So this was an extremely hard decision to make, considering that 300 blogs had reblogged the post, and all of them were amazing. thank you so much to all the blogs that wanted to join, but sadly, we couldn’t add all of you. so, here are the blogs that we chose for the Teenage Runaways

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anonymous asked:

Describe each one of the Teenage Runaways?

omg yay okay so lets do this shit:

Roxi(liamonds): totally sweet and will help you with anything. she read my fanfic in one sitting so we’re getting married

Lillian(Yorksher): always honest and very supportive, you can always talk to her about anything!

Lilipooh(perriewrds): NEVER GET HER HYPER shell go nuts and talk about turtle sex haha. i ship us hardcore. hili 5evaah

Jaria(mullingroans): the baby of the group awwwww…we were on tinychat watching a 1d concert and i thought she was gonna pee her pants :P i was too

Sarah(cardelevgne): a total darling, you just want to cuddle with her!

Tylizabeth(haudgens): sassy, funny, bangable

Olivia/honey boo boo (haurlds): the motivational speaker. she makes you question life. no but seriously shes hilarious idk what id do without her 

Brendino (liamtwist): sickest sense of humor out there i love it lol she’s funnny. this bitch is fab

Flora(niallhrran): fun, sweet, honest, love her to death!

Lenneh (maliktats): oldest in the group and very sweet. hanhan loves lenneh :3

Manal (ohlordstoran): too school for cool (: love ya bby xx

Then there’s me: MOMMA BEAR haha im second oldest and i am considered the gif queen

we literally are a family, we go to eachother for EVERYTHING.

and now you know the Runaways!