haunted looking


Shiro Week Day One: Time/Space


He stares, unable to tear his eyes away.

A year ago, he had an arm that was still his own, and a face that didn’t carry this haunted look from the Galra, or the heavy burden of being the Black Paladin.

He remembers.

Rated T, mentions of blood and implied unnamed character death, brief flashbacks

345 words, gen, Shiro & Hunk

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have u ever read a fic that just takes ur breath away? everyone knows it and ppl could mention something as benign as a piano or the moon or fucking glitter or cat figurines and u flash back to the fic the first time u read it and ur heart clenches a bit bc u remember how it felt to read it for the first time? thats good writing right there and needs to be fuckng published


I’m in deep shit and I’ll tell you why. 

I am the type of parent that pranks my kids. Like, nothing that’s going to cause tears. Nothing traumatizing. But we joke around a lot and it’s par for the course that you check your shoes before you put them on and the faucet doesn’t have a rubber band on it before you turn on the kitchen tap. The usual.

But this prank, the one they just pulled on me? It shook me. They hid all my books. LIke, the sheer logistics of it is amazing. The books were two deep in these cubbies. It’s a good, solid prank. Especially for starters. I thought, good on them

I was amused, bordering proud, when I looked on my night stand. 

What’s that? One more book? Huh.

Everything about this is beautiful. The irony in that the book thief was the only book left. The cleverness of using a bookmark. The we are anonymous type signature. Her haunted look, like she knows where your books are.

Let me tell you, I have never been more proud, and if they continue to apply themselves like this, more scared.


luigi has a lightning motif but its almost never developed why is that

give me a tinkering luigi @nintendo you cowards