haunted by nerds

{{Okay, so residual haunting was a canonical thing in the old Star Wars EU, right? What with the echo of Anakin’s massacre of that Ghorfa tribe still remaining on Tatooine in Tatooine Ghost. Makes me think, what if there’s a similar residual haunting in the ruins of the Jedi temple on Coruscant, repeatedly replaying the massacre that had happened inside during the events of Order 66?}}

I’ve been watching a lot of Haunted Mansion, Phantom Manor, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Videos lately since I’m on a bit of a Disney Parks kick as of late and I had no idea Big Thunder Mountain had such a fun story! Especially in the Disneyland Paris Version of the ride. Kind of makes me wish Big Thunder and Phantom Manor had some sort of movie…





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This weekend marks the 46th anniversary of The Haunted Mansion’s opening at Disneyland!

We’re celebrating with this delicious recipe for some spooooky Haunted Mansion cookies! Get the full recipe here on Nerdist.com.


haunted house meme x bh6

my hand definitely did not slip

Why spend eight hours in a car with a guy who was over the moon for someone else? A guy who bought her candy, smelled good, and made her laugh. Whose voice lulled her at night when she couldn’t sleep. Whose sexy body and charming smile haunted her dreams.
—  Leia Shaw, Boy Meets Nerd

Excuse the crappy drawing I am not feeling that great :P 

AU where Bill is totally incompetent and is one of 5 demons sent from the nightmare realm to conquer Pekopon Earth. Grunkle Stan lets him stick around because he seems to attract all kinds of paranormal stuff which is great for business! He even gets his own room that may be haunted by a certain nerd. But he’d rather watch cartoons all day. 

So yeah Keroro Gunsou/Sgt frog AU lol

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A birthday is a birthday is a birthday is a birthday. And today is Gertrude Stein’s!

The poet and avant-garde art advocate was born on February 3, 1874. Correction: poet, art advocate and thrower of AWESOME parties. I know, she looks so serious and anti-fun. Don’t be fooled. With her partner Alice B.Toklas, Stein hosted salons in Paris that still haunt lit-nerds’ dreams. Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Joyce, Picasso, Matisse… they all hung out at Stein’s place.

Folks have a lot of opinions about Stein’s work. Her poems are masterpieces of sound and nonlinear thought, like cubist paintings converted into language. Or they’re wackadoodle streams of nonsense, or disastrous attempts at experimental literature, or the work of a very committed 20th-century troll (“haha, joke’s on you, you thought this was literature!”)

Decide for yourself. Here’s an excerpt from her Tender Buttons: 


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