Evalynn swimsuit  @fireheartsims

Ikea kitchen accessories @aroundthesims

Bathroom, Crystal Seperaters, Patio, Dormitorio Office Set, Dormitorio Bedroom Set,  Pantry,  PQsims4

Brian Atwood Pumps  @mrantonieddu

Newsea Sweet Slumber @phaedra-sims

Juniper Swimsuit        @obisims

Juniper recolour @thesimsofnoalyn

Stockholm work lamp, Ikea Leirvik Hay Bed Linen, Circular Mirror, Nespresso Coffee Maker, Tradition Cloud Sofa, Asplund Sidetable, Muuto Framed Mirror, Meg Stove and Hood @minc7878

Kid doodles, handwritten simlish font, handwritten simlish 2 @franzillasims

Lil’ Embroidered things @peonysims0

Blossom Pink Dress, Turtle Neck Sweater Dress, Tulle Dress @Rusty

Fall Skirts @koojkelso

Marijuana Grow Room  @blvck-life-simz

Noe Recolour @missparaply

Decortative Easle  @theplumbobarchitect

Halter Slit Tank, Flare Party Dress, Alphabet Boy Lipstick, Maxi Coin Necklace & Flow Dress @serenity-cc

Occult  Rugs @miss-acatalepsy

MM Skirt Suit Outfit @meyokisims

Poloneck @pessimisticpixels

Gymnastics Poses  @deadpoolfuckyou

Boxy Sweater  @tamo-sim

Halloween Bodysuit , Sweater & Shirt, Valentines Bralet  @puresims

Nessa, Shanie, Daylight, Ken Doll @simshallow

Nessa Recolour @amarathinee

Highwaisted Skinnies @elliesimple

Latex Body Suit @belaloallure

Poses 10 @rinvalee

Clumsy Hair @ivo-sims

Leyla Earrings @missfortunesims

Repeating Placement Plants @madhox

Rolled Sleeve V-Neck @peacemaker-ic

Off The Shoulder Dress @bustedpixels

DOTD Conversions @kiarazurk

Summer Skeletons & EA Teeth Be Gone @pyxiidis

Defined Nose Overlay, Original Nose Overlay @sims4nexus

Caps @simblrryuffy

Shanie Clayified @mangosim

Happy Birthday Mini-Set @inabadromance

Shades Of Fall Set @daer0n

Clarity Hair @sul–sul

Clarity Recolour @plumboop

Day of The Dead Banners @tkangie

Flower Crown @nolan-sims

Taiwo & Kehinde Recolours @cherrypiesims

Teeth Overlay @auroramoonsims

Babyhair, Babyhair 2 @mimilkybaby

Maria Hair Collection @blogsimplesimmer

Maria Hair Recolour @daydreamsimmer

Hally’s Dress @martyp8

Mandy Hair Retexture @maimouth

Honey Pose Pack @chocolateynuggetgirl

Skin Overlay @kijiko-sims

Smart Loafers @beepsyfinds

Alive Hair @lucassims

Leather Oxfords @calliev-plays

Wide Leg Pants @ All About Style

Cookie Hair @garnetsims

Autumn Mod, Gigi Hair  @dani-paradise

Ruffle Top @simply

Lace Bustier @trillyke

¾ Sleeve Dress @onyxsims

Serif TV @mxfsims

Ru Paul Suit @deetron-sims

Tezenis Bra @gabbypoo

Boombayah Hair @jakeasims

Rolled Sleeved T-Shirts @sims4sweatshop

Milf Jeans Recoloured to Sweatpants @tarantoolasims

Grumpy Cat Plush Toy @giannisk-13

Outside Set ts3 - ts4 @annett85

Rambo Hair @ebonixsimblr

Deeliteful Dress @deelitefulsimmer

Deeliteful Dress @nolan-sims

Staircase Carpet @ Flinnel

Eyeliner N1 @sayasims

Female body hair @cabsim

Exotic Pose Pack @iplaysims4

Moesha Child Conversion @sheplayswithlifeee

Dolls’ House @biguglyhag

Leaves and Rose PetalsCampfire Clutter @carameli-ze

Dandy Vest @quiddity-jones

Couple Pose 11 @sionkanzaki-sims

Double Vest Top, Single Vest Top @sims4-marigold

Ricky Hair @sclub-privee

Mandy & Kendoll Clayified @kotcatmeow

Childrens’ Bedroom Set @kardofe


I made a lil haul about all the fun Halloween and Fall home things I got this year!!

