A Summer Date with Miku

There, finished another Miku/Luka yuri piece. This took over 8 hours to ink and colour… adding in the 2 hours I spent on the sketch I posted earlier and I’ve spent most of the day working on this… that is the longest I’ve worked on a piece in a looong time. I tried a bunch of new things with Paint Tool Sai that I haven’t before and some effects in Photoshop. I couldn’t get Miku’s Yukata to look exactly the way it appears in Project Diva F 2nd, but I tried my best to get a similar look based on the toner and brushes I had on hand.

Originally this was made to be a wallpaper, but there was too much empty space around them I decided to crop it. I considered added in some food stands behind them, but felt it would clutter things too much and I’m really not that good at backgrounds… For something that was supposed to be a quick warmup to get myself going again it was taking way to long. If people really want a wallpaper version I still have it saved…

Well that is all from me today…


Hello friends I am alive. Here is a translation for Feelings, Bodies and Words, a sweet Hatsune Miku song by producer July, featuring a nifty video by miwasiba and with illustrations by Sakuragi Ren. The Miku tuning is also really nice here. July has also uploaded the original to their YouTube too! 

■ Music: July
■ Illustrations: Sakuragi Ren
■ Video: miwasiba