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So guess who fell head over heels for Dream Daddy Game and is obsessed with the weirdest part of it? YEP its me. So enjoy my design for the fictional Long Haul Ice Road Paranormal Ghost Truckers Show featured in DDADDS/ Dream Daddy Game.
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Tainted Love (part 6)

Summary: Soulmates are supposed to be a wonderful thing, that is until you find out who your soulmate is. You guessed it, Lance “The Fucker” Tucker.

Pairing: Lance x Reader

Warnings: insecure Lance

A/N: I’m so happy I finally have no more writers block for this damn fic! I hope you’re enjoying it!

It had been a good 5 days since Lance stood you up. You still didn’t understand why he didn’t show up. You were so excited to be going on the date with him. You hadn’t even known the man for more than two weeks and he’s already breaking your heart.

“He didn’t show up?” Hope repeats what you had just said.

“Yup.” you say as you pour yourself a glass of apple juice. “I got all dressed up and everything. I was excited to be going on a date with him. I thought he could be different. I should’ve listened to you.”

“That’s weird.” she murmured.

“What is?”

“He came by the gym on Thursday and asked me and Ben if we could help him. He wanted us to tell him how to dress and how to act. I guess he didn’t want to fuck up the date.” she explained.

You sigh. “Well he did.” your eyes began to swell with tears as you remember last night. You waited for him, you texted him and nothing. “I can’t believe I actually thought he liked me I just-”

You stop speaking and let out a small sob. “Oh no, no, no, no Y/N don’t start crying. He’s an asshole.”

“I know It’s just - there has to some explanation. He’s my soulmate. There has to be a reason why out of everyone else, he’s my soulmate.” you sit down on the couch and sigh. “Maybe he had a long day and he took a nap and left his phone on silent.”

“Stop making excuses for him.”

“I’m not I’m just trying to be reasonable. He’s not just an asshole, Hope. I think that’s a front.”

“Doubt it.” she scoffed.

“There has to be a reason..” you mutter. “Hope, where does Lance live?”

“What? How the fuck would I know?”

“I know you know.”

“I’m not telling you either way.”

ou throw your head back. “C’mon.”



“No Y/N.”

“Fine.” you huff. “I’ll just sit here and soak in my sadness… it’s not fair that everyone gets to be with their soulmate but I can’t. And now-”

“Alright shut the fuck up, you’re annoying me.” Hope cut you off. “Be ready in fifteen minutes and when I say be ready, I mean be outside your apartment building.” and with that, she hung up.

Not wanting to waste any time, you quickly pull your shoes on along with a jacket. Wearing a spaghetti strap and gym shorts was fine, right? You shrug and grab your phone, heading downstairs to wait for Hope.

When you got there, she was already waiting for you. You get in her car and put your seatbelt on. “I thought you said fifteen minutes? You got here in ten.”

“Yeah I know, decided to come early. I was gonna wait five minutes for you and if you didn’t get down here in time I was gonna leave.” she says as she drives off. “Because you take forever to get dressed.”

“Well not today.”

She glances over at you, taking in your appearance. “I can see that. Gym shorts? Really? That just screams ‘fuck me right now’.”

“You would know that, wouldn’t you?”

Hope scowled. “I’ll have you know that I’ve only fucked three people.”


The blonde slapped your arm.

Hope pulled up to an apartment building and parked. You look over at her, giving her a confused look. Where were you? “Second floor, apartment 24A. Go, I’ll be back in like an hour, two if I’m feeling nice.”

“Is this…” you trail off and she nods.

“I don’t like him but whatever makes you happy. Also, the only reason I know where he lives is because I had to pass him Maggie’s file.”

You smile. “Thanks Hope.”

“Yeah, yeah now get the fuck outta my car.”

You laugh and get out, watching Hope back up before she hauled ass down the road. Shaking your head you turn towards the building and sigh. It’s now or never, right? You walk up the stairs to the second floor and strut down the hallway, looking at each door. 20A. 21B. 22A. 23B. 24A.

Lance’s apartment was on the left side and you take a deep breath before knocking three times. You wait patiently but there was no answer so you began knocking again. It wasn’t until you heard a faint “yeah, yeah I’m comin’.” that you stopped.

Lance pulled the door open, his eyes glued to his wallet as he fished out some money. “How much is it again?” he looks up at you and surprise struck his face. You were the last person he thought would be at his door. He thought you hated him. “Shit Y/N, I thought you were the pizza man.”

“Obviously I’m not.” you don’t know when you crossed your arms but they were crossed.

The both of you stood there in awkward silence before Lance cleared his throat. “Uh, come in.”

He stepped aside and you enter his apartment. To your right there was his living room which was spotless and right in front of you was the kitchen which was also spotless. There was a door next to the kitchen which you assumed was his room since his infamous jacket was hanging on it.

“At the end of the hallway is a bathroom so if you need to go it’s over there.” Lance says, pointing over to your left. You nod and notice another door. Does he have a roommate? As if he heard your thoughts, he nods his head over to the door. “That’s like a storage room, I guess you could say. The only apartments available were two bedroom ones.”

Again, you nod and look around. The apartment was nicely decorated. You expected it to be… bland. Lance licks his lips and looks at you. “Do you want anything to drink?”

“No thank you.” You watch Lance walk over to the fridge and pour himself a glass of water. After drinking it he rounded the counter to stand in front of you.

“So.. uh.. what’re you doing here?” he questioned.

You scoff. “Do you really not know why I’m here?”

Lance frowned. “Is it about the date?”

