Mini Muji haul! Feeling so grateful and excited to use these new stationeries that my aunt got for me from Japan! ☺️💕

The latest additions to my shelves 📚✨
I’m still reading Into the Water by Paula Hawkins, but I’m afraid I won’t have much reading time today and tomorrow 🙈 I hope to finish it on Wednesday or Thursday though! So you can expect my review anytime soon 🙌🏼

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My UK edition of Caraval showed up finally! I’ve already it but I couldn’t help but get a physical edition! It’s so beautiful!! Anyone read this or currently reading it??

i got good lighting in my room today, so i finally took a haul picture of the stationery i bought as a birthday gift to myself 😂

uniball jetstream refills, tombow dual brush pens, and pentel fude touch sign pen from jetpens; kokuyo dual soft color highlighters from amazon :)

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- ̗̀ april 16th 2017 ̖́-

april favorites! i know it’s too soon to do this but i felt like it so here we go 🌸 1. muji gel pens (0.5 & 0.38) ; every studygram account loves these pens and i’ve recently started using them and holy shit they’re amazing!! 2. six of crows by leigh bardugo ; i read this book in two days honestly it’s AMAZING you should totally read it 3. steven universe ; i started watching it last month and i’m in love i love my crystal gems so much 4. now or never by halsey ; i didn’t like the song when it was released but now i can’t stop listening to it??? 5. my oversized bomber jacket 6. plants/flowers doodles ; as you can see on my recent posts i draw them EVERYWHERE 7. my black oldskool vans ; i wear them like everyday // follow me on instagram: @carlostudies

March 26, 2017

Long time no post everyone! Sorry for the lack of activity other than my contest, school has made things super busy! Here’s a quick snapshot of my recent MUJI haul. Also, big shout out to everyone who entered my giveaway, your support and positivity was amazing! 💖 I’ll be sure to hold another giveaway soon! 😘 Meanwhile good luck to everyone with mid terms/finals!!! 

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16.7.2016 6.19 p.m. - Hey everyone! I just came back from Stockholm yesterday, and what else would I, a stationery addict, have bought but more school supplies :D I’m sorry most of my posts are hauls these days, but it’s summer and I’m on vacation. Promise I’ll be back with proper posts when school starts :)
Notebooks and postcards - Lagerhaus, washi tapes - Design Torget and Bookbinder’s design (all by MT), Moleskine notebook and the blue to-do list with roses - Akademi Bokhandeln, pens, notebook and the white to do list - Muji,
golden ruler - Design Torget, planner - Åhlens.

I hope all my followers in Nice and Turkey are okay

♥Amazing Witchy YouTube Channels

★  Pagyptsian

★  TheShoeWhisperer* (mostly inactive but a lot of great older videos)

★  Mandi See *(TheShoeWhisperer’s current channel)

★  TheLadygravedancer

★  NightWillowCrafts

★  DragonFeather369

★  The Thrifty Witch

★  Ember HoneyRaven

★  The Flawed Mirror

★  Sunshine MorningRae

★  Laura Daligan

★  White Witch

They’re generally smaller channels but they’re amazing people and many of them have wonderful advice and guidance if you’re new on your path. Also lotsa fun tutorials and witchy hauls and all kindsa fun stuff<3<3 

Might update this later with more channels as I come across them.