When you leave
its like Death.

Souls with wiser thoughts
And tired eyes

Tell us

Our aches are silly
For just a days passing..

And I am quick to agree

But in the valley of
Our distance

I find that
Conclusion not so quick

And I ponder:

“But isn’t Death the worst
Immediately after?”

And now with the penning
Of this silly thought

The thought of a permanent leave
Lingers with me
Like a talkative acquaintance

This brief absence
Becomes a premonition

Of a guaranteed departure
With a distant return

So I tap my thumbs
To glowing glass

They send the words
“I miss you, baby…”

To the stars and back
But I know

This celestial message
That exists between
Young lovers

Carries significantly less weight
Than I can express

—  When You Leave It’s Like Death. @coffeeintheburg

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Simple brush strokes of white
Killed vines, flowers, birds, and

Your childhood memories
Were silent as I murdered them
With latex

Hidden on top of a bookcase
Sits a toy pony

Caked with dust and laughter
I pick it up

With indifferent

I cast it downward to the
Plastic covered furniture

I did not realize

I had taken a piece
Of the little girl
You were

And cast it to

The last pinhole
Linking us to
A much smaller world

Plugged with painters

—  Painting Your Childhood Room coffeeintheburg
Hattiesburg Mayor orders removal of state flag
Mississippi Flags have been removed at the city of Hattiesburg police and fire stations.
By Ryan Moore, Margaret Ann Morgan

This is actually really interesting.  Initially, the flags were taken down out of respect for the victims of the Charleston shooting, but Mayor Johnny DuPree also says that the flags have become offensive and divisive.  He cites his Christian faith for his thoughts on the flags needing to be redesigned. 

New Release: “Songs My Mother Taught Me” by Fannie Lou Hamer

Fannie Lou Hamer, Freedom Day in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 1964. Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

Today Smithsonian Folkways releases Fannie Lou Hamer’s Songs My Mother Taught Me, a unique collection of songs, monologues and interviews from this Civil Rights-era legend. Find out more about Hamer and the album here: http://goo.gl/nHti9H 

“The family is a haven in a heartless world.” - Christopher Lasch. The most realistic owls I’ve ever done. Haha thanks to Jess for coming in to get this almost coloring book drawing done by her husband and little kids! Really fun piece. #family #kids #husband #drawing #kiddrawing #colortattoo #color #tattoo #cute #love #owl #baby #owltattoo #inkcompanytattoos #anthonyinkco #anthonywashingtonart #hattiesburg #mississippi #artist

Lemon pits, dried spit, bitten crust, saliva, dried cheese, crumpled napkins, and unwanted pickles

Used forks and knives Scrape against white
Pushing them to the trash

Dreams, time, worries, life
Cares, ambitions, and unwanted thoughts

A steady stream pounds
Them from plates
Scrubbing the mind

White porcelain, black coffee grounds, deep red lipstick

Stained to the rim of a coffee mug.
Pruned hands hesitate
Above the pump
I think of her

It isn’t her lips
But it is her color

“Lipstick is hard to wash off”

—  Lipstick is Hard to Wash Off (Dishwasher) @coffeeintheburg

“But he that dare not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose” - Anne Bronte. Always fun to do these true grey painterly pieces. Thanks to Shanon for coming and sitting very well for a painful rose on her chest. I’m looking forward to adding more when it heals. Sometimes being pale works out. You don’t get beat up by the police, and you can get tattoos with a lot of contrast haha. #painterly #paintingonskin #abstract #rose #flowertattoo #flower #truegrey #silverbackink #hattiesburg #mississippi #artist #blackandgreytattoo #tattoo #inkcompanytattoos #anthonyinkco #anthonywashingtonart

Picturesque day
Full of frameable memories
Fit for a museum

Feelings whisped in fuzzy acrylic
And sharp oils blended
Rockwellian scenes
On a canvas deep within me

Seedy dives
Jay-walks on busy streets
Holding hands
Exchanged glances
Hard to find coffee shops
Petty vandalism
Scrawled poems
Goofy jokes
Shoulder punches
Find themselves etched
Into the inside of my

As the day ends
A birthday is over

My phone likes B-sides
One-hits, and rarities
My headlights take me home

A quickly tapped message before bed:

“Goodnight Sweetheart, I love you more than anyone else.”

—  Birthday Trip To The Capital @coffeeintheburg

#tbt Throwback to that time when I was chillin’ with Maroon 5 back stage and had a million piercings in my face (tackle box lips). I’m a pretty big deal, obviously. I do miss all the ladies at that show. Also, don’t be jelly because Adam Levine likes me more than you. Haha #ujellycuzijam #maroon5 #backstagebeast #anthonyinkco #anthonywashingtonart #boyswithtattoos #couldbeyoubutyouplayin #hattiesburg #mississippi #artist #dadbod #tattooartist #livingraw

Portrait of a Portraitist

     I met John Chapman over 30 years ago working at Michele’s Restaurant, Purveyors of Fine Steaks and Seafood, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I was washing dishes and he was working as a bartender. A common sensibility toward the absurd drew us together.

     If the south is the breeding ground for eccentrics, John is one of it’s babies. John’s a prolific painter and one of his favorite subjects is himself, along with southern folklore, blues musicians, beat writers, pop culture and strange news. He has painted himself as a dog, cow, turtle, fish…Here is a self-portrait he did after a major stroke he had 11 years ago:

  Spoofs of famous works is a part of his repertoire. Here is his Self-Portrait as the Girl with a Pearl Earring–Shaving:

     and here is his Man with a Red Turban

     and a take on Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergère (John’s is at the Waffle House):

Here are a few more self-portaits:

     We’ve been having fun together. Yesterday we went to Clarksdale, MS and visited the crossroads where blues musician Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil.

     We ate lunch (fried catfish and bbq pork) at Morgan Freeman’s blues club Ground Zero and visited the Delta Blues Museum.

John has a couple of pieces hanging in Ground Zero–a couch showing fife player Otha Turner and “Mississippi” John Hurt.

and a stool portraying Morgan Freeman as a blues musician:

     Last night we hung out and watched the classic Dustin Hoffman movie Little Big Man. John brought out some photos to give me of myself at 18 (19?) years old. It was strange seeing myself. The past becomes a mystery the further you get from it. I’ll be turning 50 next week. I’m happy to not be 18. I wouldn’t want to do it over again.