256. Nourmouhamad Tadjikhan & Kalandarou Khivaghi /// Tash-Khauli Palace /// Khiva, Uzbekistan /// 1832-41

OfHouses guest curated by Raphael Zuber: “A highly refined way of living in a harsh environment.“
(Photos: Nicola e Pina Uzbekistan, Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, Jason Nathan, Claude Joannis, Malene Hein, greatmirror.com, voyager-comme-ulysse.com.)


Books & Cupcakes March Book Photo Challenge

Day 9: Book haul

I was so confused when this huge blue sack arrived (as was my cat) but it turned out to be my order from Book Depository! So psyched to continue these amazing series.

Btw, what’s the best order to read the Throne of Glass series in? Do I read the Assassin’s Blade before or after Hier of Fire?


socal stationery haul

i finally finished + uploaded it!! here is the evidence of how much i recklessly bought :’) my wallet is still crying, but on the bright side, stATIONERY :-)))))

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Books & Cupcakes June Book Photo Challenge | | Day 14: book haul

I’ve been reading manga online since middle school but never really told anyone or bought any physical copies because I thought it was embarrassing. Now I’m just going fuck it and bought my first one. Strangely, I’ve never actually gotten through the whole Fullmetal Alchemist series even though I love it. Code Name Verity is for the Summer Book Club, and then I just love Shannon Hale’s work to death.

June 14th: Book Haul

I may have gone a little overboard the past two weeks…


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1M Hauly Heist & 1M Hauly