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Ok so I didn’t make my goal of costesting last weekend because I ran into some complications with the sleeves but I think it’s fixed now and should have Sheba done by the end of this weekend. I’M DETERMINED TO GET IT DONE I PROMISE. The Katsucrunch hell is real guys
I’ll be bringing Sophie for Friday so I’ve almost got a lineup figured out too WOO. I’ll probably post it next week!

Photo: Convention shenanigans

How I made my Sophie Hatter dress

I’ve gotten some questions on how I made my Sophie Hatter cosplay so I though it could be a good idea to make a post about it. :)
Unfortunately I don’t have so much progress photos for this cosplay but I will try to explain as good as I can.

The fabric I used was a blue micro satin. I really loved the fabric, it was very soft and it barely wrinkled at all but it melted in high temperatures so that was an experience^^’

I made the dress in two parts:

1. The skirt was a simple long circle skirt with a waistband and a zipper in the side. To make a more accurate shape I used a hoop skirt under and then a petticoat over it.

2. For the torso I started of with the back and the upper part of the front using a pattern for a basic blouse. For the lower part of the front I took a quite wide square of fabric that I gathered at the top.

I sewed the square (with the gathered side up) to the upper part of the front and sewed in the sides of the blouse. At one side a zipper was sewn in and then I sewed the arms, buttons and collar.

Hope it makes some sense and that it’s not to hard understand what I mean ^_^



Here are two Pictures ive completed of my Mad Hatter Cosplay from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder. I really had to trek through these cuz im super sick with a crazy cold. x_x. I hope everyone at officialvoltageotome likes it! Took me about a day to make the whole costume.

I’m going to try and edit more photos and post them up later as well as put up fansigns on facebook. but now i think i need to sleep cuz I ain’t feeling good XD. 


Hijabi Cosplay: Alice in Wonderland

Cosplayer/Makeup Artist: queenofluna