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Halloween Masterpost 2017

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Unsolved Mysteries

Día de los Muertos

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Here to bless y'all with Fall date ideas

• Apple or berry picking

• Wine & cider tasting

• Brewery tour

• corn maze

• hay rides

• haunted houses

• bonfire

• ghost/cemetery tours

• scary movie marathon

• hot air balloon ride

• horseback riding

• Football games (of course)

• fall hiking!

• sunflower fields

• fall festivals/fairs (oktoberfest)


🍁Welcome, October🎃

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send me a...
  • 🍂 for my muse to jump in the leaves with yours.
  • 🎃 for my muse to carve a pumpkin with yours.
  • 🌇 for my muse to watch an autumn sunset with yours.
  • 🌕 for my muse to try to scare yours.
  • 👻 for my muse to go into a haunted house with yours. 
  • 🔪 for my muse to watch a scary movie with yours.
  • ☕ for my muse to get your muse a pumpkin spice latte.
  • 🍎 for my muse to go to an apple orchard with yours.
  • 👕 for my muse to dress up your muse for halloween.
  • 👹 for my muse to play a spooky prank on yours.
  • 🐄 for my muse to take yours on a haunted hay ride. 
  • 🍁 for my muse to take yours to a pumpkin patch.
  • 🦇 for my muse to decorate their house with yours.

Creepy Halloween starters
— send a symbol for our muses to…

🏚️  = explore an abandoned house or building
🍭  = watch a scary movie late at night with the lights off
👻  = go on a city ghost tour
🕯️  = conduct a seance
👿  = play with a ouija board
⚰️  = explore a cemetery at night
👽  = go hunting for cryptids
😱  = play a creepy game in the dark (ex. hide-and-seek, bloody mary, charlie charlie, etc.)
🏨  = stay overnight at a haunted hotel
🔮  = have their futures told by a fortune-teller
⛓️  = go to a fun haunted house attraction
👹  = buy costumes together, but one or both are cursed
💀  = attend a ‘zombie walk’
🌽  = go on a haunted hay ride or visit a haunted corn maze

BTS Reacts to Taking S/O to a Scary Attraction


Honestly, you would most likely not be going into any scary attraction if it were up to him. However, if you both happened upon a scary zombie run for example (wink wink), there would be a lot of screaming, crying and holding on to each other. Jhope, specifically, would be a screaming mess, and would run for his life whenever the chance arrived. This doesn’t mean that he would leave you behind, though. On the contrary, he would grab your hand and drag you away with him while you both scream your hearts out.

“Where are we going?!- AAAGH!” You closed your eyes tightly to erase the visual of the zombie before you.

“AAGGGAHH!!” Pulls you harder. “I DON’T KNOW! LET’S JUST GO!”

You both run screaming into the distance.


He would be very excited for this. Being someone who is not easily scared, he’d feel in control of the situation, and he would love that. You, on the other hand, would rather go home and watch a not so scary, scary movie. He would have dragged you into this mess, promising you that a haunted house would be fun in this season. At times he would forget that you were scared and leave you behind, only to come back and find you frozen in a corner.

“No! You left me!” You’d say, pulling away from his touch.

Half laughing he’d try to explain himself. “Y/N~ Come on~ They’re only people. It’s not too bad,”

It wouldn’t be until you look up him teary eyed that it would hit him how scared you were. He’d pull your hoody over your head and pull the string tighter, tying them so that only your face was exposed.

“How’s that?” He’d say, giggling at how cute and silly you looked. You’d glare at him, only making him laugh more before he’d put an arm around you and walk with you like this the whole time, occasionally rubbing your back.

“I’ll protect you Y/N~” He’d say in between laughs.

Never again would you trust him to take you anywhere scary.


He would loudly make exclamations to cover up his own fear. The fear wouldn’t stop him from enjoying himself though, and he would laugh at himself after jump scares. Honestly, Jimin would be the boyfriend you’d always wanted in a haunted house, considering that he would play along, welcome the fear and probably console you all at the same time. He’d wear his comfiest sweatshirt, which you would have the benefit of cuddling into whenever you felt too scared to go on.