Let me know if you have any of these things and if there’s anything I’m missing 🎃 like and subscribe if you want 👻

Baby haul from yesterday✨

🌸Place I can’t name for privacy reasons lol🌸

▪️ Magnets: $17

🌸Duane Reade🌸

▪️The balm Nude Dude palette: $36

▪️The balm Mary Lou-Manizer: $26

▪️Head phones: $3

▪️Organix coconut milk serum: $8

▪️Organix vitamin E oil: $8

💖💖GRAND TOTAL: $100 + tax!💖💖


ANOTHER HAUL! We’ve been doing a little too much lifting, lol.

Victoria’s Secret

  • 24 pairs of panties: $300
  • Bra: $56
  • Two shirts: $40

DSW & Shoe Carnival

  • Hush Puppy Flats: (way cuter than they look) $60
  • Gym Shoes: $75
  • Leggings: $25
  • Socks: $13

Joseph Beth

  • Books: $120
  • Socks: $26

Ann Taylor

  • Two white button ups: $120
  • Black shawl thing: $60

Yankee Candle

  • Idk four candles: $40ish
  • Vent Sticks: $6

The Body Shop

  • Face Scrub: $20
  • Sunscreen Stuff: $20
  • Eye Shadow: $13


  • Electric Palette: $49
  • Naked Palette: $54
  • Kabuki Brush: $34
  • Brush: $20
  • 4 Urban Decay Eyeliner: $80
  • Face Wash: $9
  • Nail Polish: $20
  • Sponge: $24

Bath & Body Works

  • Body Souffle: $30
  • Hand Sanitizer: $10

And the grand total is…$1334. This is our biggest haul yet. :)


HAUL #thisisacrazyhaul

👽Nike Leggings // $130
👽Grey Nike Pro Long Sleeves // $42
👽Black Nike Pro // $32
👽Black Nike Pro // $38
👽Nike Stella // $90
👽Adidas White Pants // $29
👽Under Armour Cap // $33
👽Nike Cap // $28
👽Nike Pro Basketball // $65

👽RVCA Shirt // $45
👽Rebel Skirt // $34
👽Rebel Top // $24
👽Crooks & Castles Jersey // $70

👽Black Off Shoulder // $18
👽Pink Woven Top // $19
👽White Knit Top // $10
👽Creamy Knit Top // $13
👽Maroon Crop Top // $10
👽White Crop Top // $10

👽Sun Glasses // $12
👽Sun Glasses // $12
👽Sun Glasses // $12
👽Sun Glasses // $12

👽Ripndip Alien Shirt // $50
👽Creamy Vans Shoe // $50

🌿VANS //
👽Vans Shirt // $27
👽Vans Shirt // $27
👽Vans Shirt // $27

🌿LUSH //
👽Dirty Shaving Creaming // $27

👽Grid Scarf // $22

👽White Sandals // $37

👽Maroon Crop Top Shirt // $25

🌿NIKE //
👽White Nike Socks // $16
👽White Nike Socks // $16

👽Glass Plant House // $44

= $1144
I’ve finally reached 1k in one haul!!!


here’s what happens when you pieces of shit shoplift:

we’re short for the week. the managers count up our total amount of money made versus products sold and all that. from that amount is where they get how many hours they give the workers. you know what happens when that money goes down? hours go down. those workers (most of them busting their asses to pay for their stuff like RENT or BILLS) get less hours and less money. i have coworkers working 3 jobs just to stay afloat. and it’s all because entitled pieces of shit like you want to have designer shit YOU DON’T NEED. YOU DON’T NEED EXPENSIVE MAKEUP OR DESIGNER CLOTHES.


hit single Fuck Lime Crime And If Urban Outfitters Gets Fucked In The Process Then That’s Fine haul feat. my utterly terrible laptop camera n shaky hands

i cannot for the life of me get a shot w all 4 of the lush soaps in them, you can kind of see my figure of kisame from naruto in the 2nd pic so he kind of stole the show, and no totals bc im bad at math 



Too Faced:

  • Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette –$36
  • Boudoir Eyes Eyeshadow Palette –$36
  • Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo –$30


  • Beverly Hills Contour Kit –$40


  • High Definition Liquid Concealer: –$23
  • Camera Ready BB Water –$42
  • Camera Ready BB Cream Eyes: –$25

Urban Decay:

  • Eye Shadow Primer Potion: –$20 


Maracuja Creaseless Concealer: –$25Amazonian Clay Concealer: –$23Amazonian Clay Volumizing Brow Powder –$25

It Brushes for Ulta:

Powder: –$36Foundation: –$22Highlight: –$26Shadow: –$13Concealer: –$22


Also a few weekends ago I hit a mall in the city and got a pair of black skinnies from Pacsun and a dress from Free People which totaled about $150 (not pictured)

Total: $594.00