i’m exhausted. here’s a bunch of stuff i got at CAKE (chicago alternative comics expo)

work by Jane Mai, Laurie Piña, Michael Deforge, Leif Goldberg, Keith Herzik, Mike Taylor, Anya Davidson, Max Morris, Anthony Meloro, Matt Crabe, Tim Beckhardt, Lale Westvind, G.W. Duncanson, Mardou, Mickey Z. Thanks to all the awesome people I met or reunited with.


jesus christ look at all them comics!!! i <3 trading (also, buying stuff)


TOP: THOSE FUCKING UNICORNS by Sy Wagon & Shelter Raiders by Anna Haifish (Published by Pegacorn Press), TUNA MASSAGE by Karissa Sakumoto, BIRTH CANAL by Tom Toye, BLADES & LAZERS by Benjamin Marra, & SET SAIL FOR ROCKS by Michael Olivo (Published by Sacred Prism), Borrowed Tails by Inés Estrada (Published by mini kus!), BABYTOWN 2&3 by Mimi Chrzanowski, METEO by Charlotte De Sédouy, J.1137 by Antoine Cossé (Published by Breakdown Press), INFOMANIACS by Matthew Thurber (Published by Picturebox),WOMANIMALISTIC #3 by Caroline Paquita (Published by Pegacorn Press), QTZ by Olivia Horvath, “Her Name Was Prudence” by Cathy G. Johnson, Nadine - Poodle Potential by Joana Avillez, “LIFE ZONE” by Simon Hanselmann (Published by Space Face Books)

MIDDLE: SPURT OF BLOOD by Olivia Horvath, KEEP FRESH by Zejian Shen (Published by Retrofit Comics), Alien Invasion III by Lala Albert, ROT #5 by Katrina from Providence, GASTRONOMO by Andrew Levine, Comics Workbook Magazine #1 edited by Andrew White, Zach Mason, & Frank Santoro, TO THE FUTURE by Josh Freydkis, EXPRESS LESS & DUBBLE FEECHER by Lale Westvind, CRAWDADS #3 by Karissa Sakumoto (Published by Rude Comics), Stickers by Bbytown, Inés Estrada, & Lala Albert, Painted baby head wall thing by Lauren Poor, CRIT CLUB COMIX Vol. 1 by Suny Purchase Critique Club, CACT-ASS & DEADBEAT BABIES by Matt Crabe, NEXT LEVEL #1 by the Witch Club (Providence), SPURTS #1 by Mike Funk

BOTTOM: PROVIDENCE COMICS CONSORTIUM SHOWCASE (Various Issues) published by the Providence Comics Consortium, SCHOOL SPIRITS by Anya Davidson (Published by Picturebox), Don’t Break the Oath, NEW COMICS #2, & Special Friend by Patrick Kyle, The Dormitory & CASHING CAPITAL by Conor Stechschulte, Windowpane #2 by Joe Kessler (Published by Breakdown Press), DELINQUENT by Heather Benjamin (Published by Floating World) SPIDER’S PEE-PAW #2 Edited by Char Esme and Ben Mendelewicz, ILLOGICAL COMICS DAILIES collection by Tom Toye (Published by Snakebomb Comix).


Now I just have to read them all



First pic, top left 2 bottom right: Casual Casual antho published by Picturebox, Kuti Kuti Newspapers, “Windowpane” by Joe Kessler, “Time Tunnels” by Panayiotis Terzis, “Zombie Island Massacre” by Josh Freydkis, “RAV 6” & “What does the garbage man say?” by Mickey Zachilli, Cop #1 collab between Mickey Z, Michael Deforge, and Patrick Kyle, “Kawaii” antho between Brennan Kelly, Kris Mukai, Jesse Tise, Nick Iluzada, and Niv Bavarsky, “Party Plans” I &  II & “Let’s do it” by Zejian Shen, “Anosmia” and “Snake Girl” by Sara Drake, “Sweetmeats” 1 &2 by Edie Fake, “Wtf stoner aliens” by Sean T. Collins, “Sketchbook” by Tara booth, “Crooked Teeth” #5 ½ by Nate Doyle, Untitled zine by Oliva Fox

Pic 2: “Water Phase” by Conor Stechschulte, “Jammers” by Lizz Hickey, “Baby Town News letter” by Michelle Chrzanowski, “Kuti Kuti Specter” by various artists, “leon the inappropirate Janitor” by Noel Friebert,  "Providence Comics Consortium" 2, 7, 8, & 9 & “The Survivors” by various artists, published by the Providence Comics Consortium, Untitled Newspaper by Lala Albert, 2013 Calendar by Katrina Avocado, “Barking to the North Star” by Katbus, and “Hatred” by Zach Hazard Vaupen :)

SPX 2014 Roundup!