You nod. “I’m just going to get this over with.” You say, running your fingers through your hair. Lance takes this time to look at you. A spaghetti strap and gym shorts? Oh man he could only imagine how it would feel to have your thighs clench around his head as he- “Why didn’t you show up?”

Lance blinks twice, coming back to reality. “Huh?”

“Why didn’t you show up? Were you with another girl that night?” you questioned. You sounded like a jealous girlfriend but you didn’t care.


“Is that why you never answered my calls or texts? What about these past five days? Why haven’t you replied to me? Is there someone else? Did you blow me off because you don’t do the dating thing? I need answers, Lance. I need to know if I’m wasting my time or not. I know when we were younger you wanted nothing to do with me but I thought maybe you felt different now that we’ve met.” You spoke.

“No, I’m not seeing anyone right now. I haven’t been with anyone these past five days.” He tells you and you nod. You’re about to continue speaking when a girl emerged from his room.

“I finally found it. Thanks for not helping me you a-” she turns to the both of you, eyes drifting to you then to Lance.

You scoff. “You haven’t been with anyone these past five days?” Lance stays silent. “Unbelievable. I can’t believe I actually thought you had feelings for me. Hope was right, I should’ve just stayed away from you.”

You start walking to the door but Lance grabs your hand. “Woah, wait! Let me explain!”

“Explain what? That you weren’t actually interested in me? That you were probably with some chick Friday night? Honestly Lance-“

“Y/N would you just shut the fuck up and let me speak!” he cut you off and you freeze upon hearing his outburst. “Shit, sorry Y/N I didn’t mean for it to come out like that. Just, please let me explain everything.”

You only nod. Lance lets out a sigh. “She doesn’t mean anything to me. The only reason she’s here is to get her jacket that she left here three weeks ago. We didn’t even know three weeks ago, you can’t get mad at that.”


“Fuck you, Lance!” the girl exclaimed as she made her way to the door.

“Why the fuck are you still here?” he glared at her as she left but not before showing him her middle finger.

Lance runs his fingers through his hair and sighs. “Anyways, where was I…”

“You were gonna tell me why you blew me off Friday night.”

Lance frowns. “Right.. I uh… I got insecure.”

You scoff. “You got insecure? Lance, that is by far the worst-“

“I’m not lying.” He cut you off. “I went down to the gym Thursday and asked Hope for some help. I didn’t want to fuck up the date and since she’s your best friend she knows what you like and what you don’t. So, when I asked her to help me she said that I shouldn’t even go because I was gonna fuck the date up no matter what. She said the only thing I was gonna do was break your heart because it’s the only thing I’m good at and she’s right. You deserve someone much better than me. I’m a fuck up. I already fucked up.”

You scowl. You were going to murder Hope for saying such things. “I know I probably deserve someone better than you but does it look like I care? I can look after myself, Lance. You’re my soulmate for fucks sake. There’s a reason for that. You didn’t even give us a try before you decided you were no good. I don’t know why this one time you listened to Hope when you never do.”

Lance raked his fingers through his hair and you continued. “Why won’t you give us a try?”

He sighed. “Because I really like you and I’m afraid I’m gonna screw shit up. I’ve never been in an actual relationship. I wouldn’t know what to do. I’m so used to sleeping around, no strings attached but-“ he paused. “My friends in high school who already met their soulmates would tell me how great it was and how complete they felt. Even now I stumble across people who feel that way and I always thought it was a load of bullshit. But after meeting you all that changed. I understand why everyone is so focused on finding their soulmate because fuck Y/N it’s the best feeling in the world.

“I want to be with you more than anything in the world. You’re so sweet and so kind and just the complete opposite of me and I’m fucking terrified that I’m going to do something so fucked up and ruin you and I don’t want to do that. I’m afraid I’m gonna hurt you so bad to the point where you hate me and fucking hell that crushes me.”

He’s in tears by now. You’d never thought you’d ever see Lance crying but here he was right in front of you with tears streaming down his face.

“And now I’m crying like a fucking idiot, making myself look even more stupid than I already do.” He sniffled and wiped his face with the back of his hand.

You take a couple steps forward, closing the gap between the two of you as you hugged him. “I knew that whole asshole thing was just a façade.” This makes Lance chuckle as he calmed down from crying. “You can’t help what you feel. You’re only human. It’s okay to cry and it’s okay to be fearful but you can’t let it stop you from being happy.”

“I’m sorry for blowing you off.”

“It’s fine, Lance.”

“No it’s not.” He pulls away so that he can look at you. “Let me take you on a date. I’ll show up this time.”

“We don’t have to rush into anything just yet. We can just-“

“I wanna take you out on a date.”

“Are you sure? We don’t have to-”

Lance sniffled. “Please?”

You smile. “Alright, Lance. I’ll let you take me on a date.”

“Thank you.” He presses a kiss to your cheek. “Since you’re already here how about we go to my room so I can take these pretty little shorts off you.”

He tugs at your shorts and you swat his hand away, laughing. “Lance!”

The mood shifted from serious to playful and Lance giggled. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding! Let’s watch a movie or something while we wait for the pizza man to get here. He should’ve been here like… twenty minutes ago.”



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All daddy headcanons for- Dadsona working so much, he's angry and tired and when the dads ask him if he's alright, he snaps at them and/or the other way around. (Tired and angry af Dadsona snaps angerly at Dads/Tired and angry Dads snap at Dadsona. Angerly)

((I love this one because ya boy is crabby af))

Robert isn’t about to put up with your attitude. When you first snap at him to fuck off, he crosses his arms and gives you a very serious look. “Ya wanna say that again?” You give him a look right back, “I said fuck. Off.” And then you’re in the air, thrown over his shoulder, being walked into the bedroom. “BZZT! Wrong answer.” He’d throw you on the bed and proceed to…tickle you. Tickle you until you said uncle and apologized for being a smart ass. Then he’d kiss you gently and run a hand through your hair. “Good. Now let’s get some chow. You need to take a break.”

