>>HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKU! (autoplay warning)<< | >>Song list + artists<<

This year’s Miku Collab has been completed! A big, big thank you to all the artists that joined, we collected a total of 117 submissions! It wouldn’t have been possible without everyone’s collaboration!

Special thanks to @jul-h and @ir-dr for their help! I’m really grateful!

Once again, happy birthday Miku! 39 for your music!


Lux’s official YouTube channel uploaded their full commercial starring Hatsune Miku and Scarlet Johansson! The song in the video is Mitchie M’s “Future Overture (Lux Ver.).” Check it out! 


I really like the Scarlett Johansson x Hatsune Miku Lux commercial, but Miku’s model was really uncomfortable. I tried to fix the facial proportions just a little bit to see if I could get a result I liked more! Also I made her eyebrows less angry


Here’s the full video for the Hatsune Miku x Lux collaboration! (Source)