haunted earth

title: five stages of grief

summary: Six years is a lot of time to grieve the loss of the girl who has your heart.

one) denial

When Bellamy wakes up the day After, he doesn’t cry, even though he feels the sadness resting at the hollow of his throat and stinging at his eyes. In his chest, his heart is breaking, and there’s a deep, near-bottomless emptiness, but there’s also hope. The kind that cuts, makes it hard to breathe. She could be out there, he thinks. She could be alive; he hopes, and it is torture. Because she isn’t. He has to accept that. Besides, he thinks bitterly, he has all the time in the world.

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Space Ghosts

I just LOVE the space ausrtalia, humans are weird/space orcs posts! But i am sadly disappointed by the lack of anything related to the super natural! Like, HOW DID YA’LL MISS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR ALIENS TO MAKE DEALS WITH THE DEVIL, ONLY FOR IT TO BACK FIRE??? Or maybe, they attempt to invade earth, and they start going to the most haunted places on earth! Or even better!

The aliens wipe out the entire human race, and slowly, things on earth seem to change. Nights become eerier, faint whispers can be heard, and out the corner of your eye, you could swear you saw a human. It becomes even worse when people start to disappear without a trace. Some die in the most mysterious circumstances. They quickly toss aside any discussion that it may be human superstition. But oh, how wrong they were.


This is for the lost, downtrodden, and rejects, and anybody looking for a purpose.

I’ll fall asleep with my eyes open just to see if I could focus on something more than my loneliness.

We know what it’s like to be put down so “fuck you” to the world and stand your ground.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets fucked up. This will end in tears, I could never be enough for you.

Sometimes things will bend you, but trust me you’ll be fine. I’ve been moving mountains that I once had to climb, and life’s not out to get you despite the things you’ve been through.

Is it too late to say that I’m sorry for the things I do? I’m missing you like shit today.

I gave her my heart, she didn’t want it. She took it anyway and put a dark spell on it.

I’ll grow up someday, but for now I’m fine. I just wish that you were near me.

I miss your face, you’re in my head. There’s so many things that I should’ve said.

There will come a time when you will face your life, don’t let it twist and tear you up inside.

I hope this comes back to haunt you. Then maybe you would know just how it felt to be like me at my lowest.

I don’t have much to offer, but had you loved me, I’d have loved you back forever.

—  Favorite lyrics off of “Life’s Not Out To Get You” by Neck Deep.

A Guide To Paranormal, Aliens, Cryptozoology, &    Everything Strange Shows/ TV!: Documentary Edition! ===================================

  • Ghost Adventures
  • Paranormal State
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Destination Truth
  • Paranormal Witness
  • Haunted collector
  • Ghost Hunters International
  • Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files
  • The Haunted
  • The Dead Files
  • My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera    
  • A Haunting
  • Scariest Places on Earth
  • Ghost Mine
  • Haunted Highway
  • Ghostly Encounters   
  • The Unexplained
  • Most Terrifying Places in America   
  • Ghost Lab
  • Weird Travels
  • Creepy Canada
  • The Haunting of…
  • Celebrity Ghost Stories
  • monster quest
  • Ancient Aliens
  • Haunted Lives: True Ghost Stories
  • Most Haunted
  • Paranormal Cops
  • Haunting Evidence
  • Psychic Kids
  • Ghost Asylum


In No Specific Order!

*Please Note that This is just “Documentary & Non-fiction” Category Shows. NOT Fiction! Thank you and if I missed one you enjoy please message or comment and I would be happy to add!* -Stay Spooky!

The Ghost in Apartment 1403 pt4

Reader x Namjoon

Genre: Angst, supernatural, fluff, humor

Warnings: Mentions of death, dark themes, generally kind of sad at times.

Short summary;

Namjoon was a (relatively speaking) normal music producer moving up in the world–until he became a ghost. With no memory of what happened, and no idea what he’s doing still on earth, he haunts his old apartment–consequently bothering its new inhabitant (who also happens to be the only person who can see or hear him).

Part 1, 2, 3

“Stop changing the channel.” Namjoon snapped. It had been a week and you still weren’t entirely used to living with a ghost. He looked normal (you just couldn’t touch him, and no one else could see him), but there was something about his presence that was different than other people–it was like part of you didn’t really think he was there. 

“Nope.” You said, clicking the remote again. You could never agree on what to watch, which was a constant cause of arguments so far. “You can watch whatever you want while I’m at work. But when I’m here, we watch what I want to.” 

Namjoon narrowed his eyes at you, and you knew the second you left the room he was going to switch it back to “Fast and Furious.” The fact that Namjoon could move objects as long as no one was watching was one of the things that had finally convinced you that he really was a ghost. 

