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Shyan with #32 please?

32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

“Did you hear that?” Ryan asked, panicked look on his face as he turns to Shane. They’re in another haunted location, and just like their previous ones, it’s old and abandoned and without any proper heating, so Shane is freezing his butt off again, and sometimes he really wonders why he does this.

(He knows why he does this. Of course he does. The reason is about 5’9 and three quarters and has a laugh that makes Shane’s insides melt.)

“Yes, yes I did,” Shane says, “It was our good friend the wind.”

Ryan frowns at him. Shane wants to smooth down his wrinkles with his thumb, but figures that would be a bit weird, and bussies himself with swinging the flashlight around, lighting up their surrounding. “See? Nothing.”

“I swear I heard something,” Ryan says, and huffs. “You truly aren’t afraid of anything.”

Shane wants to laugh at that, because god, he’s terrified of a lot of things. He’s terrified of spiders, of losing his parents, and yes, even of forced heroine injections.

But most of all, most of all he’s afraid of the way Ryan makes him feel. He’s terrified of the lurch his heart makes every time Ryan enters a room, terrified of the fluttering in his stomach when Ryan so much as looks at him, terrified of loving a man that is never going to love him back.

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified,” he wants to say. “I know I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

But all he says instead is, “Hey do you reckon if we start singing the ghosties a little song, they will start singing along?” and starts humming ‘Old McDonald Had A Farm’.

Ryan wheezes, and Shane pretends it doesn’t make his heart hurt.

ML fandom: why doesn’t their hair change color when they transform? It would make more sense and help make their identities seem like more of a secret in-show

Alya’s transformation: *completely changes the color of her hair*

ML fandom: no, it would have been better brown, there’s too much orange

so I had a dream that @glumshoe was in my room, and they were just standing at the foot of my bed watching my degus, holding a Bag of Holding, which they would reach into occasionally and pull out a cherry tomato and then eat it. Neither of us said anything, until suddenly they looked at me and asked “do you want to see my husband” and of course I couldn’t be rude so I said yes, assuming that they meant a photo. But then they just reached into the Bag of Holding? and pulled out?? three frogs and a toad? ??? I know it was three frogs and a toad because they told me explicitly “these three are frogs, and that one’s a toad” and I just had to compliment their husband like he (it? they?) wasn’t a collection of four amphibians, and I don’t know what it means but if any of you do let me know

klance jacket swap
  • lance wearing keith’s jacket but the sleeves are too short on him
  • the shoulders are too narrow so he constantly has to kind of hunch
  • “lance, what the hell, you’re going to rip it apart.” “yeah, with mY BIG BULGING MUSCLES.


  •  keith wearing lance’s jacket but the sleeves are too long 
  • the shoulders are too broad so its constantly sliding off his shoulders 
  • “dude it looks like its trying to bury or suffocate you” “Good.