Pairing: Dean x Reader 
Word Count: 1115
Warnings: Angst, death of character. 
Song: Haunted - Taylor Swift
A/N: The first of my fics for my one-shot series collab with Ashley (@d-s-winchester) - make sure you also check out her fic for today here. You can find the masterlist of all of the fics for the collab this week here. Enjoy!

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Moanica D’Fairy Key

(I tried not to whitewash her this time - hope the pictures are still bright enough to catch all her beautiful details!)

I never thought I’d like this doll so much! I already planned to rebody her, but when she arrived, I fell so hard for her. Her faceup is incredibly unique and beautiful and her body appears to be not only more muscular but more defined than the old ones, as well…

I redressed my fabulous new Moanica D’Kay and gave her a bumpet. What do you think of her pastel princess look?

Behind The Black Monk House: The Horrifying History of England’s Most Violent Poltergeist Haunting.   

Years before sensational tales of Amityville’s blood-dripping walls or the Enfield Poltergeist’s floating toys hit the newspapers, the Black Monk Haunting was terrifying England. What transpired behind the doors of 30 East Drive in the Pontefract would go down in history as one of the most violent instances of poltergeist activity of all time.  

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Haunted (One-Shot)

The first in my collab series with @d-s-winchester! Read it here

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There are a number of spooky tales from Louisiana, but one of the most enthralling is that of Manchac Swamp. First of all, Manchac is rumoured to be haunted. It’s also rumoured to be the haunt of Rougarou, the Cajun werewolf. As well as that, it’s said to be haunted by Julia Brown, a once practising voodoo priestess, who put a curse on the entire town the day she died. Legend says that on the day of her funeral in 1915, a deadly hurricane ripped through the town, destroying three villages and killing a number of people. A number of curious visitors to the swamp have reported hearing shrill screams from a disembodied woman.

I think about you more than I should. You cross my mind when I listen to a song I know you like. You lace my thoughts on cold nights and lazy afternoons and busy weekends. You play a starring role in every fantasy about my future. Is this my fate? To be haunted by an idea of you?
—  I desperately want to believe in destiny if only because of you

Haunted: Villisca Ax Murder House, Villisca, Iowa

On the night of June 9, 1912, eight people, including six children, were murdered in this house by an unknown assailant wielding an ax.  The murders, not surprisingly, caused a national sensation, and while many suspects were questioned and even tried – later acquitted – this mass murder remains unsolved to this day.  Either from the violence of their deaths, or their unresolved nature (maybe a little of both), this house has subsequently become a very active sight for the supernatural.   Apparitions have often been seen, and disembodied footsteps and voices are common occurrences.  The sight and sounds of the children are the most widely reported, with EVPs and personal accounts indicating laughing and then crying, as well as some children telling others to hide. 



Craig Dunain Mental Hospital - Inverness, Scotland

Formerly known as Inverness District Asylum and Northern Counties District Lunatic Asylum. Opened 1864. Closed 1999.

Haunted: Sauer Castle, Kansas City Kansas

Built in 1871 by Anton Sauer, originally from Austria, this beautiful but now derelict Italianate home was a Sauer residence for several generations, during which time it was the site of many of the family’s traumatic tragedies.  Two people have committed suicide in this house, while a third, a little girl, drowned in the pool on the property.  The original owner, Anton, also passed away in this house.  With so many deaths, most of which were not peaceful, the house has become a hotbed for the supernatural.  Various disembodied voices have been heard, either laughing, shouting, or crying, while doors often open and slam on their own.  People have reported feeling watched and that objects have had a tendency to shake or rattle violently on their own.