Craig is all-too-familiar with this flaw, though it never makes him snappy. So when you snap at him he’s a little surprised, but he understands. “I feel the stress radiating off your body, dude,” he’d joke, wrapping his arms around you from behind. “Let’s take a shower and chill.” It’d be kind of impossible to stay annoyed with Craig. He’d pepper kisses over your shoulder until you gave in and stepped away from your work.

Hugo notices early on that you have a bit of an issue separating personal life and work. One night when you’re workin’ a little too hard he brings you a cup of coffee and asks you to take a break. You tell him he can shove his coffee where the sun don’t shine. He’s not down for this. Immediately he scoops you bridal style and throws you onto the couch. “What are you doing?!” “Forcing you to take a break,” he clarifies, clicking on the tv. After than night Hugo /insists/ on designating specific times for both of you to work. After those times work must be put away.

Mat gets pretty hurt when you snap at him. All he was trying to do was watch out for you. When you snap at Mat, he leaves you alone. When you finally finish your work you find him asleep on the couch after having made you dinner and leaving it in the oven to keep it warm. He also has a pot of coffee ready to brew whenever you need it. Be gentle with this man, because all he wants is to be kind and gentle with you.

Joseph is an expert calmer. He’s going to handle you so well and slowly get you away from whatever it is that’s stressing you out. However, once you’re calm again, he’s going to sit you down and have a talk with you. “It’s alright to be angry or annoyed with me,” he’d tell you, taking your hand in his, “But I need you to be careful with what you say to me when you’re mad.” Joseph has lived through years of emotional abuse. He doesn’t deserve that anymore.

Brian isn’t down. If you snap at him he’s going to snap right fucking back, don’t you worry. He’ll clap a hand on your back and say “Fine, honey, be that way,” then walk tf away from you. Will stay bitter until you apologize.

Damien brews you a nice cup of tea and kisses your forehead after you get pissy with him. “Love, you know I’m simply trying to watch out for you. A clear distinction between home and work must be made.” He massages your shoulders and speaks quietly into your ears. “Come now, dear, retire with me to the parlor and let’s relax for the evening. I hear that show you like is on…What was it? Paranormal Ice Road Truckers?”

“Long Haul Paranormal Ice Road Truckers,” you correct.

“Yes, yes. I’ve saved a few episodes for your viewing pleasure.”

Damien's Rough Morning. (TW: dysphoria)

I’m sorry I have the tendency to project on my favorite characters, esp ones I relate to. I needed to write this out. Smallmarch undertones. Plus I’m not a great writer I just wanted to vent into writing so… Sorry?


One extraordinarily bright morning, Damien discovered his curtains were not quite closed and his face just happened to be in the line of fire. He groaned softly and was prepared to cover his face and go back to sleep– it was his day off, who could blame him– and as soon as he rolled over he was aware of the soreness in his upper body. He looked down to realize that he was not in his usual black baggy t-shirt for bed, but instead his binder. He frowned, silently cursing himself as he sat up. Damien was usually so careful about binding, but he must have been so tired after his shift the night before that he forgot to take it off.
Binding safety had always been his number one priority… If it was done wrong, his top surgery could be complicated.
Letting out a huge sigh, he swung his feet over the edge of the bed and trudged into the bathroom for his morning routine.

When he was out of the shower, he wrapped himself in a long black silk robe and made his way to the kitchen to make breakfast for Lucien. He got out his gluten-free pancake mix and the rest of the ingredients, his robe loosening as he moved about the room. He kept tightening the knot and adjusting the sleeves, irritated. He felt like sobbing; while his chest wasn’t as prominent as before, they were still very much there, and he hated it.

Lucien’s heavy combat boots stopped down the hallway as he was getting ready for school. He was a senior now, and his schedule had thankfully allowed him to start the day later on. He was surprised to see his dad out of his usual attire. “Hey… Something happen to your vest or something?”

Damien shook his head, “No, son. Do you want blueberries?”

“Yeah, on the side.” Lucien sat at the breakfast table as his dad finished up the pancakes and brought them to the table. As Damien sat down, his son could clearly see that he had been crying. “…are you ok?”

Damien, who was forking his pancake, looked up, tugging a stray hair behind his ear. He cleared his throat. “…hard morning.” Was all he could manage.

Lucien frowned. “Is.. is it a dysphoria thing? If.. that’s the case I can stay home. I mean…”

“Yes. It is. But Lucien, you will not use me as an excuse not to go to school. You have to get your Government grades up. I’ll be fine.” Damien sighed. He was usually good at fronting an image when this happened, but he was clearly struggling. He felt bad leaning on his son for support.

“..Okay.” Lucien said, scarfing down the last of his pancake. He made it a point to be more thankful. “I really appreciate you… Making breakfast. Uh… I love you, Dad.” He offered a small smile to his father.

“I love you too, son.” Damien felt a little better knowing that his son was always supportive and knew that he was having an incredibly hard time.

Damien began to clean up breakfast, quietly thanking Lucien for giving him something else to intensely focus on. He then received a message from Robert.

‘Lucien told me you’re having a rough morning. I’m coming over.’

Sure enough, less than a minute later, there was a knock at the door. Robert let himself in, closing the large doors behind him. “Damien?”

