July 6, 2015 // 1:30 PM

My sister is going back to school soon so I took her stationary shopping! It was probably a bad idea because I couldn’t help but splurge even if I don’t start school until late August. It was nice however, bringing my sister into the stationary world haha. I can’t wait to put these cutesy products to use!! 

I guess I was so excited that I didn’t realize I bought THREE of the same colors for the Sarasa brand but it’s okay because I love the color orange. I also LOVE Rilakumma so I bought a ton of Rilakumma products. I also saw the special edition Snoopy Mildliners but decided to pass up on them.

Have a great day guys!

- Jaz


New Video!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sE7irttB58c

Hey guys! So we made a small old navy & hobby lobby stop yesterday & today. We are beginners so we’re just now really getting used to lifting. We probably could have taken more from both stores but we decided to be simple. If you want detailed experiences at each one and what we did just message us!

• old navy tops x3 - 45.92
• prismacolor colored pencils x1- 24.99
• leather bound art journal x1- 15.99

All together we saved: 86.90

What your car boot should look like after a successful market trip - plus MORE bananas, apples, oranges, potatoes and greens that are not pictured and that we couldn’t fit in the boot. $55 was spent on one week supply of produce (for 4 people)(which will probably last a lot more than one week)
This lifestyle isn’t hard to afford, ESPECIALLY once you sort out your priorities🌟 Health should ALWAYS come first, not clothes, shoes, make up, cars, games, or any other MATERIAL things.

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