hatter and oz

Luna Lovegood headcanon ~

During the summers of her Hogwarts years, Luna and her father traveled magical realms. Luna visited Neverland, Wonderland, Narnia, Oz, Halloween town, and several other places. 

Her favorite was Wonderland, because she befriended the Mad Hatter. He made her feel at home, and a little less.. Mad. Oz was a close second. Glinda had been thrilled to meet another good witch, and Luna was amazed at Glinda’s magic. Neverland was always fun. Luna loved flying without the need for a broom. In fact, she has a tiny bottle of pixie dust she carries with her, in case of emergencies. Narnia was full of amazing creatures she’d never seen before. The best part was they could talk! Halloween town was terrifying, yet thrilling. Jack had been a wonderful host.

However, when the war began, Luna and her father couldnt take these trips any more. There wasnt time. Luna missed it terribly. She wanted to go back, see Aslan, Peter, the Hatter, Glinda, and all her magical friends. 

After the war was won, Luna knew she couldnt go back just yet. She was needed there, to help the Wizarding world recuperate. Though she would return soon. She woudln’t be able to stay away for long.

Luna: “I’ve been thinking… Why is a raven like a writing desk?”


The Mad Hatter and the Dormouse

As if he were culminating all his frustration into one strike, Break no longer hides behind painted words of sarcasm or calmness as Vincent expresses his outrage of the Hatter’s interference with his desire to die.

He may not have gotten along with him in the long run of their relationship, but even Break can’t let an idiot like him throw his life away so meaninglessly. In his brutal words of honesty he tries to get it through his head that he’s gotta let go of the past in order to find a better future. (with Ada XDD)

It makes me smile since he kind of looks like Oz and Gil when they get emotionally heated up over something that they feel strongly towards. They really are a good influence on him, and hopefully his words were able to drive Vincent to reconsider his childish wish to be erased.