to have a good time and honestly feeling so attacked right now. No, don't fight her.
  • Olivia: Or Zenobia Nevrakis? Jk, she's a descendant. Fight her I guess?
  • Drake: *casually has Hotline Bling in my head* Oh wait that's not right lmao. *plays the Cause of Death soundtrack that played during with the killer scenes* FIGHT HIM BECAUSE OF HIS RUDE ASS. And also for being a completely douchebag.
  • Prince Liam of Cordonia, from TRR: I don't think there's even a reason to fight with him...
  • Maxwell: This guy didn't do anything wrong to you but being a guide to you to Cordonia.

kjlnkmljh; me and my mom are convinced that our house is haunted!! she called me in a panic this morning like “did you use a fork to eat breakfast or something, theres a fork just laying on my side of the bed!!! it wasn’t there when i woke up” and i was like “uuuuuuuh no omg” and she was like “shit!! i feel a presence in our house” and i told her about my door randomly closing and things like that and she called her friend who’s into spirit stuff to ask for advice jklh;mkj;y my dad thinks its soo funny 

3 different people have told me on 3 separate occasions this week that i look like the joker. i pray every second that zeus will strike me dead my guys.

I got my butt outta bed early to weed the yard perimeter to have some alone time before the day started.
First, Max came running out in his opened robe, naked underneath, mouthing (I had my headphones on) a question he could have asked Randy. Then Lucy got out, so Max ran around opened robed around the yard to catch her.

Next, I came out of my yard to dump some weeds into the yard waste that we keep on the back side of the house. I turn around and jump back, after dumping, to see two Javova Witnesses standing there haunting me. One says hello. I say, “Hi!” In an irritated voice and death glare. I quickly turn around before they can go any further, and I go back into my yard.

Then I get started into the long tangly weeds around the raspberry vines and I feel this tapping on my back. Assuming it was the jahovas, I fucking screamed an adult goat style scream and turned around to see Randy with his index finger tapping his lips to shush me as I yell, “The fuck, man?! You guys are driving me crazy!” He wanted to know where the cupcake papers were.

Hello, it’s me again.

I know I haven’t been posting these days and though quite frankly, I’m just here every night checking and reading posts. I’m very thankful for all of you who chose to be a part of my journey here in papertones. This is, in fact, a very hard thing to do for me but I’m going to do it anyway and hopefully, I wouldn’t have any regrets. I’ll leave this little space I got here in tumblr. Maybe because I don’t feel safe anymore or maybe it became too noisy. Maybe I’ll come back. I don’t know. The feeling to leave this little space has been haunting me for months. I hope you guys understand. 

If you still want to check up on me, I’m on twitter and instagram. I’ll see you all there for the meantime. I’m thankful to all of you guys, I really am. I just really need to fix something inside of me is all.

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(I'll continue my second message here) yep so i got back to islam and started praying a lot and got out of my depression and my feelings for this guy disappeared. Now i want to start wearing hijab, cut off contact with my friends (bad influence) and become a better muslim. I made tawbah and Allah is all formgivning but i feel like my past is haunting me..i did some big sins. Im afraid someone will find out. If i in the future get a pious husband..i have to tell him and it will cause trouble

Ok so first of all, no woman and no man is obliged to tell their future spouse about their past sins. Allah has concealed them for us out of His Mercy, to protect us from its evil consequences and no one has the right to interrogate you about that which Allah has forgiven you. Even if someone had a past haram relationship or committed zina, it’s none of the husband’s/wife’s since he or she has obviously chosen the better path. Unfortunately many, especially men, feel as if it is their right to know what their future wife has done in their past. But this is very wrong considering the fact that they are asking someone to reveal that which is obviously haram. Whoever judges someone based on their past does not deserve your present self.

Alhamdulillah you have have made taubah and given up that which is wrong. I have just reblogged an old reply that might help you.

May Allah keep you guided, ease your affairs and bestow mercy upon you.

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deep secret: when i was in third grade, i lied and said this boy i didn't like hit me and he got suspended. i'm 20 now, and it haunts me to this day that i didn't get found out.


when i was 6 i sat behind these two boys on the bus and i tied their backpack straps together into a giant ball, and when they got off the bus and went in separate directions they crashed back into each other then fell. 

the supervising teacher was so angry that i used to hide under my desk from him in class, but i never got caught

its 6:48 am and i have so many questions about this ad it haunts me

1. why is this so compressed. what computer code is making these ads that some doofus programmed to have only one optional picture size

2. why is this conversation happening on what clearly appears to be a freaking first model iPhone did this ad escape from 2007????

3. on a related note, the shit emoji wasnt released with the original iPhone theres no way this conversation could have even EXISTED ????

4. im pretty sure even my grandma would figure out the shit emoji is supposed to be shit or at least im not sure why the next thing a mom would assume would be “a chocolate kiss with eyes”

5. finally, TELUS is a canadian company and i live in america so idk what program’s deciding what target demographic i am but apparently im a 10 year old living in abbotsford (also if the ad is by “americanupbeat” why is the phone network canadian????)

6. also what..?? the fuck??????????

It’s funny how things that used to hold so much now hold so little.

Like copper exposed to the elements. What once was shiny is now green.

The voice through the speaker doesn’t haunt me anymore.

this pre-release image haunts me because no one looks right. why are kitty and franke so small. why is raz like an entire foot taller than them.