Project Diva X HD & Sweets Paradise Collaboration

Starting today (August 25th in Japan), Sweets Paradise will be offering a variety of Cryptonloids drinks and a roll cake in celebration of Project Diva X HD release in Japan.

Roll Cake: 1,800 yen, comes with bonus 58mm can badge of all Cryptonloid characters from the Ultimate Melody..

Cider Drinks: 500 yen each, comes with a random 38mm can badge of any Cryptonloid character. 


Even More Magical Mirai Goods Announced! (Part 1)

With the concert being less than 3 weeks away, there’s more merch announcements. The goods shown above are considered official Magical Mirai goods and can obtained at the event. All prices include tax.

For more goods, see Part 2.

Additionally, there are more goods as you scroll down the page that are offered by various company booths. While I previously did not write about such goods due to image limits, I’ll do a quick brief on some of the recent company additions.


Work T-Shirt: 12,900 yen, Full Color Graphic T-Shirt: 6,400 yen, Pyocotte Clip & Rubber Strap: 1,600 yen

Other Company Goods

p-i-i-t: Baseball Cap: 3,900 yen, TAITO: Stamp: 3,000 yen

(Due to image limits, a Part 2 is available with Gashapon Goods and Convenient Store Goods not mentioned in this post.)


Even More Magical Mirai Goods Announced (Part 2)

You can view Part 1 which contains more information about newly announced goods from different company sponsors. Part 2 (this post) is about Gashapon goods and merchandise from convenient stores.

Gashapon (Selected at Random)

Convenient Store Goods

Prize Print: 150 yen each. Only available from September 1st through September 30th at Lawson, Family Mart, and Circle K convenient stores with copy machines.

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