So i had this idea a long time before and i started to draw it one month ago but didn’t finished. It’s just an AU idea where akira get’s trapped in a haunted house (don’t ask me why) and reverses in to a child (don’t aks me why (2)), then he meets some ghosts ( they’re the rest of the party but i forgot to drawn morgana sorry mona…) that will help him get out of this curse and an adventure begins…Yay? ( the enemys are the demons)

Ah i’ll post the continuation of this AU in another post…

Haunted Chapter 17

A/N: This chapter brought to you by Subway, like all good kdramas these days :-P  Also, uh, maybe don’t read this one alone at night?

Chapter Seventeen

“That bitch.  That bitch!”  Seungri slammed his hand on horn of his car, startling you out of your tears for a minute.  An old lady crossing the street gave him a dirty look.  “I can’t believe this,” he said for the hundredth time since you’d left the medium’s apartment.  “I can’t believe she -”  

You sniffled against a fresh wave of tears and he let go of the gear shift and squeezed your shoulder gently instead.

“This can’t be the end.  We’ll figure out a way to get him back,” he promised.

“Don’t be stupid.  The whole point of exorcising a ghost is to get rid of it permanently,” you mumbled, swiping uselessly at your wet cheeks.

“Call Jiyong,” he said suddenly, and you thought he was talking to you until a pleasant generic voice sounded from the stereo, “Calling Jiyong.”  

“Seungri oppa!” Jiyong’s cheerful voice rang out through the speakers a few seconds later.  “What’s up?”

“Can we meet at your place?  We need to talk again,” Seungri said, letting go of your shoulder so he could drive again as the light finally turned green.

“Yeah, we’re all here, come on over.  What happened?  I thought you two were going out for lunch?”

“We’ll tell you when we get there.”

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This is the first chapter of my book. It can be found here.


Amelia Hale’s college is all fun and games until she dies and comes back. Now her life is filled with disgruntled ex boyfriends, her dead best friend haunting her, and demon ghost hunters. Needless to say, Amelia’s life gets complicated very quickly. Especially when the lead demon takes an interest in her that’s more than just professional.

The second chapter is here.

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Hate to break it to you but honestly your stomach is probably haunted. And not just a little. A lot. Your whole abdomen is a ghastly whirlpool swimming with ghosts of the meals you’ve processed before. So…good luck with that. Maybe call Mystery Inc. or something? We’re not really sure how one takes care of that.

The Signs in a Haunted House
  • ARIES: acts fearless, is actually the first one to pee their pants
  • TAURUS: sacrifices themselves dramatically
  • GEMINI: just escapes alone
  • CANCER: runs around trying to save their lover
  • LEO: panics & screams all the time
  • VIRGO: the only one to survive
  • LIBRA: dies first
  • SCORPIO: “We are all going to die, what’s the point anyway…”
  • SAGITTARIUS: “We should split up.”
  • CAPRICORN: the wise one, trying to find a way out for everyone
  • AQUARIUS: has sex in one of the rooms
  • PISCES: the weakest one but almost makes it till the end