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In fact, this whole video is annoying. The person that uploaded the video is called ‘VOCALOIDForDummies’ yet the video doesn’t include any Engloids.

Dear god. I really wish people would do their research before spouting out “information” to newer fans. 

Facepalms all around.

NHK World J-MELO special talk show at NHK WONDERLAND (150719)

Guest: Suzuki Kanon, Iikubo Haruna, Oda Sakura, Nonaka Miki

fan reports :
- Sukatto my Heart outfits
- J-Melo 1 hour free talk with the members
- They had a few re-takes. NG moments by Harunan.
- Kanon looks great. She looks like she no longer feels uncomfortable showing her belly.
- Nonaka was very interesting.
- Oda Sakura talked passionately about Hatsune Miku
- fans had a great time listening to their talk.
- Broadcast date is late August.

credits: Amped @JPLOP

Nendoroid x iDoll Hatsune Miku in action @ Winter WonFes 2016