A few days before, you had ignored him all day, only to walk into your bathroom to find the words ‘QUIT IGNORING ME” written in red on the mirror, your favorite lipstick ruined as a result. You had then given him a long talk about not touching other peoples stuff without asking, and informed him that lipstick was expensive.

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Hiraeth | Pt.2

pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4 | pt.5 | pt.6 | pt.7 | pt.8 | pt.9 |

[!] Contains mature and graphic content, mentions of blood + death. 

Words: 7,694.

Genre: Zombie apocalypse au, angst.

Summary: A world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home.

A/N: Inspired by The Last of Us. 

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There’s a small island half a mile off the coast of Venice that’s completely abandoned and is reportedly “the most haunted island on Earth” because 1.) it was used as quarantine site during the bubonic plague, with over 100,000 people having supposedly died there, many of whose remains are still visible in open mass graves, and 2.) an asylum operated there for many decades after. It’s forbidden to visit without special permission by the local government, but apparently that’s not strongly enforced and you can still reach it. 

Which raises the question

Should I?

The Ghost in Apartment 1403 pt5

Reader x Namjoon

Genre: Angst, supernatural, fluff, humor

Warnings: Mentions of death, dark themes, generally kind of sad at times.

Short summary;

Namjoon was a (relatively speaking) normal music producer moving up in the world–until he became a ghost. With no memory of what happened, and no idea what he’s doing still on earth, he haunts his old apartment–consequently bothering its new inhabitant (who also happens to be the only person who can see or hear him).

Part 1, 2 , 3, 4

A fight had broken out when you arrived at the club, and Seokjin caught your arm before you ventured further into the dim building. 

“This is a bad idea.” He said, and you nodded in agreement.

“I don’t think I have a choice, to be honest.” You sighed, freeing your arm and continuing to follow Namjoon.

“You don’t.” Namjoon confirmed. “He was over here… Shit.” Namjoon stopped abruptly, and you barely had time to stop before walking into him. You leaned around Namjoon to see what he was looking at and saw the fight that security guard was trying to stop. A young man was being pulled off another, but his eyes burned with a fury that you knew wouldn’t pass easily. The man he had been fighting with had slumped to the floor, blood poring from his nose. 

“That’s Jeon Jungkook. I don’t know where Yoongi and Taehyung went, but someone needs to do something.” Namjoon said, urgency in his voice. 

Your eyes widened. “The one on the floor?” You said. “He needs a doctor, not me–”

“The other one.” Namjoon pointed to the angry man and you turned to him incredulously. 

“You’re trying to get me killed.” You accused. “You want me dead, too.” 

Namjoon looked offended by this, but Seokjin caught up with you before Namjoon had a chance to complain.

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Various Varieties of Vegans, Pt. 2
  • minimalist vegan: probably makes youtube videos and lives out a backpack. what we should all aspire to be.
  • traveling vegan: most likely sticks to the equator and lives off of fresh fruit. alternatively, east asia is an excellent choice for vegan cuisine.
  • unstable vegan: can barely take care of theirself so compensates by being compassionate to literally everyone and everything.
  • depressed vegan: life is sad so i'm going to cry into this bowl of nice cream...
  • sad vegan: there's nothing to eat here...
  • freegan: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • healthy vegan: veganism cured my depression and made my skin glow and might as well have already cured world hunger <3
  • punk vegan: manic panic hair dye. faux leather. fresh fruits and vegetables. anarchy.
  • small town vegan: food? lol. friends? lol. you can find them in a field stroking a cat and chewing on grass with the nearby grazing cattle.
  • city vegan: food? three vegan cafes within five blocks. friends? there's a vegan meet up this weekend! you can find them in the park feeding the pigeons with a flock of other vegans.
  • synthetic vegan: only wears polyester and only eats texturized soy protein.
  • romantic vegan: is determined to convert their partner to veganism, and will never give up.
  • gay vegan: the only animal they eat is pussy. either that, or their favorite fruit is banana.
  • jaded vegan: yeah no one's ever changing and i can never find a vegan partner sooooo...
  • apologetic vegan: meat is murder! jk pls don't hurt me im a pacifist >_<
  • rampant vegan: MEAT IS MURDER! CONFESS YOUR CRIMES AND APOLOGIZE TO THIS GROUND BEEF. (also known as the vegan meat eaters expect us to be)
  • communist vegan: a spectre is haunting earth--the spectre of veganism. the powers of this planet have aligned in a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: the meat industry, the consumer, and the FDA...
The Ghost in Apartment 1403 pt6

Reader x Namjoon

Genre: Angst, supernatural, fluff, humor

Warnings: Mentions of death, dark themes, generally kind of sad at times.

