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Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Happy Halloween! I somehow got inspiration yesterday to do something special for Halloween and here is what I came up with: Disney’s Haunted Mansion!

I’ve only ever been to Disneyland Paris so I don’t have any experience with the American Disneyland so I had to use a lot of reference pictures and basically do a lot of: “I guess this will have to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯“. But still, even if it looks nothing like the Haunted Mansion it still looks pretty, haha!

Download at SFS.

My thanks to all CC creators whose work I’ve used, and my apologies to Crisps&Kerosene for butchering their beautiful fences :’)

Boston Bruins memes
  • “Patrice Bergeron is the most perfect human being, like today he [thing that normal people do all the time].”
  • Acting like Brandon Carlo is very short. Offer to get things off of high shelves for him. 
  • Saying your practicing the shootout when you’re doing literally anything else. 
  • “What Happened to [traded player]?” “Oh Chara ate him when his time came, soon our time will come too.”
  • The TD Garden is haunted by Mike Milbury’s shoe. Any weird noise someone looks alarmed and said “the shoe’s here.” bonus points if it’s around an away player unaware of the meme.
  • Every time something inconvenient happens they say “thanks, kessel,” a la the “thanks, Obama” meme.
  • Their “pranks” are purposefully super lame, think the “you asked for two ice cubes but i only gave you one” line from spongebob. Act like it was an amazing prank and the prankee just got owned.
  • Call montreal canadiens players their boyfriends. 
  • “Backes look at this cute picture of your son” [shows backes a picture of a dog/cat].
  • The Torey Krug/Brad Marchand height war. Everybody has to pick a side.
  • “My best friend, sidney crosby…” 

My scan of a photo from “A Golden Dolly: The Art, Mystery and History of Corn Dollies,” by M. Lambeth. London: John Baker Ltd., 1969. Reprinted 1971 and 1973.

“These Stack ornaments are not plaited as are the corn dollies used in the Harvest Festival and farmhouse kitchens, but are made by folding the straw and tying it with binder twine, or even strong grass or reed. … The stack thatcher had many of these ornaments which he would use to trim the top of any stack he thatched. To-day he will tell you they are to ‘finish off’ the top points, or finials, but at the time when people feared the evil influence of witches, the objects arranged on the ridge of the stack were put there with a purpose.” [pp. 91-92].

[My paraphrase:] It was hoped that religious ornaments would repel flying witches who might land on the stack; another belief was that witches might be kept too busy entertaining themselves with these “toys” to cast harmful spells on the grain.

The asphodel is a native of Sicily, and its roots were once enjoyed as food. But it was also strongly associated in ancient times with funerals, death, and the afterlife. It was planted around tombs to provide sustenance to beloved spirits. Inscriptions found on old Sicilian tombs included “I am nourished by the asphodel” and “Without, I am surrounded with mallows and asphodel, and within I am nought but a corpse.” Homer, in The Odyssey, described fields of asphodel that lay beyond the river Styx, bordering the paradise of Elysium.


Inktober/Drawlloween Batch 1

I’m having a lot of fun with this challenge, especially since it’s my first time participating. Check out my twitter to see them each day before I post them on tumblr in another big batch.

Batch 2

Batch 3

Batch 4

mirkstrolls  asked:

Vide for the plotty thing!

Vatrra: We have that camping/roadtrip plot we still need to do, but there could ALSO be a plot where Vatrra gives Vide advice on running her own business? Vide wants to go eat something or buy something and she wants Vatrra to go with her? Vatrra invites Vide over to try and better their friendship?

Warron: Vide and Warron could haunt the same gardening forums and possibly have each other added on trollian for good OR bad reasons. If it’s gardening then probs good, but Vide could scold Warron for pretending to be a fortune teller and they could send each other snippets of their most-used botany books. They could arrange to finally meet up in person or accidentally meet in person and hit it off? 

Sorrja: Could reach out to Vide in an attempt to know her bc she’s Pertha’s moirail, and try her best to not be distant or unsettled by Vide being a jadeblood. Sorrja could also be in need of medical help and remembers hearing that Vide can do that!