“Let’s go baby. Don’t WORRY! Aaisssh. We are in this together,” He’d say, raising his voice whenever something scary popped up, but continuing his consolations nonetheless.

You’d grab onto his hands tightly, and he would smile to himself, indulging in the role of the protecting boyfriend.


A haunted hay ride. You hadn’t been on one since childhood, and Jin had never ridden one in his life. You knew what to expect. He didn’t. You would be quiet and solemn once sitting on the wagon, and Jin would be a confused mess. He knew this was meant to be a Halloween themed day, but he didn’t think you would be this scared beforehand. Once the ride started he would begin to dread everything, making vocal remarks.

“We’re stuck here! We are stuck forever!”

“Jin, you’re being dramatic,”

“Y/N, this is what we have to do,” He’d say, ignoring your statement. “We scare them back!”

The rest of the ride consisted of Jin screaming in fear, and then yelling back at the dressed up staff. He had acquired certain props from the ones that got close to him and he was using them to protect the both of you. You wouldn’t be able to hold in your laughter.


Very quiet and no laughing. Neither of you wanted to go into the haunted hall of mirrors, but your friends had dragged you in into it. You would hold hands, determined to remain an item until finding peace once again. There wouldn’t be a lot of screaming, just the occasional complaint about being scared.

“Ugh, why did we agree to this?”

“Didn’t have much a choice did we?- Watch it!” He’d respond, pulling you closer to him and away from the head that had dropped from the ceiling to your left. You would notice his heart racing in his chest.

“Are you scared~?”

He’d look at you seriously and say, “ Of course Y/N. These things are made to mess with your mind…Don’t try to pretend that you’re not scared,”

“Well!…fine” You’d both quiet down and continue the game, upset with your current circumstance.


If it were up to him, he’d pick the haunted house where you sit in a car rather than run around. This is, of course, until he’d realize that being fastened to a car means there would be no escape. You were dragged into this with him, and although you don’t get scared very easily, you would rather avoid such situations altogether. The seat belt would crank tightly unto your laps and you could see the dread growing in his face as the car slowly, and loudly makes its way into the dark tunnel. Everything is quiet for a second, and you would be able to hear both of your breaths in the nippy air before a certain somebody yells out beside you.


You’d stare at him, shocked at his foul mouth.

“I know you’re not live on T.V. right now, but geez Yoongi~”

This is only until something jumps at you on your side of the car and you scream out a curse as well. “^&E@*!^^&*^!”

You’d hear his dry laughter as he points at you enjoying your reaction, and you’d slap down his finger, not ready to spend the rest of your 10 minutes yelling and cursing inside a dark tunnel.


It was your idea, and one that you would end up regretting immediately. You thought that Jungkook would really enjoy some zombie laser tag, and this would prove true once you arrive. His eyes would be sparkling with excitement as the staff explain the rules and the functions of the laser weapons. You arm yourself quietly but he would soon notice your change in behavior.


“Uh, yeah. I guess~” You’d shrug.  He’d peck your cheeks, a big smile plastered on his face.

“Stay behind me, Y/N. I can win us lots of points!”

You’d enter the dark room and finally see him in action, killing zombies left to right. His aim was amazing and you would almost forget your regret. Whenever you were in a pinch, Jungkook would appear to protect you, just like a knight in shining armor. He would act the part as well. In the end you would end up enjoying yourself, earning a peck on the cheek whenever he dashed passed you.

I was inspired by Episode 24 of BTS Run! Did you see them wearing BT21 merchandise??

Ps. I will be making a Day6 version of this! 

Reactions and scenarios are welcome! Also, my masterlist is here!

