New Hatsune Miku V4(X) demos! 

With just a few days to go until Hatsune Miku V4(X)’s release on August 31st, Crypton provides the fans with two more demos. The first one uses Miku V4 ENGLISH and is titled “Our Broken Anthem” by CircusP. The second is “faded” by sasakure.UK featuring Hatsune Miku V4X Solid. 

As you can see in the videos, there is also a new image of Miku V4X striking a pose! 

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 New Pinocchio-P song! (Contains flashing lights)


【Kairiki Bear ft. Hatsune Miku】Heart Nonsense «English sub»
Thanks TheBlackCero for subbing this for me!

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Hi! (^o^)/ This is a little chain message I guess? When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the first 10 people in your activity! (^^ゞ

 aww hi! i actually got this message twice. i dont know if it was a mistake or just 2 people sent it to me! but since i got it twice, how about i list 10 things and tag 20 people? haha i don’t mind. besides, just 5 things that make me happy is too obvious.

  1. Vocaloid
  2. Kaito
  3. Miku
  4. Kaito & Miku
  5. My friends
  1. My boyfriend
  2. My family
  3. cATS
  4. Tumblr tbh
  5. My followers!!! guys i used to be so lonely and sad and I was like “I want more Vocaloid in my life!” so i came to tumblr and made this blog, and ever since all my followers and the voca stuff on my dash has made me feel much better and a lot less lonely! so thanks guys <3

i don’t feel like sending this so i’m gonna tag people kay.

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