Then Vs. Now

Things I didn’t know back then, but I do now:

  1. To draw hair is not to draw all the different strands of hair. Hair is ONE entity, to be drawn as one shape.
  2. If you don’t get the proportions in your basic drawing right, no matter what you do, your final output is going to be awful (see left.)
  3. Smudge sticks are your best friend, USE THEM MORE THAN YOU USE PENCILS!
  4. Cheeks have shapes too.
  5. Draw shadows, not objects.
  6. Use the darkest, softest pencil you can get your hands on.
  7. 70 GSM printer paper DOES NOT last.
  8. Use a camera which doesn’t add a red coloured time stamp to the picture.

Hopefully, I’ll keep learning more :)


Some new plants.. I haven’t had much time to take care of plants because I’m busy but because I’m busy I’m stressed and buy MORE plants which I don’t have time to take care of 🍂

Some of them have been sitting in their original pots/soil for several months, which is making me question my obsessive need to repot… and some have been sitting without soil for a couple weeks

I spent too much money at my favorite thrift store so I decided to show y'all what I got! I know I missed a few weeks of uploading, but I've been very busy i...

I am a genderqueer avid thrift shopper and I thought it would be fun to share some of my awesome finds with y’all!! <3

I was right in that comment I made

My policeman cousin did so enjoy finding out that there is an entire tag on tumblr with traceable IP adresses dedicated to idiots bragging about what they stole and where they stole it from.

You see the thing with cops is when you steal necessities like food and water (even feminine hygiene products when they are truly needed) they tend to let you off with a warning and even find ways to try and help your situation.

If you are just some brat who steals tons of makeup, clothes, luxery items, etc they have no sympathy. Usually they when they receive calls about stolen inventory they even check social media to see if someone is dumb enough to post it and see if the items match up. Now that he and several co-workers know about it, they will be delighted to have this entire section of tumblr to match items up with, in our city at least.

Remember kids, there is no such thing as a victimless crime.

Have fun shoplifters.


Rainy Day Haul

{ one hour, two store haul }

  • Makeup + Electronics $500 (roughly)  
  • Samsung Smart TV $499.99
  • Bell Hitchbiker 400 $136.91
  • Treksafe Automotive Jump Starter $77
  • Food $100 (roughly) (not pictured) 
  • Cat Food x2 $18 

Total: $1344.09


I wouldn’t have it any other way