EXO Reaction: Their S/O is being cuddly all the time.

Request: GAHH! I love your reactions so muchhhh, may I have a reaction for EXO? As in they react to you being cuddly all the time? Thank you have a good day, don’t stress, and be healthy ^^

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I can’t see Xiumin being a huge fan of PDA but when you two were alone he’d love how cuddly you were and the way you’d rest your head on his shoulder and stare at him with big doe eyes. Most of all, he’d love how you respected his boundaries in public too, knowing he’d only hold your hand at most.


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Luhan would usually be cuddly himself so to have a S/O who not only reciprocates his cuddles but actively seeks them would be a good match for Lu. Overall his favourite would be when he could wrap you up in his arms with an oversized hoodie on and squidge your precious little cheeks.


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Kris would love your cuddly and affectionate nature as there wasn’t often a time where his hands weren’t on you in some way. Although he loved your cuddles, he would often be the one to initiate it into more and an intimate kiss wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.


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Suho would appreciate your cuddles more than anyone after a long and stressful day of looking after his kids. In your arms he felt more supported and it was like his stress melted off. Sometimes if he was really exhausted he’d even ask you for a massage, appreciating how your touch seemed to lift his worries.


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Yixing would be a big fan of bedtime cuddles and would love nothing more than waking up to the birds singing, the sun peaking through the blinds and feeling you wrapped in his arms, your face totally at peace and your eyelashes fluttering gently. That was his all time favourite where there was no doubt he was in love with you. 


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As if you couldn’t have him wrapped around your little finger anymore, whenever you would shuffle over to him with that ‘I want cuddles’ look on your face I swear he would melt into the sweetest and most caring boyfriend, taking your hand and kissing your forehead before pulling you toward him gently. 


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In the rare moments of peace in your manic relationship shared between his idol life and your constant pranks and jokes, Chen would adore cuddling you, it was a special time that reminded him that through all the jokes and teasing he was utterly besotted with you and that while you were his best friend, you were also the love of his life.


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I think this precious tree would be the biggest cuddler, his height giving him the perfect cuddle advantage for anyone. It didn’t matter where or when, if you wanted cuddles he would always be more than happy to give them, his head resting on yours and his hands running up and down your arms soothingly.


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When you tried to initiate PDA he would never be one to shy away from it. He’d blush a ton, be a tad embarassed but low key he would be super pleased that you were so proud to be his S/O. That little bit of contact would mean a lot to him although he’d never say it, he’d also appreciate that you never went too far.


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I imagine Tao to usually be very passionate so when you just wanted to cuddle for him it would be a welcome change of pace. Overall he wasn’t too fussy, as long as he could show his affection in some way he was more than happy to, but he did love your cuddly nature for sure.


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Kai would be a massive fan of PDA, whether it be holding your hand, having his arm around your shoulder or a hand on your waist, he would have to have you close to him at all times and so the fact you appreciated it and loved the physical contact would make him feel all the better.


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He’d love it, but love it 1000x more when it was in front of the members. It made him feel super manly to have such an affectionate S/O and made it all the more clear that you only had eyes for him, something he really appreciated surrounded by his hyungs.

EXO During Sex

kk272002: Hey~ I love ur blog 😁😁just wondering if you could maybe do a exo during sex reaction 😊



Chen: Will probably be the kind of guy who makes vanilla sex seem like heaven on earth. He’s the type to cater to your every need.

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Lay: I feel like he doesn’t know if he wants to be vanilla or sexy during sex. Sometimes he’s all about making love to you until the sun comes up and other times he’s super rough and dominant, wanting total control over your body.

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Xiumin: Everyone and their mama knows that Minseok likes to be dominant in bed. It was a secret to no one and he definitely let you know every time you were in bed together.

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Sehun: Sehun would be into a lot of different things. Like…he wouldn’t be afraid to try new things with you during sex. He loves how flexible you are and doesn’t hesitate to try a new position with you.

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Suho: Probably very into rough and dominating sex. Suho is daddy as fuck and everyone knows it. When he gets angry with you, you know you’re in for a long night. 

