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A playlist of the ‘History of Ideas’ which have AT’s voiceover just in case you haven’t already enjoyed them. The other illustrated podcasts in the series are easily accessed on Radio 4’s youtube channel. They’re almost all hugely entertaining and interesting, and the illustrations are so smart. I learned more than a few things from them.

Hope you enjoy!

AT: history of ideas: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjnKdkIHn4dUXzfFXh2KOLgOx47ix4Wme

What if...

…John’s parents had a strange or hateful reaction to Harry’s coming out (therefor, the alcohol) and now John is super scared that he will fall for Sherlock and he’s scared to admit that he’s in love with him because of what his parents might think? So he just went and married Mary instead.


Aidan turner’s straight hair:^)