Halloween Party Planning
  • "Real pumpkins or fake?"
  • "We need fog."
  • "Let's have a haunted hay ride!"
  • "I was stunned at the price of decorations."
  • "Cobwebs EVERYWHERE!"
  • "What costume do you think I should wear?"
  • "I've been trying to get some ideas by watching Martha Stewart."
  • "Where have you been? We have a party to get ready for."
  • "I love the glitter skulls."
  • "Do you think this is enough punch?"
  • "Have some witch fingers."
  • "I got a pet costume."
  • "I love what you did with the bathroom."
  • "Did we need that much blood?"
  • "Is the party child friendly?"
  • "Think we have enough candy?"
  • "You should see the pile of tombstones I have."
  • "So when do we all get to dance to Thriller?"
  • "This ball was a fantastic idea?"
  • "Have you seen my knife?"
  • "Any butterbeer or pumpkin juice?"
  • "I don't suppose you have anything that's gluten free..."
  • "Mmmm... roasted pumpkin seeds..."
  • "You look phenomenal."
  • "I can't figure out who you are. Sorry."
  • "Care to dance?"
  • "The sparkling lights are a nice touch."
  • "This bloody Mary tastes odd."
  • "Wine. Perfect."
Halloween Masterpost 2016

For all your cheery Halloween needs. The bolded posts are new for this year.





Unsolved Mysteries

Día de los Muertos

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

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anonymous asked:

The dads at a fall fair? Doing stuff like pumpkin picking, hay rides, and haunted houses?

“Hay ride!” You hear Amanda scream in your ear as a large bed of hay approaches, and quickly all of the other kids are just as enthused. The sun is setting after a long day at the fair, and what would be a better time to take a nice ride than now? The driver seems surprised at the amount of kids and adults alike squeezing themselves in, but you’re glad that everyone is here. You love being able to bond with all the dads in the cul-de-sac. 

The ride is anything but quiet, but it still manages to be calming, the cool breeze and the falling leaves making you feel in the spirit of autumn. Light conversation is travelling, but for the most part everyone is relaxed and no one looks angry at anyone, so that’s very good. The air has you day dreaming, probably looking like a weirdo, recounting the events of the day.

Damien 💐 and Hugo 🧀🍷 - “You aren’t going to let go of my hands, correct?” Damien is clutching onto both yours and Hugo’s hands very tightly as you walk towards the haunted house at the center of the fair. You heard that it was advertised as ‘the scariest haunted house in Maple Bay’ but you see it fit to keep your mouth shut in this situation. Damien is already losing all color in his face.

Hugo has an eyebrow raised and looks mildly concerned, stopping all forward motion and giving Damien’s hand a tight squeeze. “We’re both holding on, Damien, couldn’t let go if we wanted to.” Damien’s mouth opens as if to ask why they stopped walking, but the only thing that comes out is a small defeated noise when he hears someone scream. “You could cut off the circulation to our hands somewhere else, Dames, we don’t have to go in the haunted house.”

“Yeah, we don’t want to force you into anything, we can go-” Damien cuts you off with a ‘shush’ and continues pulling the three of you towards the offending haunted house with a burst of determination. You aren’t sure that it’s the best idea, but you aren’t about to crush his hopes and dreams. His steps get noticeably slower as you get closer, but he still gets himself to the entrance. 

(Getting through the place whole different ballpark. And a lot of screaming. Damien screamed especially loudly when a fake bat touched his shoulder, and you distinctly remember Hugo trying to stop giggling. You also remember Lucien sitting at the exit with Ernest by his side, both of them laughing and going on about how they could hear Damien screaming from outside)

Robert 🔪 and Joseph ⛵ -“Hey, y/n!” While you’re wondering around and trying to find something to do while Amanda runs off with her friends, Joseph calls you over to the pumpkin patch where he’s standing, holding a bunch of medium sized pumpkins in his hands. “Come help me pick out pumpkins for the kids!” He waves you over and accidentally drops a pumpkin in the process, watching the stem break off before he slowly backs away from it.

You laugh quietly as you jog up to him, watching him study the two pumpkins left in his hands. “Awe, you’re getting some for the kids to carve for Halloween?” You start looking over the large expanse of pumpkins, all different shapes and sizes. There are some especially huge ones over by the stand where you pay, and you try to imagine how many pounds of pumpkins guts you would have to scoop out of one of those suckers.

Joseph picks up another pumpkin that he’s taken the time to inspect and almost drops it again, this time making sure not to make the same mistake. “Carve? Heavens no, the twins are 8, them with knife would be a disaster, have you seen what they can so with scissors?” He chuckles and thanks you as you take one of the pumpkins from him. “I might have them paint the pumpkins, that would be fun, right?”