Short summary;

Namjoon was a (relatively speaking) normal music producer moving up in the world–until he became a ghost. With no memory of what happened, and no idea what he’s doing still on earth, he haunts his old apartment–consequently bothering its new inhabitant (who also happens to be the only person who can see or hear him).

Part 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5

Namjoon watched the scene unfold almost as though it were a movie—there wasn’t much else he could do. It was maddening, the whole point of dragging you here was so someone would check on Jungkook, make sure he was okay, and that he made it home in one piece. That was all he wanted, but now he felt as though he had made the situation worse.

Maybe if he had left it alone Yoongi would be sitting with Jungkook now, instead of interrogating you. On top of that, once Jungkook found out you were lying he would just feel more betrayed and alone than he did before. Namjoon hadn’t planned for Yoongi to show up, and he certainly hadn’t planned on Yoongi knowing who you really were.

“How do you know who Jungkook is?” Yoongi asked when you stayed silent for too long.

“I—Yoongi, I wish I could explain, but I can’t. I just…” You glanced at Namjoon for a fraction of a second, worry in your eyes. “I need you to trust me that I’m not here to hurt Jungkook. I really just wanted to help him.”

 Yoongi narrowed his eyes at you and folded his arms. “That isn’t an answer.”

“I—“ You cut yourself off, looking at Namjoon again. “This is going to sound crazy, but just bear with me…” Suddenly Namjoon knew what you were about to do, and he knew it wasn’t a good idea.

“Don’t do it, he won’t understand.” Namjoon tried, stepping in front of you in an attempt to make you listen.

“I know who Jungkook is because Namjoon told me, and he asked me to come here tonight. Don’t ask me how, I—I can’t explain that part.”

“Now you’ve done it.” Namjoon grumbled, floating a few feet away from the two of you. He watched as Yoongi took a step closer to you, and you took a step back.

“I don’t know if you’ve lost it, or if you just think I’m that stupid.” Yoongi growled.

“Namjoon, tell me something only you’d know.” You muttered, and Namjoon saw no point in refusing.

“He stole a pair of shoes in eleventh grade because he wore a hole in his old ones and didn’t want to ask his parents for money.” Namjoon said quickly. He had sworn not to speak a word of it to anyone as long as he lived, but he was dead now so he didn’t think the promise applied anymore.  

“Do you think this is funny? Cut the crap.” Yoongi warned.

“Why didn’t you just ask for a new pair of shoes, surely your parents wouldn’t want you to steal—“ You still weren’t used to the fact that you were the only one who could see and hear Namjoon, and while your plan was to just repeat whatever he said, you had failed to stick to it. The idea of Min Yoongi—the cute kid who always shared his lunch, who would never dream of cheating on a test, and caught spiders to put them outside rather than step on them—doing something even remotely illegal was jarring. You guessed a lot could change in the years that you hadn’t seen him.

“I don’t know how you know about that or what sick game you’re playing, but—“

“I’m not playing a game!” You pleaded. Why couldn’t he just believe you? Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Seokjin leave the club and make his way over to you.

“There you are!” He said. “I was getting worried. Who’s this?” He glanced at Yoongi who took a step away from you. You ignored Seokjin for the time being, and Namjoon put his head in his hands.

“We should just leave. I’m sorry I made you come here.” He said. You weren’t sure why you cared so much, but in the brief time you spoke to Jungkook you could tell that he was having a hard time, and though Yoongi was dealing with it in a different way, he didn’t seem much better off. You couldn’t help but to feel that if they just talked to Namjoon and knew that he was fine, they might be able to move on.

“Yoongi, I can explain everything if you’ll just listen.”

Yoongi took a deep breath before speaking again. “Look. Because we used to know each other, I’m not going to call the police. But if I ever see you near Jungkook again, I won’t hesitate.” With that he walked away, getting Jungkooks attention so the younger would follow him back into the club.

“Did it work?” Soekjin asked, and at your deep sigh he patted your back. “You tried. At least that means the ghost won’t destroy your apartment, right?”

You chose not to answer, walking away from both Seokjin and Namjoon down the street. You were tired and wanted nothing more than to sleep for a week—even if that was impossible.

“I’m sorry.” Namjoon called after you, following from a safe distance. Seokjin wasn’t far behind him, probably knowing better than to bother you right now.

You said your good-byes to Seokjin outside your apartment building, ignoring Namjoon the whole way up the elevator. You knew that your anger wasn’t entirely at Namjoon so much as the situation, but that didn’t change your irritation with him.

