Hatsune Miku X Anamanaguchi mini tour ⊟ 

If you live in a major metropolitan North American city, you might have some good times coming your way! Vocaloid virtual pop star Hatsune Miku and electronic/once-chiptune group Anamanaguchi are visiting six lucky cities (and maybe Dallas?) with a team-up that I never expected but now makes complete sense. I hope some collab tracks come out of this!

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Hello and welcome again to the Miku Collab! This time we’re celebrating Miku Day (March 9th) and I’ll be hosting a special collab.

The theme of the collab will be OriMiku (オリミク)

Orimiku stands for “Original Miku”. Orimiku drawings consist of Miku drawn with a different hairstyle and/or costume, created by the artist. (see examples in pixiv)

All the submissions will be compiled into one canvas that will be uploaded on Miku day.

To make this a little bit more entertaining, after I upload the collab there will be a voting to decide the best original design! Anyone will be able to vote, so make sure to spread the word.


  • If you want to join you will have to create a new design for Miku. It MUST be new.
  • We’re only accepting digital art.
  • Before joining, you must send an email to mikumikucollab@outlook.com with the following information: name and website with your latest art (tumblr, twitter, deviantart…). After this, you will receive an email saying whether or not you have been accepted within 48 hours. I’m organizing this alone, so please bear with me if I don’t answer right away. Do not draw a final submission until you get your confirmation.
  • This time, I will be accepting everyone as long as your piece is drawn digitally. No need to send examples of your art. If you want to join, you’re in.

Submission details:

  • Your final submission must have a front and back view of your design (full bodies). It can be drawn in any style you want (chibi, stylized…) as long as it’s clear enough. You can see some references here: one, two
  • Your final submission MUST be a 800x800, .png file, with a transparent background.
  • You must sign your submission with your twitter/tumblr/etc username and the name of your design.
  • When you’re done, send your submission to mikumikucollab@outlook.com and wait for a confirmation email. If i don’t answer in 48 hours, please send me an ask through tumblr or a tweet!
  • Deadline is on the 7th of march, that means you have a month to draw your piece.
  • DO NOT UPLOAD your submission until I upload the final canvas. WIPs are okay.

If there are any questions, feel free to send an ask. Good luck!


Here is a Valentine’s gift for all my Followers and Miku/Rin fans out there. Thanks for all your support on my Miku/Rin stuff and I hope you enjoy this little short I put together for you. This was supposed to be something quick, but to took much longer than I expected.

This is not connected to my other Miku/Rin series, Clockwork Clown and the Wind Up Princess. It is just something silly I put together the past couple of days. I’ll get to work on Part 5 of that tomorrow.

Well Enjoy!

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The dates and locations that flash at the end are the same as the Miku Expo tour in NA. Maybe Anamanaguchi is opening?

Your fave is problematic : Hatsune Miku
  • Told people that Luka was a witch just because she happened to like Gakupo, who Miku was currently dating, even though Gakupo happened to like Luka as well.
  • Gave people poison and told them it was medicine that would help them sleep better.
  • Ate her boyfriend because she “loved him so much she could eat him”.
  • Over-reacted over Luka accidentally knocking an ice cream cone out of her hand and caused her other friend to die because of that.
  • Was a yandere and cut off the head of the girlfriend of the boy she liked and then sent the girl’s head in a box to him as a present. She also sent the same boy cat heads because he happened to be a cat person.
  • Whatever the fuck Kurumi☆Ponchio is.
  • Ran a “Happiness and Peace of Mind” committee where people are executed instantly if caught showing the slightest sign of unhappiness.