At that moment, Robert walks by with a large pumpkin under his arm, keeping his distance, but laughing loud enough to gain attention. “Painting pumpkins? This is why your kids don’t think you’re cool, Christiansen.” Joseph tenses up a little, but he turns around and gives Robert a smile. “But hell, I wouldn’t let those kids near sharp objects either.” Robert takes a sip of the drink in his hand, not alcohol for once, and nods.

(In the end, things go smoother than you expected. Joseph does accidentally say “Rob” once, and you can feel Robert nearly growl back until Joseph corrects himself, but but that’s the extent of hostility. You’re almost proud of yourself for starting a civilized conversation. You remember Robert inviting you to help him carve pumpkins and Joseph inviting you to help out with a few fall activities at the church. The pumpkins bring people together.)

Craig ⚾ -“Y/n, look at this cow!” Craig looks amazed as a cow licks his arm, his twins running around inside the petting zoo and rushing to feed the animals. He reaches in slightly to pet the cow and River laughs when it licks her face. Craig backs up slightly and intently waits for you to pet the cow. 

You laugh, but reach your hand in carefully, giggling even more when the cow licks and tickles your arm. Hazel holds her hand out and is extremely amused as a sheep eats from her palm. You remember petting zoos, what magical places. Especially as a kid. Being surrounded by sweet, kind animals felt so fun! “This a weird cow, I like it.”

Your daughter turns a corner to see you and Craig and is immediately running for the petting zoo, wallet in hand. “A petting zoo? Dad, you should have called me!” Amanda runs over and sees a tiny pony, her horse-phase instincts kicking in as she pays to feed the miniature pony a carrot. Briar giggles as she almost gets knocked on her butt by an alpaca. 

“The kids really love petting zoos, huh?” Craig nods and holds River’s hand out to pet a baby goat, grinning as he does so. He’s so in his element with his kids. He even lets them buy more food to give to all the animals.Amanda looks at ease with another carrot in her hand to feed the pony.

“This place is awesome, bro!” Craig his daughter enjoy themselves as he pets the cow some more. You’re sad to know once the girls are done you’ll have to leave this cow so that you don’t look weird.

(Hazel almost got away with sneaking a lamb out of the pen, but she was put to a stop. Craig tells you to meet him later after he take the girls to find ice cream)

Brain 🐟 and Mat 🎸♩ - “They have the best funnel cake here, and I am not willing to miss it.” Mat is holding as cup of coffee while he searches for funnel cake, a man on a mission as you and Brian follow behind. Brian just laughs, eating some fries that you and him picked up on the way to Mat’s destination.

While Mat speed walks in front of you, you don’t want to bother him with conversation, but Brian notices you urge to speak. “You know, fair food is great, but did you know some places literally deep fry butter?” You feel your stomach churn a little at the thought and take a sip of the water in your hand, hoping that you’ll never witness someone eat deep fried butter.

What would be the purpose? Wouldn’t that make everyone involved sick and waste a lot of butter? “Brian, please don’t tell me you have eaten deep fried butter.” Brian breaks out into a hearty laugh as you walk a little faster to catch up to Mat, who’s peering around a corner like he’s found something.

Mat shouts out ‘a-hah!’ before quickly shuttijg his mouth and staring at the ground, hoping that he hasn’t drawn any attention. “Oh, it was terrible, but someone told me I couldn’t do it, so of course I did!” You laugh and shake your head along with him when you see Mat tapping his toe in line, trying to avoid all eye contact and social interaction.

Brian walks up and whispers something to Mat before taking his place in line, and then Mat scurries back over to you, looking relieved. “He said he would order- sometimes he’s nice to have around- he’s never afraid to asl anyone for anything.” You nod, completely understanding how useful Brian’s boldness can be to someone with anxiety.

“Well fellas?” Brian walks over with a giant plate with an equally giant funnel cake, enough to feed a whole family. Maybe twice. He’s wearing a giant grin on his face. “Go big or go home, right?”

(You all got though about a third of the funnel cake before you couldn’t take anymore, you even begun pawning it off to any of the other dads you saw while walking. Your stomach sure was full for the day, and you remember Mat going back to ask for a recipe for the Coffee Spoon so he could make funnel cake for special occasions.)