“What do you care if Jungkook is alright anyway?” Namjoon snapped, thoroughly annoyed at you ignoring him for so long. “You had never even met him before tonight.”

“I agreed to help you.” You replied, turning around to face Namjoon at last. “Not to be labeled as crazy by an old classmate, or have him threaten to call the cops on me.”

“What else was I supposed to do?” Namjoon retorted. “I couldn’t just leave Jungkook, and I had no idea where Yoongi went or if he was coming back. And anyway, it was your stupid plan to tell him the truth that backfired, not mine.”

“I know.” You sighed, sitting down on your couch. “I didn’t know what else to do though. I wanted to help. I mean, at first I didn’t care, but…” You knew that you probably shouldn’t care now, but that didn’t change anything.

“It’s my fault.” Namjoon ran a hand through his hair, taking a seat beside you. “I’ve seen enough movies to know better than to interfere with the living. It never ends well.”

“That’s true.” You said thoughtfully. Your anger had ebbed tremendously, mostly having been replaced by embarrassment. You picked up the remote and clicked on the TV, flipping idly through channels. After a few minutes, you spoke again. “Did being around them jog your memory as to how you died?”

“Nope.” Namjoon had pulled his legs up onto the couch, and you were careful not to stretch too far and put a foot through him. “They did mention getting hit by a car, though.”

“Hm.” You hummed, continuing to change the channel. Channel surfing irritated Namjoon to no end most of the time, but he didn’t seem to have any qualms tonight. “Did they give you any ideas about what unfinished business you might have here?”

Namjoon thought for a moment before answering. “Not really. Unless it’s to make sure that they’re all okay, which I’m not doing a very good job at if that’s the case.” 

“You mean like a guardian angel?” You asked, pausing long enough to look at Namjoon. He shrugged.

“No clue, but it’s the only thing I can think of at the moment.” He turned his focus back to the television. “Regardless, thank you for tonight. Really. If I wasn’t already dead, I might have died of worry about Jungkook.” You couldn’t help but to laugh with him, and for just a fraction of a second, you thought you saw Namjoon flicker.

You shook your head and blinked several times, but then it happened again. 

“…Namjoon?” You asked slowly. 

“Yeah?” He turned to look at you, his eyes still lit up with amusement at his own joke. 

“Nothing.” You returned his smile. Your eyes must be just playing tricks on you.

A/N I know, another short update, but at least it’s a little quicker than the last one! Thanks for reading, and I know I keep saying this, but thank you so much for your patience! I know it can get really frustrating to wait for updates, but you’re all so kind and understanding!! And as always, let me know what you think! Are Readers eyes really playing tricks on them? Do you think Namjoons flickering means something? Talk to you all soon <3 <3 <3

holy-dog  asked:

Ecohorror sounds super cool, can you recomend some?

Sure thing!

Ecohorror/ ecogothic are what I’d call sub-genres, that is, that while there are a lot of works that deal with the themes involved (horror and gothic fiction that utilises elements of the natural world as part of the antagonistic force and/ or which expresses the abject or grotesque through nature) these texts are generally sorted by the more general genres that they inhabit.

So, most ecohorror or ecogothic texts fall into the horror, gothic, suspense, action, etc genres, rather than being classified and marketed as ecohorror or ecogothic. All of these fall under the super-genre of Speculative Fiction. (Though I think there could definitely be an argument made that there could be nonfiction ecohorror.)

This ask, I’m pretty sure, comes from reading that I’m writing a proposal for a conference focused on ecohorror/ ecogothic. I’ll start off with a little bit about the text I’ll be talking about and why I chose it.

So, all going to plan, I’ll be giving a paper about the film Crimson Peak (2015), and the relationship in that film between the supernatural/ hauntings and the earth on which the hauntings take place. 

There are several markers in the film that I believe characterise it as ecogothic, most notably, the physical resemblance between the ghosts and the dominant mode of exploitation of the land in their respective settings. In the New World, the ghost is black and smokey and reminiscent of the coal powered industry. At Crimson Peak, the ghosts are bloody red like the iron-rich soil, and many of them have become ghosts (died/ been killed) due to the need of the wealthy elite to extract that mineral worth from the soil.

My paper would focus on the connection between the land and the ghosts, between land ownership and class, and between exploitation of the land and exploitation of the body.

