This was a lot of fun to create. Thanks @indiefoxtail for doing this with me. This whole thing came about during a chat we had while showing each other our different characters designs for Rin and Miku. I saw this one design, seen in the manga, and said it would cause Rin to be embarrassed, we then did this back and forth thing with each of us writing for the characters, me writing Rin and her Writing Miku.

Originally she gave me permission to draw the while thing, but after doing the Collab with NeoFox I decided to ask if she would be willing to draw Miku. She agreed so I did some quick prelim sketches of what I was planning with a basic shape of Miku and allowed her to draw as she wished. She then sent me back her sketches and I inked and coloured it.

It took a bit, but I really had a lot of fun working on this. I would love to do it again with her sometime. I’ve always loved her @askdailymiku page and the cute way she draws. The fact that she was willing to do this with me means a lot to me. I’ve never done anything like this until that little one at the beginning of the week with @omgwtfneo. It has been a great learning experience. Thanks again for doing this with me.

Well enjoy everyone!

Confession #1201:

“My vocaloid headcanons are so weird. Miku is an overlybubbly girl who can turn evil in a second (and strangle you with her twintails), Fukase has a huge bug that makes him do stupid things (like eating lemons whole), The Kagamines are the biggest trolls in the universe, and Meiko is like a naggy mom to all of the vocaloids. Also Fukase seems 18 to me! (For everyone who thinks Fukase is 14 or something, that’s a super tall 14 year old lmao)”

Artist: mikuma