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Hattice Headcanon

When she’s not busy, Alice will often visit Tarrant in his work studio. As he continues his labors, designing and crafting various hats and other such accessories, she’ll settle in a chair and silently doodle in a sketchbook. The two will work like this for hours at a time, silently tending to their individual crafts while still enjoying the physical presence of the other.

However, unbeknownst to the Hatter, who believes his friend is sharpening her cartographic artistry, Alice’s portfolio is littered with drawings of him. Likewise, Alice is clueless to the fact that much of Hatter’s projects are the product of him musing over what the Underland champion would look beautiful in should she wear it (not that she didn’t always looked stunning!).

Valentine’s Day: My OTPs

-By Rose, ISFJ Mod.

Since I’m not creative at all, I couldn’t think of any different post to write for today, so I followed my fellow mods’ examples:

Branch and Poppy, DreamWorks Trolls (ISTJ + ESFJ)

She’s endlessly optimistic while he’s a grumpy pessimist, they learn to overcome their differences to rescue their friends and realize they like each other more than they initially thought. She’s carefree, caring and affectionate; he’s deep, quietly loving and encouraging. He would do anything for her; she loves him with all her heart.

Ella and Kit, Cinderella (2015) (ISFJ + INFP)

I think this might be my favorite type combination in a pairing. She’s kind and humble, while he’s courageous and devoted to his kingdom. He looks to her for guidance because he knows she always strives for the best for everyone around her, both look up to their parents and appreciate family.

Alice Kingsleigh and Tarrant Hightopp (the Mad Hatter), Alice in Wonderland (2010) (ISFJ + ESFJ)

I normally prefer to see them as friends but I’m open to interpreting their relationship as romantic. They’re remarkably similar but she’s more grounded than him and regularly keeps him in track so he doesn’t let his madness get the best of him. They’re very supportive of each other and would do anything for the other, not to mention they understand each other perfectly due to their shared madness.

Marius Pontmercy and Cosette Fauchelevent, Les Misérables (INFP + ISFJ)

Like Kitella, he’s passionate and sentimental while she’s helpful and compassionate; both are brave at heart. He’s more concerned with his inner emotions and principles and she’s about the people around her, especially her daddy and her appearance but that doesn’t make her superficial at all, she just realized her daddy’s taste for clothes wasn’t the best and that she wasn’t as plain looking as she thought. Both are devoted to their parents, embodying what they would have wanted them to become.

I must retype Settie as an ISFJ soon, she clearly is one in the book.

Belle and Beast (Prince Adam), Beauty and the Beast (ISFJ + ESTP)

Tale as old as time, the most charming romance of all. She’s inquisitive, quick to judge but understanding while he’s impulsive but rational. They improve and balance each other as they learn not to judge before knowing the other person fully. When Belle is able to reach his Fe, he beings to warm up to her and they can finally connect and realize why they were wrong.

Simon Seville and Jeanette Miller, Alvin and the Chipmunks (INTP + ISFJ)

They’re both incredibly smart and intellectual kids who bond over their love for knowledge and their shared brash siblings (Alvin and Brittany) they both have to deal with. Simon is more logical, impersonal and assertive than Jeanette, and she’s sweeter, gentler and shier; both can learn a good deal from each other and it can help their relationship to develop as they grow older.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and Astrid Hofferson, How to Train Your Dragon (INTP + ISTJ)

They’re the perfect battle couple: she’s got the brawns, he’s got the brains, there’s nothing that can stop them. She’s strong, confident and a bit bossy while he’s introspective, reflective and analytical. She helps him make his innovative ideas a reality with her hard work and efficiency while also supporting him at all times.

Excuse the amount of ISFJs, I tend to like pairings with my type.


Imagine working with Johnny Depp and falling in love with his characters… Then you get to know him personally and realise he is sweeter and more amazing than any of his characters…

Me "adulting"

Me: Why yes, I am a reasonable and responsible adult

Couple that I ship: *does something cute*/*has fluff fanfic*/*in any way acknowledges the other person’s existence*

Me: Hehe whoops I accidentally slapped myself, call my mom


“I’m not in love, so don’t forget it
It’s just a silly phase I’m going through…”

I see her everywhere. I see her in my past, I see her in my present and for the first time maybe I can hope that I will see her in my future too. I wish I could say something. I wish I could tell her everything.
 But when she looks at me I’m frozen, I’m lost, I’m a five years old boy again who can’t say a word to a girl. And yet, when she looks at me, I feel like she already knows everything that I can’t say.
 So I just look back at her. And oh boy, If you could see what I see…

… you would be in love too.