Now, that said, I’ll give a few other texts that I think satisfy the indistinct category of ecohorror/ ecogothic:

  • Severed (2005); (Severed: Forest of the Dead in the US)
  • Princess Mononoke (1997)
  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984)
  • San Andreas (2015)
  • The Children of Men by P.D. James (I include this because a central part of the horror in the novel is about people losing connection to a ‘basic’ natural part of existence, the horror is that humanity has lost a vital part of nature)
  • Van Diemen’s Land (2009) (the obvious horror story is about the cannibalism, but the other element of the film is the Tasmanian wilderness, and of people who’ve been forcibly removed from their own land and pushed into an alien landscape)
  • The Alien franchise fits into this, with the horror take on biology/ reproduction, and the robots that are indistinguishable from humanity until they’re destroyed
  • The Mad Max franchise also fits very well, thematically Fury Road talks about it most explicitly, but Road Warrior has similar concerns about resources (different groups fighting over oil) and Beyond Thunderdome has the first iteration of the Green Place/ exploited township dynamic. It also has a whole sub plot about renewable energy sources
  • The Road by Cormac McCarthy and the 2009 film of the same name
  • Chernobyl Diaries (2012)
  • The Happening (2008)
  • Fern Gully (1992)

One example of nonfiction that I think is, perhaps not ecohorror technically, but is a fantastic example of something unsettling with nature ‘going wrong’ is this article about the dead trees at Chernobyl [LINK]

There are obviously a lot more than that, but there’s a good starting off point, I think. The ecogothic and ecohorror are possibly trending as anxiety about the environment and the impact that people are having on the world come into focus as major sites of crisis in the popular consciousness.

“What should we do when we get out of here? I wanna do something fun with you. Like, you know– a proper couple would…”
“When you wake up we’ll do anything you want, I promise.”
Anything? Well that’s a dangerous offer, I’m pretty creative and awful needy.”
“I’m well aware, and I’m quite positive I’ll enjoy whatever you come up with.”
“Alright then, looking forward to it. Hey…Harry. You promise you’ll be here when I wake up, right?”
“I promise, dear boy, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be right here, the whole time.”
“Right, good. I uhm…I love you.”
“I love you too.”

     Eggsy was barely more than a toddler when the fungus made itself known with stinging ferocity. He knows he had a mother and a father…but can recall nothing about them, not anymore. Perhaps his mother had been…blonde? Perhaps not. Details like that don’t matter anymore, not according to the military-run program that took in orphans like him and molded them into something with sharper edges and less fear. He knows he owes them his life, they fed him when no one else would throw him a second glance. Yet he’s not able to shake the feeling that there is MORE to this horrible world than they allow him to see, and it is that same sense of wanting that drives him to complete each and every single day.
     It is that very same yearning for more that sends him outside of the academy grounds and into the mostly-abandoned city at the behest of his best friend. It is that very same yearning for more that leaves them both bitten and awaiting the inevitable: turning–turning into one of the very same monsters that haunt the Earth by day and by night. When the dust settles, it is his friend who succumbs to the disease while Eggsy discovers his immunity.
     Harry lost everything in the fall. He lost his friends, his family, and anyone he ever loved. There are times in the twenty years after the outbreak that he wishes he was a weaker man, capable of letting go of life and allowing himself to die. Perhaps he would know peace then, because what he knows of this new world disgusts him. Harry is not a weak man, however, and he does not die nor does he know peace. It is his strength that eventually leads him to the young man who supposedly can save the world from the fungus that has dominated them all.
     The task seems simple enough: guide and deliver Gary Unwin to the resistance’s laboratory on the other side of the country, help save the world. But as he begins to unravel the layers Eggsy has built around himself, the closer he feels to him. It’s almost shameful how often the younger man can startle a laugh out of him. Much to Harry’s chagrin, he finds himself…wanting MORE. More of Eggsy’s smile, more of his attention, just…so much more.
     After an ambush leaves Harry weak and clinging to life, Eggsy is tasked with taking over and caring for him. The sepsis is a bitch, but Harry’s strength once more keeps him alive. This time, while watching the younger man as he wipes sweat from his forehead, Harry finds himself glad that he is not weaker. This time Harry has found the purpose he’s been lacking for so long. They grow fonder of one another during this period, hesitantly but surely becoming lovers.
     Despite how serious it seemed in the beginning, Harry makes a full recovery and they continue on their way to the laboratory with more fervor in their attitude. After all, they’ve both started contemplating all the things the two of them can do together in a future that has begun to heal. Neither of them know that the only way the resistance scientists can create a vaccine is if they remove Eggsy’s brain and spinal cord, a procedure he will not survive. He’s blissfully unaware as they put him under, as is Harry.
     But when it is explained to him, Harry has to decide: will he save the man he is in love with and forego the dream of a fungus-free future…or will he allow him to be sacrificed so that everyone else might benefit?