haunted jewelry

Vintage Witch Things
  • Buying haunted jewelry from antique stores
  • Putting glamours on your favorite red lipsticks
  • Tying your corset with knot magick 
  • Antique tea cups filled with crystals
  • Flower pins with correspondences 
  • Rolling your intention into victory rolls
  • Moon manicures when the moon is in a crescent phase to capture its power
  • A grimoire in an old journal and dusty journal
  • Tapestries hanging above the altar
  • Worn and engraved candlesticks 
  • Perfume bottles filled with crystal elixirs 
  • Apothecary cabinets filled with oils and herbs
  • Protection spells for the china cabinet

I think I found a new ridiculous search to amuse myself with on Etsy. Haunted jewelry! Haunted magical jewelry! 

… yes, I am a hedgewitch, yes, I believe in certain forms of magic, but selling Haunted Magical rings that will attract your Romantic Vampire Husband? (And “it’s ok if you’re already married, this is a different level of marriage than we experience on earth”?!)

This is the same sort of mindset that drives me to read overwrought gothic romance novels, isn’t it? Which reminds me, which do I want to read during my bath: “Gaywyck”, “Lord Satan”, or “Dark Satanic”?