The cool breeze hits you in just the right way as the hay ride stops, and you grin at the sound of everyone smiling and laughing. “So what do you guys think, one more time around on the hay ride?” Almost all of the other dads are grinning back, ready to tell some embarrassing kid stories on their way back around.

-Mod Arin

Domestic Halloween/Fall OTP prompts

- Carving pumpkins together

- Drinking apple cider and cuddling on a chilly night

- Going shopping for spooky decorations

- Going to a Haunted House

- Hay rides at a pumpkin farm

- Raking leaves

- Decorating the house

- Choosing the right pumpkin/s

- Scaring each other

- Picking out matching costumes

- Baking pumpkin pie/bread/etc.

- Getting temporarily lost in the woods

- Playing in the leaves together

- Moonlight stroll

- Playing spooky pranks on people

- Going to a Masquerade 

- Scary movie marathon

- Autumn/Halloween fair games

- Swapping candy

- Being dared to walk through a graveyard at night

🎃 Halloween HCs - Paladins 🎃


• loves dressing up - even as an adult

• has a soft spot for teenage trick or treaters and will gladly give them candy

• loves haunted houses, even though he scares easily

• likes candy corn (Lance roasts him)

• hates those wax candy lips, “why would you ever enjoy having your teeth coated in wax?”

• trick or treated until he was 19

• invites the group (Coran + Allura, too) over to carve pumpkins so he can cook the seeds

• has won like three costume contests

• loves decorating

• decided to dress up as Maui this year

• “Lance, I swear to God, if you sing that damn song one more time-”

• “What can I say except, you’re welcome~”

• “I’m gonna murder you with my hook.”

• (Lance is dressing as Tamatoa)


• didn’t dress up as a kid

• he likes candy corn, and eats it with Hunk

• thinks haunted houses aren’t scary, but goes anyways

• is that person that runs out of candy too early

• or makes sure his lights are off so he doesn’t even have to hand out candy

• only goes to parties because of Pidge and Shiro

• will never admit that he actually enjoys them

• only ever dressed up, like twice total - because of Lance

• “It’s a costume party, Keith.”

• “Yeah, and?”

• ended up going as Wednesday Addams

• he won the costume contest

• spent his childhood Halloweens watching scary movies with Shiro


• costume king

• has literally dressed up every year since he was born

• makes a lot of his own costumes

• has won a total of 13 costume contests

• worked in a haunted house once

• hates candy corn

• treat or treated until he was 19 so he could bring his younger siblings

• group costumes are his favorite

• once wrote a letter of thanks to the old lady that was handing out full sizes candy bars

• throws the coolest Halloween parties

• he and Hunk walk around the children’s hospital every year, handing out candy to sick kids

• this year he’s dressed and Tamatoa and Hunk as Maui

• the kids were in awe

• he sang Shiny

• he got Hunk to sing You’re Welcome and also Where You Are


• always did a costume collaboration with Matt when she was a kid

• still does sometimes

• also hates candy corn

• “It tastes like sadness.”

• has a collection of colored contacts that she uses

• likes haunted houses, even though they don’t scare her

• she still dresses up

• stopped treat or treating when she was 14, but kept going because of Matt

• likes haunted hay rides

• watches the Corpse Bride every Halloween

• rates kids costumes and gives different amounts of candy depending on her ratings


• always dressed up as a Power Ranger when he was a kid

• when he met Keith , he stopped going out on Halloween

• they stayed in and watched scary movies until they passed out

• doesn’t like candy corn

• “Pidge is right, it just tastes so…”

• “Sad?”

• “Yeah.”

• worked at a haunted house with Lance once, he loved it

• doesn’t mind dressing up, but he doesn’t do it often

• let’s Lance pick out his costume for parties

• accidentally won a costume contest

• “Oh, no, this-this isn’t a costume-”

• “Sir, please step up to claim your prize!”

• “Alright then.”

• “Great Bucky Barnes costume, by the way.”

• “That’s just my arm, but okay.”

anonymous asked:

Hc about the Batfam at a haunted house attraction?

