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The Hollywood Roosevelt - 

One of the most famous hotels in Los Angels, The Hollywood Roosevelt is also considered on of the most haunted hotels in the world. It first opened in 1927 and is a hangout for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, living  and dead. 

The most famous ghost in The Hollywood Roosevelt is that of Marilyn Monroe. Her spirit has been sighted in the hotel on several occasions. She usually appears in a full length mirror which originally hung in her poolside suite, room 1200, where she regularly stayed. She has also been seen dancing in the hotel ballroom. 

Another famous ghost is that of the actor Montgomery Clift. His spirit is believed to haunt room 928, where he stayed while filming From Here to Eternity. He can still be heard in the room playing his trumpet. One guest staying in the room felt someone pat her on the shoulder while she lay in bed reading. He has also been sighted on the eighth floor, pacing and reciting lines. 

There is also the ghost of a man dressed in white who appears by the piano in the Blossom Ballroom. He vanishes suddenly when approached. The spirit of Carole Lombard, the wife of Clark Gable, has been seem on the 12th floor where she and Gable often stayed. One of the pianos in the hotel often plays by itself, guests have returned to their rooms to find them locked from the inside and phantom maids have been sighted wandering the hallways. Ghostly swimmers have appeared in the hotel pool and the spirit of a little girl called Caroline has been seen skipping and singing around the hotel lobby fountain.


Photographer’s Haunting Series Humanizes Los Angeles’ Homeless With Close And Personal Portraits

Even today, Pablo Unzueta vividly recalls the moments he spent as a child helping his grandmother with her photography.

“I just remember being in the dark room and the smell, waking up early because my grandmother had to develop the print,” he recently told The Huffington Post.

The Los Angeles born and bred photographer knows now that those years accompanying his grandmother to photograph weddings and people on the city’s streets are what most influenced his own passion for photography. Unzueta, 20, was particularly inspired by his Chilean grandmother’s long-term project in Central America, in which she photographed impoverished children who roamed the landfills in search of food in El Salvador and Guatemala.

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Josh White/JW Pictures, courtesy of the Mistake Room, Los Angeles

Paris Photo L.A.’s Favorite Couple Shares Their Hometown Haunts

“I surf,” Pierpaolo Barzan says. In fact, it’s one of the first details imparted by the Italian art patron - one-half of the Depart Foundation, alongside his wife Valeria Sorci, the two of whom recently moved to Los Angeles.

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Made a free standing structure for #skidrow in DTLA with Tfail today. Who ever finds it can sit inside, the mouth opens up into a window - I wish I had the supplies to do these all day with better materials, or a budget to add books and food as well.

Also, on that note I can’t help but notice all the “ street art ” and murals of late are located adjacent in the gentrified Arts District. Art should be for everyone, and public art needs to be more then decoration for yuppie developers looking to “ improve ” the area. Fuck that, art and space should go to those who need it.