OH MY GOD GUYS it’s been soooo long. I had the worst ~month or so. It’s 11.30 PM, my uni starts tomorrow but there’s a huge mess, they might not open my specialization, I barely moved into my place, there’s a million things I still have to do and I just hate how messy my life is atm. I managed to take these two pics: of my work space (half of it, the other half is covers with papers, drills, saws, screws, bolts you name it 😫) and my lil muji haul. I hope I will get everything under control this week. Wish me luck!

- ̗̀ april 16th 2017 ̖́-

april favorites! i know it’s too soon to do this but i felt like it so here we go 🌸 1. muji gel pens (0.5 & 0.38) ; every studygram account loves these pens and i’ve recently started using them and holy shit they’re amazing!! 2. six of crows by leigh bardugo ; i read this book in two days honestly it’s AMAZING you should totally read it 3. steven universe ; i started watching it last month and i’m in love i love my crystal gems so much 4. now or never by halsey ; i didn’t like the song when it was released but now i can’t stop listening to it??? 5. my oversized bomber jacket 6. plants/flowers doodles ; as you can see on my recent posts i draw them EVERYWHERE 7. my black oldskool vans ; i wear them like everyday // follow me on instagram: @carlostudies


Daiso haul! Needed a couple things and ended up getting a little more than planned woops

My favorite is this pocket sized dotted notebook! (not gonna lie – I bought 2 packs lol) I like the cover that says “meow” but the other design says “Why don’t we just relax? Days with cats” soooo I covered it up with this totoro sticky and I’m going to use this one for washi swatches ^^ I absolutely love pocket notebooks and I also love dot grid paper so this was such an awesome find for me!

I hope everyone is having a great day ^^