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As promised, here are the Turn Around of the Alice in Wonderland voltron!AU for people who want to cosplay them!

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I understand that sometimes you need to make some change in order to cosplay something, don’t be afraid of being creative! And don’t hesitate asking for more precision if you need to!

PS: if you make it and take pic, or have a cosplay account on instagram, facebook or tumblr, and are not shy about it, I will be more than pleased to see your final cosplay!

cute Alice in wonderland fanart!

this movie is one of my fav disney movies! everything about it so beautiful and fun to watch! I love sketching alice a lot everywhere and finally sat down and draw her in my pc (I’m really happy I included the other characters as well = v =)


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Ok so I didn’t make my goal of costesting last weekend because I ran into some complications with the sleeves but I think it’s fixed now and should have Sheba done by the end of this weekend. I’M DETERMINED TO GET IT DONE I PROMISE. The Katsucrunch hell is real guys
I’ll be bringing Sophie for Friday so I’ve almost got a lineup figured out too WOO. I’ll probably post it next week!

Photo: Convention shenanigans


Progress on Sophie:

Apron is done and all the buttons on the yolk are finally sewn!

Wig is well on its way to looking good. It’s gotta be the thickest bloody $12 wig I’ve ever bought, first time I’ve ever had to start layering to thin out the strands ever!

I just need to do the sleeve cuffs on the dress now really and it’ll be done, then it’s on to finishing my Emma Frost and starting on Howl. :)

How I made my Sophie Hatter dress

I’ve gotten some questions on how I made my Sophie Hatter cosplay so I though it could be a good idea to make a post about it. :)
Unfortunately I don’t have so much progress photos for this cosplay but I will try to explain as good as I can.

The fabric I used was a blue micro satin. I really loved the fabric, it was very soft and it barely wrinkled at all but it melted in high temperatures so that was an experience^^’

I made the dress in two parts:

1. The skirt was a simple long circle skirt with a waistband and a zipper in the side. To make a more accurate shape I used a hoop skirt under and then a petticoat over it.

2. For the torso I started of with the back and the upper part of the front using a pattern for a basic blouse. For the lower part of the front I took a quite wide square of fabric that I gathered at the top.

I sewed the square (with the gathered side up) to the upper part of the front and sewed in the sides of the blouse. At one side a zipper was sewn in and then I sewed the arms, buttons and collar.

Hope it makes some sense and that it’s not to hard understand what I mean ^_^