Damien frowned. “Please don’t look at me right now, Robert. I’m terribly under dressed, and I am quite uncomfortable at the moment.”

Robert sighed, raising his voice slightly so he could be heard. “I could bring you some… Baggy clothing? And then you could walk over to my place and play with Betsy. That usually helps.”

“… That sounds great.” Damien replied after a moment, hiding away in the kitchen still.

“I’ll be right back with the clothes.”

“I’ll be outside the lavatory, if you could please set the clothes outside them and knock on the door when they are there.”

“Sure thing.” Robert says as he turns around to leave.

When Robert returns again, he could hear quiet sobs coming from the bathroom. He hated seeing Damien like this. He set the clothes on the floor in front of the door and knocked softly. He knew Damien wasn’t okay, and there was no point in asking.

When Damien finally got changed he walked out in a huge baggy black shirt and cargo pants. His hair was tied up. It, in all honesty, was different, but was a good look. They walked silently to Robert’s and Betsy immediately greeted to two, focusing on Damien. She hated seeing one of her favorite humans sad and tried her best to console him with kisses.

The three of them curled up on the couch, watching Long Haul Paranormal Ice Road Ghost Truckers. Damien felt a lot better, having someone who cared, a dog, and a brief distraction from reality as he took a nap on Robert’s shoulder, Betsy sprawled out in both of their laps.


MMFR novelty T-shirts, part 2! (Part 1)

Had SO MUCH FUN with this (even though I spent 1000 years on every wife and 10 minutes on everybody else.) Got some help and suggestions: sickmonkey1027 suggested Foxy Grandpa for Ace and gatsbygal suggested Joe in a Female Body Inspector shirt (which might be the sleaziest thing I’ve ever drawn, I feel the need to wash my tablet with soap) Also I think someone mentioned a “if lost, return to Slit” in the old post so I totally stole that idea for Cheedo.

Personal favorites are the two last one. For Max I couldn’t find ANYTHING and for Furiosa I found TOO MUCH (seriously, do you know how many horrendous trucker/asskicking novelty shirts there are out there? It’s kinda overwhelming) Then I googled “dog novelty t-shirt” AND GUESS WHAT POPPED UP ON THE FIRST PAGE. Same with Haul It Like You Stole It, when I laid my eyes on that beauty I just knew it was the one.

katwrech  asked:

Tell me about perryshmirtz. Pretend that I've never heard of it. Make me ship it from the bottom of my heart. Give me headcanons, be poetic, list numbers, rant as much as you want to. Explain how they work, how they love, what they do to each other. If you've been waiting for an opportunity to tell someone about anything concerning these characters, this. Is. It. Tell me about perryshmirtz.

They are. Everything.

Like. Heinz Doofenshmirtz is this evil scientist, except he’s actually an ocelot, except deep down he’s still a scared traumatised little boy who just wants to be loved oh god someone love him

Then Perry the Platypus aka Agent P shows up, every day, to fight him and Heinz can’t help but get attached because his nemesis is all he has

It doesn’t quite matter that Perry’s a platypus because Heinz has always been bad at people and a platypus isn’t quite a people and it’s not like Perry can yell at him the way everyone else does if he’s an animal that can’t talk

And Perry’s just there to thwart and leave except somewhere along the line he looks deeper and sees that scared traumatised little boy behind Heinz’s evil scientist facade

And he recognises someone who’s really not all that different from his own family, from the people who mean the world to him

So Perry, secretly, despite himself, falls in love

There’s feelings there, on both ends, but they never bring it up because this is what a nemesisship is like right? except it’s not

And then Heinz does the most evil thing he’s ever done in his life and cheats on Perry

He breaks Perry’s little platypus heart

That’s when they both realise they need each other, their lives are better off with each other in it

And then Heinz vows to be a good nemesis to Perry

“I promise to hurt you in the right way”

And he does, he realises there’s a right way to hurt Perry the Platypus (with cartoonish physical violence) and a wrong way to hurt Perry the Platypus (emotionally)

They still don’t acknowledge those feelings, not even to themselves, because this is still new territory and they’re still nemeses

But it’s a civil nemesisship, they can have tea together sometimes

So they find a new status quo, one where they’re comfortably nemeses

Sometimes Perry helps Heinz, sometimes Heinz helps Perry, it doesn’t make them any less enemies

And things are good

And then


But surely

Things start to change

It’s hard to notice at first, maybe Perry pays a little more attention to Heinz’s monologue, maybe Heinz figures out what Perry’s little gestures mean

But somehow, without either of them noticing, they become friends

A kind of friends, at least, the sort where they still fight on the regular but genuinely care about each other

The sort where Perry will save Heinz, no matter what, no questions asked, because that’s what he does

More importantly, they trust each other

It’s an earned trust, from Heinz making good on his promise, from Perry being there whenever Heinz needs someone there

And it’s all so obvious in hindsight but if you asked they’d say of course they hate each other they’re nemeses

But they can’t imagine a life without each other

So Perry, aloof stoic platypus that he is, comes out of his shell a little

He’s bad with emotions but it doesn’t matter when Heinz is always so glad to see him (even if he doesn’t act like it), and it’s so nice to be treated as an equal for once rather than a housepet or a subordinate

And Heinz, Heinz has all the times Perry’s encouraged him, he’s cobbled together some self-confidence, it doesn’t matter if he’s barely scratched the surface of his trauma because Perry will always be there and seems to enjoy his company and doesn’t mind the monologuing

Even another run-in with Peter the Panda, the Other Nemesis, can’t dent this unshakable faith they’ve found in each other

