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anonymous asked:

Hey I'm not sure if this sounds rude I always feel weird asking people for requests, but if you ever get the time could you draw factory tyrant miku? I feel like she'd look great in your style! I love your art by the way!!

WHAT?! It’s not rude for you to ask, if it a cool Vocaloid request I’m all over it like you did lmao

Here is a pretty Factory Tyrant Miku (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The Chocobros, Nyx, Cor & video games!

Requests are open!


  • Really enjoys RPGs
  • Still hasn’t finished the main quest of Skyrim
  • Romanced Garrus in Mass Effect with a Shepard called Luna
  • “Is your FemShep named after Lunafreya?” “No…?”
  • They were
  • Fishing Simulator 2017
  • Plays Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley when he wants to relax


  • This boy is an absolute beast at FPS games
  • Borderlands is one of his favourite FPSs
  • Picked Lilith in 1, Gaige in 2 and Claptrap in TPS
  • Don’t challenge him at arcade games
  • He will actually destroy you
  • Especially at House of the Dead
  • Undertale made him cry just a tiny bit


  • Doesn’t get to play games often so he doesn’t keep up with latest releases
  • Really enjoys handheld games that he can play on the go
  • Even has King Regis beat at Candy Crush
  • Got so angry at Flappy Bird
  • He smashed his phone because of it
  • Actually reallys loves the Cooking Mama series
  • Would go competitive with Pokémon if he had the time
  • Very proud of his Alolan Vulpix


  • Enjoys some quality survival horror games
  • Resident Evil 3 was his favourite
  • Iris used to sit and watch him play RE3 and loved Jill
  • He spent ages religiously trying to get all the endings to Clock Tower
  • Likes a good hack n slash like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry too
  • Is an actual boss at rhythm games
  • His favourite are the Hatsune Miku games
  • Which are totally Iris’s games
  • Has beaten all songs on Project Diva 2nd F on extreme


  • Loves multiplayer games
  • Can’t pick between maining Sombra or McCree in Overwatch
  • Gets really pissed off at people who demand healing when they don’t protect the healer
  • Nyx is that one friend that steals your stars in Mario Party
  • “My turn to pick! I choose Rainbow Road!”
  • He’s the asshole that picks Rainbow Road and everyone hates him for it
  • Would be the first to volunteer to play Rock Band on vocals


  • Wouldn’t admit it but loves to play fighting games when he has chance
  • Mains Devil Jin in Tekken
  • Has entered and won tournaments in Insomnia
  • Straight up the saltiest person when he loses at Smash Melee to Ice Climbers
  • Plays a mean Princess Peach in Smash Bros
  • Would destroy you at Dance Dance Revolution if you can get him to play