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Kai: Kai LOVES bondage. In fact, he likes it so much that he incorporates a form of into sex with you every time. Everyone thinks he’s so sweet and innocent, but he’s definitely the most kinkiest guy you’d ever meet.

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D.O: Kyungsoo would be super shy during sex with you. Every time he’s with you, he feels as if it’s your first time together. He enjoys making love to you, but if you asked he’d definitely be down to go rough on you.

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Baekhyun: Sex with Baek is always so hot and full of passion. There’s never a moment where you;re not begging for him to let you cum. Or there’s never a time when he’s not whispering the dirty things he’ll do to you in your ear. 

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Chanyeol: Omg Chanyeol is probably the biggest tease when it comes to sex. He would very much be into lots of foreplay and dirty talking. He loves teasing you until you’re on the edge of release and when he feels that you’re on the verge of an orgasm, he suddenly stops and leaves you a whimpering mess.

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EXO Waking You Up in The Morning


You’d be woken up by the faint smell of coffee and Xiumin sitting next to you on the bed, softly stroking your hair. You’d look up at him, your eyes swollen with sleep, astonished at how angelic he looked even in the morning. “I have some coffee made, jagi, come down when you’re ready,” he’d say quietly, a small smile on his face.


Chen would wake you up unintentionally with all of his banging around and tired groaning as he made his way around the bedroom. You’d watch him, amused, as he sleepily banged into the door on the way out of the bedroom. He’d later come in to tell you he made breakfast, which consisted of bagels made with pure love.


Becoming even more childish when he’s tired, Baekhyun would jump onto the bed, abruptly interrupting your sleep.  You’d sit up, your hair sticking in every direction, and a beautiful smile would spread across his face. He’d playfully pat down your hair before grabbing your hand and gently leading you down to the kitchen so you could have breakfast together.


Chanyeol wouldn’t even be out of bed before he woke you up, gently prodding you in the shoulder. Your eyes would slowly open and lock with his, and you wouldn’t be able to hide your smile at his bed head and puffy face. He’d pull you closer and you’d end up sleeping another hour in each other’s arms before starting your day.


The picture-perfect boyfriend, Lay would get up before you to prepare a cute, small breakfast of fruit, yogurt, and juice. He’d wake you up with a kiss to the forehead, intertwining your fingers with his. He’d patiently wait until you were ready to head downstairs, watching you with a gentle smile as you stumbled around the room.


A bit of a master chef himself, D.O would’ve done his best to create a hearty breakfast for the day ahead. You’d wake up from the scent of bacon wafting into your room, and when you waddled downstairs you’d see your boyfriend busily cooking, an apron loosely tied around his waist. You’d surprise him with a backhug, causing him to smile and gently kiss your cheek.


Another bed-bug, Suho would wake you up with his shifting around as he buried deeper into the covers. You’d watch him, smiling, as he quietly slid closer to you, under the impression that you were still sleeping. He’d wrap his arms around you and rest his head on your chest, quickly falling back asleep.


As much as Kai would like to stay in bed all day, he had things to do so he’d get up relatively early and get ready. Not one for cooking, he’d set out a bowl of cereal for you before kissing you awake. When you went downstairs, you wouldn’t be able to contain your laughter as you saw the “ornate” breakfast he prepared for you. He’d laugh with you, complimenting himself on how great of a cook he is.


More playful when he’s tired, Sehun would start poking your sides to wake you up. When you did, you’d just look at him, your eyes narrowed slightly. Before you knew it, you and your boyfriend were locked in the tickle fight of the century. When you were both thoroughly red and out of breath, you made your way to the kitchen for breakfast.

I trimmed a part of the Transformer video, because it lasts like six minutes soo… but yeah this is basically the moment and as you can see the crowd didn’t let them down <3 I love you exo and exo-ls

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kai kept coming over to my side and did a lot of sneak peeks and baekhyun made a lot of eye contact but always looked away so fast when I looked back at him like 👀also kyungsoo didn’t come to my side a lot but whenever he did, he never failed to smile or just make eye contact (he’s such a cutie!!)

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