Eventually they reach the point where Heinz asks Perry for emotional support, not couched in any hints or schemes, just a plainly-stated request

“Hold my hand, Perry the Platypus, I’m scared”

It’s a testament to this thing they’ve built together that Perry does, without question, because he can see how much it means to him

And yet, everything changes, again, when they get stuck in the desert

(This is the major turning point of their relationship, where they show how far they’ve come and how far they still have to go and make it clear they’re in it for the long haul)

(This is Road To Danville)

It’s Heinz’s fault, really, like most things are

And normally Perry wouldn’t care, he knows Heinz and accepts him for who he is, but

Heinz pushed the blame onto Perry, because he’s terrified of what it would mean if he was the one at fault for this, for everything

And, inevitably, Perry gets hurt

Actually hurt, in the wrong way, the way Heinz promised not to do

So he’s reverting back to his old aloof self, pushing Heinz away

And that hurts too

So now they’re both angry and hurting and miserable, and then they split up and end up even more miserable

Being apart makes them miserable, knowing they hurt each other in the wrong way makes them miserable

Perry’s forced to confront the idea that he’s been taking Heinz for granted, that he needs to actually show how much he cares sometimes, that he was maybe a bit too quick to get upset at Heinz just like everyone in Heinz’s past he was trying so hard to be different from

Because complacency meant he lost sight of the fact that deep down all Heinz wants is someone to acknowledge him and care about him

And Heinz, Heinz has to come to terms with the fact that maybe things are his fault sometimes, he can’t always push the blame onto other people

And that hurts

But they come back for each other (and then Heinz does his normal thing and thinks only of himself for a bit but he feels guilty and then he goes back for Perry)

They come through for each other, Perry believing in Heinz and Heinz living up to that faith

And Heinz is forced into another realisation, he had so many realisations that day, and this one’s that he can actually succeed at things sometimes and that success can be because of him

Which is something he’s never heard in his 47 years of life, not really

(And that was Road To Danville, the wildest 11 minutes of the entire show)

After that, after everything, they still think of themselves as nemeses

Even though Perry keeps pictures of Heinz in his wallet

(Look at their smiles, look at them)

Even though Perry can and will go against everything his job stands for if it will make Heinz happy

Even though they are both each other’s Most Important Person at this point and know it

Hell, they even have a Moment at Niagara Falls, you can’t tell me that’s not romantic

Go ahead, tell me that’s not the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen

There’s more, still, more times they show each other how much they care, more times they believe in each other, more times they hold hands because what’s a little hand-holding between nemeses

(Okay that last one’s not quite hand-holding but it’s the “you are my rock” scene and that’s just as good)

But to summarise

Perry believes in Heinz, cares about him, understands him, when no one else would

Heinz treats Perry like an equal, like a best friend and confidante and someone to be admired, where no one else could

And they both, both treat each other as someone who matters, whose thoughts and opinions and feelings matter

Even though the world doesn’t see them that way, treats Heinz like a worthless incompetent evil scientist, treats Perry as an ordinary housepet or an emotionless secret agent

They know they’re more than that

They. Are. Everything.

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So I've been thinking about carpool karaoke with Harry lately and I was wondering if you could do a little blurb about it?? Like y/n and Harry on a road trip just singing every song that played and him laughing at how terrible of a singer you are but like still loving you. It should be so cute and fluffy that I wanna vomit ya know?? Love you!!

Susie you should write a blurb about Harry’s girl taking charge in the bedroom!

Joined these two.  This was fun.  Bit of a surprise in here.  Haven’t written that scenario before.  Enjoy.

The trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas was around four hours.  When Harry suggested a quick road trip and a weekend together in Vegas, you could hardly resist.  It would be the only real time together the two of you had been able to get since his solo CD had been released.

His tour was slated to start in three weeks, this gig in Vegas was strictly a fan thing.  The car was packed with the necessary food haul for a road trip though it was modified because both you and Harry were health freaks.  So instead of the standard junk food there was a cooler full of water, fruit and a nut/berry concoction Harry swore was better than sex.  You’d just have to see about that, you told him with wiggled eyebrows.

And you were off.  The first hour had been easy conversation about all the things the two of you had missed about each other’s lives while Harry had been gone promoting.  Your new job, his offer for his own record company, you made it to five mile runs without stopping, he’d graduated to being able to deadlift close to 350 lbs.  It was discussions like these that you missed the most.  Nothing important was being said yet everything important was being said.  This was the good stuff.  The things about Harry that no one else knew but you.  Mundane details that were insignificant but made up who he was.  All the reasons you loved him.

You thumbed through your Spotify, smiling to yourself when you connected your phone to his truck’s Bluetooth and turned on your roadtrip playlist.

Harry looked over at you,

“What’s this?”

“I made it special.  When you suggested a roadtrip I knew we had to have music.  What roadtrip is complete without music.”

Harry reached over to squeeze your hand,

“Very true, My Love.”

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you're such a doll omg your icon is lovely. since theres a severe lack of Lucien and ernest in the fandom, can I have a little thing about them either being platonic friends or romantic friends (up to you) I just really love Lucien and id rip out my own heart to see him smile oh my goD

!!! You’re such a sweetheart!! But me too I love these kids with my entire being

So yeah I both platonically and romantically ship ‘em so I’ll do a lil for both to make everyone happy!