  • Bruce takes a million pictures of his kids whether they are posing with a zombie or screaming because something jump scared them. He takes tons of photos and posts the best to Instagram
  • Alfred does the same but also takes pictures of Bruce taking pictures. The only difference is that Alfred doesn’t post them to instagram because he doesn’t get the point of social media
  • Babs wears makeup to the haunted hay ride because she wants to blend in because A) she likes the guests thinking she is part of the attraction and B) it keeps the people who are meant to scare her away so she doesn’t end up as scared
  • Dick loves the haunted house. He loves screaming when someone jumps out at him (even though he expects it) and playing the part of the damsel in distress
  • Cass doesn’t really understand the whole point of haunted houses (real life is way scarier and this is all fake) but she goes along with it for her friends/siblings. She doesn’t pretend to be scared or anything just goes along with it like “yeah you just jumped at me, cool”
  • Jason doesn’t like anything with zombies unless he is also one of the zombies because he feels like they will figure out that he has already died. He knows it is a stupid thought but he still thinks it and hates haunted houses for this reason
  • Stephanie loves haunted houses and being scared. She knows it is fake so she lets herself pretend she is a normal person with normal parents who is afraid of things like a clown going over her head with a chainsaw
  • Tim genuinely tries to engage in conversation with the people at the haunted house despite them having to stay in character. He asks them how their day is going, what is it like being a monster, and other casual small talk. Jason pulls him away due to embarrassment
  • Carrie talks to the actors about their makup techniques and how they get it too look so realistic
  • Duke tries to immerse himself in the haunted house but it doesn’t work and he is aware that his siblings are causing chaos
  • Damian questions everything and makes fun of what “normal” people consider scary  
My October Bucket List!

Here is everything I want to complete in October! Feel free to pick things off and join!
• Go apple picking 🍎
• Carve / decorate pumpkins
• Roast pumpkin seeds
• Get a pumpkin spice tea ☕️
• Go to the Rocky Horror show live musical 👄
• Visit a haunted house
• Go in a haunted corn maze 🌽
• Do a haunted hay ride
• Decorate inside the house
• Decorate outside the house ☠️
• Go to Canada’s Halloween Haunt
• Go to Bingeman’s Scream Park
• Have a spooky bonfire with friends 🔥
• Create a 31 day photo challenge for instagram
• Throw a Halloween party 🎈
• Go to my local autumn fair
• Go thrifting for Halloween items
• Buy Halloween candles / bath products
• Bake an apple & pumpkin pie 🎃
• Visit my local Pumpkinfest
• Get a Halloween tattoo 💉
• Do a Haunted Hamilton event
• Go to Spirit Halloween 👻
• Create spooky nails
• Make creepy cute deserts and baked goodies
• Celebrate Samhain 🕷
• Go to a Halloween vendor show
• Go on a nature walk / explore the woods 🍂
• Collect leaves, acorns, sticks ect
• Visit a cemetery at dusk
• Go to a pumpkin patch
• Make caramel apples
• Explore abandon houses
• Do a ghost tour
• Do SFX / body painting horror makeup 💋
• Dress up in a costume for Halloween
• Read Edgar Allan Poe
• Do divination and spells 🔮
• Appreciate the full moon
• Create October’s full moon water 🌕
• Have a dead dinner / dumb supper
• Have a Samhain altar ✨
• Go to a White Flame class
• Set up my Halloween Tree 🌲
• Make candy apples
• Watch season premier of Hellevator (Friday, October 7th)
• See new horror movies in theatres (Ouija: Origins of Evil, Rings)
• Watch at least 10 classic horror / halloween movies 🔪

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The chocobros and their favorite holidays

Noctis: Halloween- but not for the reason you think. Yeah, he loves going to apple orchards and haunted hay rides, but he loves Halloween because he can dress up as whatever he wants and no one will know it’s him. Every year he picks a costume that he can use a mask or face paint with and goes out to do whatever he wants. Even if it’s just going to see a horror film with the rest of the bros at their local theater, he can relax knowing people don’t know they’re sitting right next to the prince of Lucis.

Prompto:Christmas- this is kind’ve a given but can you blame him? The lights, the smells, the food, the aesthetic of it all. Not only does it make for great photo opportunities but he loves spoiling his friends with gifts, and this holiday is the perfect excuse to do so. He is exactly like buddy the elf; loves the snow, loves to sing Christmas songs, loves to bake cookies. If it gets him in the Christmas spirit he’s game.

