Hatsune Miku 9th Anniversary ~ Miku Saga~ Birthday Goods by Movic

From August 11th through September 11th, these goods will be available for purchase at Animate shops in Japan. Purchases over 1,000 yen include free trading cards. More pictures and information can be found in the campaign website. Note that some goods are available for pre-order online through Movic or Animate JP (scroll to bottom). A forwarding service will be needed since those companies do not ship overseas. Note: Kinokuniya does carry Animate goods, but it is unknown if/when they’ll offer these goods at their U.S stores. All of these goods will be available for purchase August 11th (including pre-orders).


Megurine Luka V4X  and Racing Miku 2016 Plush by GIFT

MSRP: Luka: 3,500 yen (w/o tax), Racing Miku: 3,800 yen (w/o tax) Release Date: August 2016

Both will be available for purchase at Comiket 90. Online/General sales are planned but there is no official date yet for when pre-orders open. Purchases at C90 include a bonus can badge for Racing Miku, when pre-orders are open online, the can badge is not included.