☀︎ So they love to pull pranks on not only each other, but other people as well, namely other kids on the cul-de-sac. However some kids are off limits due to… experiences
☁︎ Once they tried to prank the Christiansen twins and it was honestly the worst mistake of their lives.
☀︎ They thought those kids were actually possessed for a few months. (I might go into further detail with the story later). So they don’t dare mess with Christian and Christie.
☁︎ They totally watch marathons of Long Haul Paranormal Ice Road Ghost Truckers. They often pull an all nighter without even realizing it
☀︎ One time Lucien gave Ernest some oregano and told him it was weed. He fuckin smoked it. All of it. Without questioning if it was really weed. Lucien had a hard time containing his laughter at how naive this poor boy is.

☁︎ They aren’t really ones for PDA, but if they go out to eat they’ll hold hands under the table and be all blushy! Same at movie theaters!!
☀︎ Despite being such brooding teens, they’re so soft when they’re together, like they bring out the best in each other!! And sometimes the worst but the best definitely outweighs the worst
☁︎ Sometimes they have sleepovers and just cuddle on one of their beds (depending on who’s house they’re at) and listen to music, occasionally giving each other soft sweet kisses, but for the most part just cuddling, and then falling asleep with Ernest’s head resting on Lucien’s chest and honestly this is the cutest shit ever!!
☀︎ I headcannon Lucien as asexual so I can’t see them doing anything inappropriate together, plus they’re kids Ernest is in middle school
☁︎ Ernest loves it when Lucien kisses his nose and Lucien loves it when Ernest kisses his forehead!!

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Before your ask box closes i FINALLY thought of a prompt: the dads with a ticklish s/o :D (btw your writing is amazing!)

I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to get to your prompt! Hopefully, now that we are four people instead of just me, things will go faster and you won’t have to wait as long! - Mod Mare

🥃 “Want another round?” At the sound of Robert’s voice you turn your head towards him. It’s strange how a few months can change a man so much, but Robert proves it’s possible. He got professional help, picked up a hobby other than drinking and cryptid hunting and actually started taking a shower every other day instead of once a week. His drinking got better, too, decreased to a normal and acceptable level. He still can drink you under the table though. The empty glass in front of you was only your third drink, however, so you slide it over to where he’s standing in front of the table. He dips his head and disappears for a moment, returning with two filled glasses. You scoot to the side to let him slide into the booth again. Automatically, he throws his arm across your shoulders, pulling you close until your sides are pressed together. Like always whenever he touches you, you blush. Though he told you he wants to take things slow and wait until he’s ready, you two still behave like a couple in public, only with less kissing and hand-holding. “Thanks, Bobert,” you say raising your glass in a toast. He rolls his eyes. “I told you not to call me that,” he grunts and drops his arm again. In doing so, his fingers brush over your nape, right where the fine hair thickens following your spine up your skull. You can’t help the shudder that goes down your back and lean away from the touch. Robert frowns, then his expression turns downright evil. “Oh, someone’s ticklish, huh?” You glare at him and move to the edge of the booth. He holds up his hands in a placating gesture which is destroyed by his smirk. “Scout’s honour. I won’t tickle you… for now.”

🍸”Help!” You try to wrench Christie off of you, but Christian holds down your arm with surprising strength for a seven-year-old child. To be fair, you’re holding back, not wanting to accidentally hurt them, but the longer this goes on, the harder it is to control your body. “Help!” Joseph finally puts down his book and takes in the scene in front of him with a grin. When Christian asked you whether you’re ticklish, you should have known the twins had a plan. You wonder if telling the truth would have saved you, but figure the outcome would have been the same, no matter what you said. Christie manages to pull your shirt free and slips her hands under the fabric. A very manly yelp escapes your lips as she begins tickling your sides. Now that they can reach your skin, the torture is even worse, your end is near. Your vision is blurred because of the tears and you’re laughing so hard you can’t beg for help any longer, but Joseph wouldn’t have saved you anyway. With a chuckle, your boyfriend sits down on the ground next to you. “Looks like the valiant knight has been slain by the Spider Prince and Princess! Surrender and your misery shall end!” You try to squirm out of Christie’s reach, but Christian moves over, effectively trapping you. Gasping for breath, you look at Chris, but he’s too busy playing on his Gameboy. Faced with inevitable defeat, you still put on your most determined expression. “Never, Spider King!” Joseph leans over you and grins. “Then suffer!” At the feeling of his fingers expertly squishing your sides, you scream. It’s a wonder none of the neighbours call the police.

☕ The beeping of Mat’s phone alarm slowly wrests you from the realm of dreams and thrusts you back into the waking world. You groan and pull the nearest object over your head, which probably is a pillow, not that you care. Next to you, Mat chuckles and moves, the bed shifting along with him. His weight leaves the mattress and you hear him walk, the creak of the door telling you he’s gone to the bathroom. One of the major disadvantages of dating a barista: He always gets up far too early. It’s probably only four or five am, far, far too early for any human being to be awake, and yet you enjoy cuddling with him far too much to sleep in your own bed. The pillow on your head is suddenly pulled off, exposing you to the light. You groan and cover your face with your hands but Mat’s having none of it, gently prying them off again. Once your eyes adjust to the brightness, you see him leaning over you, dreads hanging down. One lock brushes over your neck, making you squirm away, giggling. Mat raises an eyebrow. “Are you ticklish?” You vehemently shake your head. Mat copies the movement, but a lot slower – it causes his dreadlocks to glide over your skin. A shudder runs down your spine. You try to escape, but Mat’s weight on top of you keeps you trapped in place. Mat chuckles and does it again. “You are.” You can’t speak, trying to catch your breath between giggles, but you manage a nod. You keep your chin pressed to your chest and pull your shoulders up as far as they go so he can’t tickle you anymore. “Are you going to stay like this forever now?” You grunt. Mat kisses your forehead and climbs off the bed again. “See you later, turtle.”