Ignis:New Years- he’s already really appreciated the idea of a “fresh new start”. His New Years resolution every year is to expand his knowledge of cooking and has stuck to it every year. He also insists on preparing most of the food for the evening so it’s the perfect excuse to spend his time cooking and trying some new recipes. It also makes him feel very sentimental when all of his close friends are in one room but he’d never say anything.

Gladiolus:Doesn’t actually have one- he appreciates every major holiday for what they are, but he really enjoys the holidays the know one really even knows about. National strawberry ice cream day? National wear your shirt inside out day? Talk in third person day? He’s all over them. He loves any excuse to do something just for the hell of it and if google says it’s a holiday then it’s a holiday to him.


When I look into your eyes, I see a future of haunted hay rides and walks on the beach and all-night movie fests and music-blaring jam sessions in the car and going to crazy parties and visiting the city. I see fun and youth and adventure and life.

But when you look back at me, you see just another pair of brown eyes.

Corn maze

Originally posted by nohumanbondthatcompares

Isabelle x reader

a/n: Reader is a shadowhunter who used to be a mundane like Clary

“What do you mean you’ve never celebrated Halloween?” you asked Isabelle astonished.

“We’re shadowhunters Y/N, we don’t exactly have time to celebrate a mundane holiday,” she laughed. 

“But it’s one of the best holidays, scary movies, candy, dressing up.”

“Are the demons we fight everyday not scary enough for you?” she joked.

“No those are plenty scary but what about haunted houses, corn mazes, hay rides? You’ve seriously never been even a little intrigued by them?”

“Okay, maybe they look a little fun, I guess I’ve just never had anyone to go with,” she told you suggestively.

“Well, Ms. Lightwood, now you do have someone to take you and I think they’d be very happy to go,” you said playfully.

Later that night you took Isabelle to the biggest Halloween haunted village in Brooklyn.

You put your arm around her waist as you sat in the hay ride carriage taking you to the start of the maze, enjoying the cool night breeze.

You helped her step down from carriage and she was taken back by the eccentric décor, jack o’ lanterns lined up on hay bales, employees dressed as zombies selling drinks and treats, fog machines setting the ambiance.

“What’s the matter, you scared? Don’t worry I’ll protect you,” you teased.

“Not even, I just didn’t expect people to be so into it.”

“You haven’t even seen the half of it,” you said taking her hand and leading her into the maze.

Isabelle wasn’t really impressed by any of the gory attractions hidden beyond every corner of the maze but what did take her by surprise was the demon that popped out and screamed at her.

By instinct she swung her fist, hitting the demon right in the face.

“Isabelle no,” you said holding her back from hitting them again.

“What the hell lady,” you heard from the demon before he removed his mask.

“It’s a mask?” Isabelle gasped.

“Of course it’s a mask,” the guy spat out, rubbing his nose.

“Sorry about that… it’s her first time at a place like this,” you apologized to the guy before dragging Isabelle to continue on.

Fortunately for the people working there Isabelle didn’t hit anyone else by the time you reached the end.

“I can’t believe you punched that guy,” you said not being able to contain your laughter any longer, “I think you broke his nose.”

“He looked like a demon Y/N, he’s lucky I didn’t break anything else, why didn’t you tell me people dressed up like that.”

“Because that’s the whole point of the maze, to get scared,” you told her but she was still annoyed, “I’m sorry Izzy, maybe coming here wasn’t a good idea.”

“No, no, I should be the one who’s sorry, you just wanted to have fun tonight and I ruined it,” she sighed.

“Izzy you didn’t ruin anything, I’m having fun tonight because I’m here with you, and there’s still plenty for us to do, they have a carousel and some carnival games. Plus a haunted house and they give you candy at the end although if you punch them you might not get the candy,” you chuckled. 

Isabelle leaned in, quickly kissing you, “Why don’t we check out the carousel first and then go to the haunted house, I promise not to punch anyone this time.” 

“Sounds good to me,” you smiled. 