Some books and zines and thangs I got this last weekend:

Maleficium by Sabin Cauldron (self-published), Isometric Tuna #2 by Shawn Eisenach (self-published), Megahex by Simon Hanselmann (Fantagraphics), King-Cat Classix by John Porcellino (Drawn & Quarterly), New Comics 4 by Patrick Kyle (self-published/Mothers Books), Emotional Distance 4: Man is Wolf by Zach Mason (self-published), Flowering Vine by Laura Knetzger (self-published), Woke up Lik This & Itchy Trigger by Mr. Freibert (self-published), COOL DOG stickers & patch by Mickey Z, Sex Fantasy by Sophia Foster-Dimino (self-published), Study Group Magazine #3D edited by Zack Soto, WEIRD #5 edited by Mr. Freibert, Comics Workbook #s 2-5 edited by Zach Mason & Andrew White, Don’t Eat it & Man-Bits by Jack Reese (self-published)


Shout outs:

Shout out to G.W. Duncanson for giving me a ride to and from Baltimore & Bethesda, shout outs to Noel Freibert, Conor Steschulte, & Harris Smith for sharing their table spaces with me, shout outs to Zach Mason & his wife/partner Laura for letting me crash on their floor and scritch their cat and eat their food, shout out to Drew Miller for helping me carry my heavy ass box of books into and out of the venue and generally helping me keep my own sanity, shout out to sitting next to Ben Katchor and Charles Burns during the Ignatz Awards and overhearing all of their grumpy retorts throughout the entire ceremony, shout out to Cathy G. Johnson’s thank you speech (*shout out to solidarity), shout out to Sam Alden’s thank you speech, shout out to Paul Karasik for just existing, shout out to missing Simon Hanselmann’s wedding ceremony because I really had to pee, shout out to $9 Coronas, shout out to Pho, and last but not least, shout out to everyone and anyone I met and spoke with for the first time, to anyone making or supporting kewl comix, and to anyone who bought (and or enjoyed) my books!!! Bethesda sucks!!!


My slightly-more-modest haul from SPX yesterday (mainly because i still haven’t gotten thru over half my acquisitions from CAKE and TCAF yet!)

Top: Blammo by Noah Van Sciver, and Hot Dog Beach by Lale Westvind (which won the Ignatz! woo-hoo Lale!)

Bottom: Rapunzel Repeats by brad Gottschalk, Injury #4 by Ted May, Jeff Wilson, & Mike Reddy, Lose #4 by Michael DeForge, The Whale by Aidan Koch, Wild Turkey and Brokeland by Teylor Smirl, Bethesda by Jess Ruliffson, Pin Oops (+ stickers!) by Inés Estrada (got in return for delivering copies of Ojitos Borrosos to the Koyama Press table), Newspaper by Aidan Koch, the latest Mothers News, Elephants can’t play piano by Hanni Brosh & Toby Fox, and Demonheads by Katie “Katbus” Brawl. 

Gonna actually try to catch up on all my new & unread comics and do more frequent reviews (hopefully at least once a week from now on) for Comics workbook, which i was supposed to be regularly contributing to but kind of haven’t been.

S0 B3 Exc1t3D!!

My 2012 #TCAF Haul - from top left to bottom right: Alien Invasion II by Lala Albert, print by Tom Toye, Passage by Tessa Brunton, Ojitos Borrosos by Inés Estrada, Department of Art #1 by Dunja Jankovic, Lose #3 by Michael Deforge, Collective Stench Patch designed by me & printed by Kj martinet, Postcard by Mike Bertino, The Escapologist #2 by Simon Moreton, Postcard & Zine by Patrick Kyle, Color Engineering by Yuichi Yokoyama, Ada illustrated by Atak, Closed Caption Comics #9 Anthology, Wowee Zonk #4 anthology, Distance Mover zine & postcard by Patrick Kyle, Postcard and Mini-zine by Ginette Lapalme, Mini-Comics by Liz Suburbia, Garden by Yuichi Yokoyaa, Zona Marginal by Abraham Díaz, Gangsta Rap Posse #1 & 2 & Newspaper supplement by Benjamin Marra, Suspect Device vol. 2 edited by Josh Bayer, Difficult Loves by Molly Colleen O'Connell, and The Amateurs by Conor Stechschulte. (also i just found a few more that i accidentally left out of this pic – whoops!!)


Weekend acquisitions (@RIPExpo and nearby/related Providence events):

Top pic - flyer by Heather Benjamin, Naziosare edited by Abraham Díaz, Apolo Cacho, & Yecal Disaster, Ivy - s/t (album art by Sara Abruña), tape cassettes from Cmov, Nandas, Deformity, & Workling, a buncha Mothers News

Bottom pic: Neohobgoblin by Ryan Iverson (Snakebomb Comix), TIwAML by Anthony Cudahy, Deep Girl #5 by Ariel Bordeaux, various stickers from Inés Estrada, Esteban Neumann, and the RIPExpo sticker vending machine, BRICK/Segullinvasion Newspaper Zine (Neoglyphic Media), FUCK YOU IF YOU FEEL THIS SHIT #2 by Karissa Sakumoto (Rude Comics), (Don’t Ever) Go Away by Rah, OK here we go by Sarah Lammer, Poor Thing #1 & Orbiter’s Prism by Drew Miller (Neoglyphic Media), Pity Party Pack by Rah, Screentime June/July by Sam Alden (Sonatina Comics), Slithering Sleep by Danielle Burton (Neoglyphic Media), New Best Friend by AT Pratt, Saint’s Love & Hopeless Romantic by Krystal Difronzo, Succour Fanzine #1 edited by AJ McGuire

so many goodies were waiting for me when i got home today!!! including: a big fun package from Abraham Diaz including some of his zines and stickers (!!), Lodaçal Hors Serie #1 (which I have a comic in), and MOULD MAPs #1 and #2 … which is to say the least, a must-have for any art book & comic collector. UGH DROOL ALL OVER EVERYTHANG!