🌹 Damien is intelligent, charming and a gentleman through and through. That’s where the problem lies. Because as much as you love it when he wraps an arm around your waist or puts a hand on the small of your back, it’s also maddening as hell. So far, you managed to not give away what you consider your greatest weakness, but only barely. Lucien, you’re sure, already knows what’s up; he keeps on shooting you unamused looks whenever you have to bite your tongue so you don’t start giggling when Damien does it again. It’s only a matter of time until Damien finds out. You assumed it would be during sex or another activity with equal amounts of touching. You did not take Damien’s interest in yoga into account. That’s a battle you cannot win. Seeing him go from one painful-looking pose into the next with ease reminds you of your aching, ageing bones. You barely manage to do the ‘low lunge’ without your back screaming in protest and Damien makes it look so easy. “Here, let me help you.” Damien steps behind you and puts a hand on your shoulder. The other slides down your spine, applying the faintest of pressure. You manage to hold in, until Damien’s hand settles at the curve where your spine meets your ass. You splutter, then laugh and, in your attempt to squirm out of reach, you fall forward on your face. “Oh my! Are you okay, Y/N? I didn’t mean to push so hard—“ He tries to help you up again, but that just makes you laugh harder. Damien lies down next to you and chuckles. “You’re ticklish?”
“I’m neither going to confirm nor deny that.” He reaches forward and brushes his finger over your side. With a yelp you scoot backwards and glare.

🎣 Right after Amanda, the invention of chocolate burgers and Long Haul Paranormal Ice Road Ghost Truckers, cuddling with Brian is the best thing in the world. You love putting your head on his chest and wrapping your arms around his torso; you love giving him belly rubs, making him laugh so much it vibrates through his whole body. It’s even better when you both are tired from a long day at work and flop down on the couch right after dinner. You’re not always ‘on top’, so to speak. Sometimes, like it is right now, Brian’s head lies comfortably on your chest as you hold him close to you. You move your hands to his hips, starting to draw silly patterns into his skin with your thumb. Brian giggles against your shirt and squirms away from your touch. You pause. “You can’t be serious. You’re ticklish?” It’s like Christmas and Thanksgiving in one. Brian pouts. “Am not.” You wiggle your fingers against his waist, drawing a snort from Brian as he tries not to laugh. “Are too.”
“I bet you are ticklish. Maybe here?” He pokes your side; you raise your eyebrow. He tries under your arms, but you don’t even twitch. “I think you’re trying to deflect from yourself, dear.” Brian smirks and scoots upwards. “I’m going to find your weakness, Y/N, mark my—“ He blinks in surprise at your sudden, startled laugh and leans back. You cover your mouth with your hand and duck your head, but not fast enough. Realisation dawns in his face. Brian grins and dives back in, rubbing his beard all over your neck. “N-no!” You whine. You try to escape but he’s stronger and pins you down, mercilessly assaulting your neck until you’re a laughing, sobbing mess.

👟 It rarely happens, but sometimes, you and Craig end up arguing. Most often, it’s about silly things, like what you should have for dinner or who was supposed to do the laundry but didn’t. You never got loud, there was no throwing dishes involved because Craig had a master’s degree in communication, but there always was reconciliation sex afterwards. That’s the only thing stopping you from storming out of the room right now because you’ve been at it for an hour and still haven’t made any progress. Well, not the only thing, but the most convincing. “Craig, their bodies won’t decay just because they had ice cream once.” It feels like you’re stuck in a continuous loop; you must have said that sentence 300 times by now. “Once? Bro, you take them out to ice cream after every major game which, to you, is basically every game!”
“It’s ice cream! They’re kids! Let them live a little! It’s only frozen milk, how bad can that be? No, I don’t want to hear the recipe again. I heard it five times already.” Craig furrows his brows. You can tell he’s going through your conversation so far, counting each time to prove you wrong. His shoulders deflate as he counts to five. With silence descending on you like a heavy quill blanket, Craig unexpectedly reaches out and pokes your side. You flinch away. “Bro, what—“ He does it again. Your back hits the wall, trapping you in a corner. Craig wiggles his fingers. “You can’t just end the argument by tick— NO!” Craig wraps an arm around your waist; his free hand mercilessly tickles you in all your sensitive spots. You gasp for air and try to free yourself, limbs flailing helplessly. Somehow, you manage to kick Craig in the knee, sending you both toppling to the floor. Your eyes meet his and then you’re both breaking into laughter.

📖 “Now, in theory, were this a match I would throw you right over my head.” From where you are slung across Hugo’s shoulder, all you can do is hum. You definitely do not want him to throw you down, but you don’t think he’s going to. That would definitely put a hamper on later activities. After your first physical brush with wrestling which led to Hugo and you making out, him suggesting to show you more moves became a pick-up line which never fails to work. With how close and personal you always got, it’s a downright miracle he never noticed how ticklish you are. Maybe he’s just never touched you in the right spots before or if he did, you were already breathless so it didn’t matter much why you gasped for air to begin with. “Careful now, I’m going to let you down again.” Slowly, Hugo shifts his hands from your knee-pits upwards while bringing you back into an upwards position. When his hands brush over your lower back, where your shirt had ridden up due to the athletics you’ve been doing, a startled laugh escapes your mouth. Hugo pauses; you can’t see his expression but you imagine him frowning. He brushes over your back again. Again, you laugh. “Well, well, well. I didn’t know you were ticklish.” Without any obvious effort whatsoever, Hugo lies you down on the bed. You do not like the smirk on his face. “I’m not?” Hugo raises an eyebrow. “Okay, I am. A little.” His other eyebrow joins the conversation. “Fine, a lot.” Hugo folds his glasses and puts them aside. “You know, I’m a fan of show, don’t tell.” You only get what he means when his hands are suddenly all over you. You try to scramble away but there’s no escaping JDSlamminger.

