august 21, 2017 - stationery haul

i recently picked up some new stationery from daiso and the art supply store near my school for the new school year! here’s what i got + swatches:


  • oh! pineapple washi tape (set of 2)
  • lovely flamingo washi tape (set of 2)
  • word cards (set of 4)
  • dual line highlighters (set of 4)
  • zebra disposable brush pen (black ink)

art supply store:

  • pentel energel (0.5mm, black ink)
  • sakura pigma micron 02 (0.3mm, black ink)
  • pilot g-tec-c4 (0.4mm, black ink)
  • sakura glaze gel pen (white ink)
  • tombow dual brush pen - light ochre (991)
  • tombow dual brush pen - sand (992)

currently listening to: “hi hello” - day6

Hogwarts Headcanons

Slytherin Gladion:

Gryffindor Player:

  • Gladion’s rival in Quidditch.
  • Does not judge him when his mother turns out to be a part of Voldemort’s army. 
  • Is the only one from Gryffindor who dares to approach the Slytherin dorms.
  • Always checking on the new Slytherins making sure they’re comfortable and not bullied.
  • Is probably either the most well liked or the most shunned Gryffindor in existence.
  • Is probably picked by the Goblet of Fire (to everyone’s shock/dismay).
  • Gladion helps you prepare for the Triwizard Tournament and is your strict tutor in Defence Against the Dark Arts.
  • Everyone is shocked when you ask him to dance with you at the Yule Ball.
  • But, not as shocked when you ask him and he accepts to be your date for the Yule Ball.
  • Gladion is very comfortable in formal clothes (you find out it’s because his mother used to force him to go to events).
  • You’re the one who welcomes his sister Lillie wholeheartedly into Gryffindor after she transfers from Beauxbatons.
  • You support Lillie in her pursuit in Potion Making and Arithmancy.
  • Encouraging Gladion’s dreams to be an Auror despite the stigma against Slytherins.
  • The first to fight anyone who slanders Gladion or Lillie.
  • Best friend is a Hufflepuff named Hau whose grandfather teaches Care of Magical Creatures.
  • You’re surprisingly good at Divination but often have a hard time divining Gladion’s future.
  • When Gladion is given a choice by Lusamine to join Voldemort’s army but declines, you are the first person he warns.
  • You make sure Lillie is in your sight 24/7 because Gladion doesn’t trust anyone else with her safety.
  • Probably gets injured protecting Gladion from a Hex/Curse.
  • Gladion calls you an idiot, he could’ve taken care of it, but he also stays at your bedside until you get better.
  • Gladion ending up falling asleep in a chair next to you (his sleeping face is adorable).

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Lil’ PINK haul
I was unprepared because I didn’t expect to go lifting today!
In case you were wondering, everything pictured was UNTAGGED.
I copped the sweater from the display hanging on the back of the dressing room door. T-shirts are usually tagged as well, a long with 95% of PINK’s underwear (AT MY STORE)

💖Total: 155.75💖

June 14th: Book Haul

I may have gone a little overboard the past two weeks…


Books & Cupcakes March Book Photo Challenge

Day 9: Book haul

I was so confused when this huge blue sack arrived (as was my cat) but it turned out to be my order from Book Depository! So psyched to continue these amazing series.

Btw, what’s the best order to read the Throne of Glass series in? Do I read the Assassin’s Blade before or after Hier of Fire?

zdeno-charizard  asked:

Something interesting I thought you'd like to know: in Hawaii a "Hauli" (Howley? Idk how to spell it) is local slang for white people and tourist. That's I find the name of the main city in S+M hilarious

!! Omg that’s amazing haha


May Book Haul

I bought quite a few books this month, so I’m definitely on a book buying ban until I get my TBR pile down to single number again! At least I have a good stockpile of books to read this summer!

  • Skulduggery Pleasant: Armageddon Outta Here by Derek Landy
  • The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black 
  • Jonothan Strange & Mr Norrell by Suzanne Clark
  • I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson 
  • Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli 
  • A Work in Progress by Connor Franta 
  • Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour 

Now I only have 19 days before I can read again!!