haunt people

I still nightmare about that. It was loud but you were quiet and I told you it was gonna be okay. You looked at me with one of those smiles that feel sick. Like you’re holding back a whole ocean. I felt what i said die in my throat.

“So why do people suck?” You asked. Half-laughed.

What do I know. I said people are kind of like forests. Sometimes they’re there to give you shade and sometimes they’ve been broken too and it makes them sharp and mostly they’re just trying to live their own lives and grow old next to the people they love. People are just trees.

“Oh yeah, people are trees,” You snorted. There was a darkness in your eyes that haunts my dreams. “People are trees and everyone leaves.”

Perhaps the echoes of people we once loved still linger in the places we frequented with them and that is why we go back… Not so much to remember them as to feel them…

I keep seeing this photo pop up on my feed. One of my favorite photos, and was always curious about the location. So i googled the inscription.. and what i found.. was amazing and spooky! I want to visit. This is what i found.. Grant Park (Seven bridges) in Milwaukee: Grant Park, located along the shores of Lake Michigan, contains 381 acres and is the second largest park in the County’s park system. In the early 1900s, Frederick C. Wulff, the first Superintendent of Horticulture for the park system, developed paths which served as the foundation of the Seven Bridges Trail. As you enter the park, you cross under a covered bridge that bears the inscription, “Enter this wild wood and view the haunts of nature.” Several people through out the parks’s existence have committed suicide by jumping or hanging themselves from the main entrance bridge and by other means. When standing on the main bridge looking down into the ravine, often times it looks  as  though  the air is filled  with sparkles and shimmerd, and has a very  strong  “feel”.  Many  people have reported seeing colorful glowing lights dancing amongst the trees, and have heard voices and footsteps when there was (seemingly) no one around. At night, you can sometimes hear a strange (and not pleasant) scream/screech coming from  deep in the woods. There have been also been reported sightings of odd human-sized creatures that bear a striking resemblance to a praying mantis..    


95z being magnets feat. me in the bg

Shadow People and the Hat Man

Shadow people are something that most people seem to have had at least one experience with.  They are a common occurrence and are often reported by people who see them out of their peripheral vision and likely they have just woken from sleep when this occurs.  Shadow people have no known significance and are more than likely related to the human wake-sleep cycle and the ability of the brain to recognize human shapes in darkness or out of the corner of the eye.  It is unknown whether or not shadow people, who are sometimes reported to have been standing in bedroom corners, are part of reality in terms of another dimension or whether they are simply a figment of our own human minds.

One particular “shadow person” has been known to stick around when his “victims” turn to face him fully.  Different from typical shadow people, the “Hat Man” is first seen in the periphery but when looked at straight on, he does not vanish but stays where he is or continues walking along a path.  Many people around the globe have reported seeing the Hat Man, making him a widespread phenomenon that cannot be explained by the idea that perhaps the human mind is malleable enough to have created him spontaneously.  The Hat Man has been known to have even, in some rare cases, approached victims and had physical contact with them.  Even those who have had up-close interactions with the Hat Man have explained that they could not describe his facial features because he did not, in fact, have a face.  Others claim that they have seen just his eyes–red or black.

What most victims of the Hat Man can agree upon is that he is often seen when the household or individual in question has gone through a struggle of some kind, the entity seemingly feeding off of the powerful emotions from those who have been hurt or are grieving.  It is safe to say that the shadowy entity of the Hat Man is quite a bit different from the normally harmless shadow people who roam about quiet corners in the night and by no means is he as common a sight.  In fact, despite his connection with shadow people, one would more than likely venture to say that the Hat Man is in no way related to them at all.

This photograph was taken in the early 2000s by a teenage who had been disturbed by poltergeist behaviour in their bedroom since moving into a new house. While listening to music in bed, they spotted this creepy shadow person walking from their closet through the open door onto the landing and snapped a picture. The figure is notably short with a hunched over posture. Before buying the new home, they were told that the previous owner had hanged themselves in the closet. Could this be their ghost looking for a way out?

And occasionally, when I’m feeling especially lonely, you’re my 11:11 wish.

i love danny phantom because the town is called AMITY Park the kids all go to CASPER High home of the RAVENS where a kid was literally bullied to DEATH on school grounds and when it turns out shit’s haunted people are still surprised like WOAH! A GHOST! WHO COULD HAVE PREDICTED THIS!