Amanda was sitting on the couch watching Long Haul Paranormal Ice Road Ghost Truckers. Dad was usually home by then to watch it with her but he was out hanging with Mr. Vampire. Still.

Just as the episode was winding to an end, the motion detecting lights in front of the house flicked on. Through the crack in the window that was Definitely Not Her Fault, she could hear her dad laugh.

Without hesitating, she jumped up and ran to the window. Lifting the curtain just slightly, she peered outside. They were holding hands! Lucien owed her five bucks! It was an old bet, but maybe he’d honor it…

She can’t hear well enough what they were saying, just a word or two. “I’m very happy…” “Letters…” Damien pulls dad into a kiss, Amanda flinches.
Nobody wants to see their parent kissing anyone. Ugh…

Distracted by the thought, she misses her chance to actually look like she wasn’t spying. Dad’s already through the door as Amanda dropped onto the couch, trying to look casual.

“Hello father. I was sitting here. On the couch. This entire time. Watching TV.” Dad looks at her with one eyebrow raised.

“Why is the TV muted?” He asks suspiciously.

“Loud commercials. Guess I’m more like my old man than I thought.”
Dad shakes his head and shuffles over, Amanda sits up to make room on the couch and scrutinizes her dad’s face. There’s a pink tinge to his cheeks and a smile on his face. There’s also dog hair on his shirt.

“So…” she starts, “Are you guys, like…” he looks over at her, a slight crease in his forehead usually reserved for difficult word jumbles. The little smile is fading and he looks almost worried. “Starting a vampire coven together?”

He smiles again, but the crease doesn’t go away. “Oh, plot twist.” he says, “Mothman. Damien’s actually Mothman. I didn’t see it coming either.”

"Genius…” she whispers as dad kicks his feet up on the coffee table. He looks back over at her, the same worried expression on his face. “Well, whatever’s happening, I’m really glad you two are happy.” She shifts on the couch and rests her cheek on his shoulder, settling in for some late night dumb shows. “You deserve it, dad.”

She can’t see it but she knows the crease is gone, he giggles. “Aw, shucks.”

Amish wagon hauling hay. Uphill road. No passing zone. @littlerunnergurl is driving her Jeep. And in a hurry. This will be interesting.

Now the wagon driver waved indicating there is no oncoming traffic. We can pass. Whew!

Earlier today I took LRG’s dogs and my dogs to her friend’s farm for a swim in a pond. While I was there a dog breeder showed up with several adult labs and some puppies. The homeowners are interested in acquiring another dog.

There were four Aussies and seven labs swimming and chasing. Canine chaos. I loved it.

The breeder looked like Larry the Cable Guy. I wanted to hear him drawl “Git ‘er done!”

At one point he reached for a beer. “Bob, you want one?” he kindly asked. No way was I going to explain to Larry the Cable Guy how full I was from several mimosas earlier in the morning. So I said I wasn’t thirsty.

As he opened his big cooler I thought “Light, Bud or Coors.” He whipped out a Blue Moon for himself and the homeowner. That was a little surprising.

“Oh hold on, you’re going to want this.” He reached back in the cooler and took out a plastic container. It contained neatly sliced orange pieces.

LTCG then poured the beer into a nice glass he had with him and topped it off with an orange slice before handing it to the homeowner.

That made me thirsty.

I must apologize for not getting out much lately, however my work truck was in need of completion. 120,000 original kilometers started out as an f250. Now we’re on a single rear F450 drive train with airbags front and back with some 37s and front and rear diff lockers. 6 inch suspension 3 inch body lift 23inches of ground clearance. Dyno’d at 417horsepower. As some know I also have a cummins. However this is my work Truck, I’m hauling trailers through roads people don’t want to bring atvs down and had to move logging equipment through muddy roads new trucks cannot do this, at least to a point of abuse/ dependability. Why would I build a truck I’m working with. Because every kilometer is paid for anyways plus I build other people’s diesels on the side so I may as well do it for myself. Most importantly I get 1500km before I need to fill up.


I come back from the St. Williams Nursery with a $221 Plant Haul. Quite the road trip and quite the sale and nursery as expected. The leg pain I got from crouching to look at tags quickly I did not expect however lol. So then, the list of purchased plants from the ones in the back to the front, left to right;

  • Bladdernut (Staphylea trifolia)
  • Swamp Rose (Rosa palustris)
  • Dwarf Chiunquapin Oak (Quercus prinoides)
  • Chinquapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii)
  • Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida)
  • Redbud (Cercis canadensis)
  • Yellow Coneflower (Ratibida pinnata)
  • Bush Honeysuckle (Diervilla lonicera)
  • Groundnut Vine (Apios americana)
  • Virginia Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum virginianum)
  • Virgin’s Bower (Clematis virginiana)
  • Bulbet Fern (Cystopteris bulbifera)

Surprise surprise that Dwarf Chiunquapin Oak flowers while still so small! The huge majority of these fellas are staying in the greenhouse for various reasons until they either have more roots (the clematis), till an area is full-on marked for planting (the oaks), or until the new gardenspace for the coming house addition is built (basically almost everything else). There appear to be zone location origins on the tags so I may try to get my plant documentation work back in order so that said zones for these particular children can be noted.

Photographed May 20th 2017