Title: Haunted Prank(Reader x Avengers)
Summary: The Avengers head to a haunted house that leaves the reader filled with inspiration for a Ghostface prank.
Word Count: 1472

A/N: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Happy last day of Oct and happy last Spooky imagine! Stay safe tonight and have fun!

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abbessolute  asked:

Hey are still doing the Halloween prompts? If you are could you do haunted hay rides with Sam? That just sounds like a Sam activity. Thank you.

“Remind me why we’re here again.” Sam mumbled, leaning down and whispering against your hair. 

“Shhh.” You shot him a glare from the corner of your eye. He rolled his eyes and sighed. “It’s for her.” You nodded downward in the direction of your eleven-year-old daughter. 

“Mom! We’re almost there!” She bounced on the balls of her feet. It was the first time she’d expressed any interest in anything, really. Anything other than drowning you and your husband out with headphones in her ears and a book in her hands. 

“Yeah, we are, aren’t we?” You smiled. “You scared?” You readjusted your beanie on your head and winked at her. 

“No way!” She grinned and Sam chuckled behind you. “This stuff doesn’t scare me, Mom. Not after-” She stopped herself, her lips pressing into a flat line as her eyes widened.

“Not after what, Jessica?” Your tone changed from playful to stern as you realized she was hiding something from you. 

“Nothing!” She shook her head adamantly. 

“Jessie.” Sam warned. 

“I - I found some books…” She shuffled her feet. 

What books?” You glanced at Sam, afraid of what your daughter may have found. 

“They’re really old. I was going through a box in the basement. I think I found Uncle Dean’s name in one of them, with some numbers.” Jessie whispered toward the ground.

“Dad’s journal…” Sam sighed, his regret-filled eyes meeting yours. “Jessie, we’ll talk when we get home, okay? Let’s just - just enjoy this for now.” 

“Sorry…” Jessica murmured. 

“It’s alright, sweetheart. Just, next time we ask you to stay out of a room, try to listen to us, yeah?” You put your hand on her shoulder and pulled her in front of you and Sam. She nodded and gave you a small smile. “Atta girl.” 

“But, I do want to know more about Grandpa John.” 

You felt Sam tense beside you. He’d never talked about his father with you or your daughter. He’d been avoiding it, dreading the day Jessica found out anything about him, but it was finally here. He lost himself in his thoughts, ignoring you and your daughter as the two of you bantered about what she was expecting from the hayride. 

“Sir, your ticket?” The bundled woman held out her gloved hand expectantly. 

“Huh? Oh - yeah. Sorry.” Sam stuffed his hand in his pocket and pulled out the paper stub. “Thanks.” The three of you piled onto the wooden bench and Jessica shuffled her feet against the hay excitedly. As the tractor sputtered and began slowly making its way into the trees, Sam picked mindlessly at his fingernails, mind racing with thoughts of how in the world he was going to explain his former life to the little girl who made him give it up for good.

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anonymous asked:

my sister doesn't think anything scares rick like even before the za he was just dead inside lmao. he has to have a kryptonite. and say negan and rick go to a haunted hay ride or maze for halloween, who is the jumpy scared one?

I’m cracking up thinking about Negan trying to find Rick’s kryptonite. Watching horror movies and staring at him the whole time trying to gauge if it’s freaking him out at all and Rick just popping popcorn in his mouth and happily munching away without a care in the world.

The go on a haunted hayride, and Rick, with his trained cop’s eye, is able to spot the things that jump out at them before they spring. I can picture him just taking it in stride with a completely neutral face while Negan’s the one who falls for the jump scares. I can’t see him cowering in fear or getting jumpy though, I picture him yelling and then laughing really loudly because he’s having a hell of a time.

Eventually Negan’s efforts to scare Rick die down a little bit and that, of course, if when he gets his answer. They take Judith to the aquarium and are walking through all the displays and Rick…refuses to go in one of the rooms. Negan gives him a weird look and he and Judith go in without him…and it’s the jellyfish room. When they come back out Negan goes “what the hell rick you got a problem with jellyfish?”

And Rick just looks haunted and says “where are their eyes, negan? How do they see? They can’t see, but they know where you are.” As it turns out, Rick was stung by a jellyfish as a kid and has been terrified of them ever since. And so Negan has found his kryptonite.