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Undercover love

Originally posted by celinet7

Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Contains: Agent!Jungkook, Agent!reader, vulgar language, angst, smut(eventually), fluff, violence, death.  

Word count: 3470

Summary: Living as a top level secret agent can sometimes feel lonely and empty, but not when you have a fellow agent who constantly competes with you. Although he’s from another agency you’re both the best at what you do…hate each other. Both always sent on the same mission where you just can’t help but turn it into a competition. In order to have more chances at beating you, Jungkook sets out on his own mission to uncover your weaknesses, to spy on you. You very much hate him and he hates you…but that’s just what the both of you thought.

It was dark, very dark. There was barely anything to be seen as cold sweat ran down your forehead, swiping at it didn’t help. Your breathe hitching, here and there, as your hand was barely able to hold up the heavy object between your arm and waist. Your legs swiftly flying across the roof top of the building you had just retrieved the object from. A normal person would not believe their eyes if they had seen at which speed you were currently running.

You jumped across to the next roof top building as you glanced back to see if you were being followed. To your amusement it was that ‘idiotic arch nemesis’ of yours. With a smirk plastered on your face, you raised your free hand up to your forehead and proceeded to make the sign of an L. Doing this whenever you accomplished a mission before him has now become a tradition. The pure joy of calling him a loser was enough to drown the fact that it was the most immature and childish thing a person like you could do. Though it was dark, and you couldn’t see his face, you could feel his annoyance with the situation, “Works every time.”

You hopped over the ledge of the building and slid down the wall, landing perfectly onto the sidewalk in a crouched position. You dusted off your hand on your skin tight black leather pants, then proceeded to your car that was parked a good distance away from the scene of your now accomplished mission. You got in and placed the incredibly expensive artifact in the passenger’s seat, then drove off to return to your agency’s base.


“Ahhh, Agent Y/N! Welcome back, by the looks of it I can tell that the mission went quite smoothly?” Your information computer specialist, Namjoon, greeted you with a warm smile as he proceeded to take the artifact from your grip. “Have this returned to it’s rightful place as soon as possible.” Namjoon said with a smile while handing it to one of the agency workers. You moved over to the large screen that was normally where Namjoon would prepare and inform you on your next mission.

“He was there…again.” You sighed while balancing your head on your palm with your elbow placed onto the counter. Looking up with a pout on your face you caught Namjoon stifling a laugh while moving files and documents around on the screen.

“You think this is funny, don’t you?” You then decided to stand up straight so as to be taken more seriously. Namjoon turned around to face you, “I don’t know Y/N, I mean, it seems like fate to me. You’re always running into each other at missions, I don’t get why you two hate each other so much.”

Your arms were now tightly folded across your chest, you didn’t bother answering and just gave out a puff to show you are in no way ready to start this conversation with Namjoon again. He was always able to give reasonable points that you were never able to beat. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” and with that you waved and left the building. You were so ready to go home though, ‘Home…my empty, lonely home.’


“Alright, so what am I up for today?” You asked walking into Namjoon’s office, you dropped your duffel bag onto the chair, and walked over to the counter, where he was already standing at and swiping at the screen. Namjoon stood with his hand on his chin, “Well..” he started off, still with his eyes roaming the screen as if it were a landscape. Namjoon turned towards me, “Here.” He said while pointing at a portrait picture of a man, he seemed to be in his twenties, clearly bleached white hair, he was in fact quite handsome.

“He’s a very wanted assassin, he recently killed a high level lawyer. The lawyer whose name was Park Byeong-ho had a client he was working for before his death, none other than the infamous Hatsumi mafia leader, Dae Jung Lee. Now the line that connects this all together is that Dae Jung Lee somehow had a deal with Dragon that he failed to do. Being the mafia leader he is..he attempted to rip Dragon off, but lucky for him he was arrested before Dragon would’ve been able to get his revenge. This led to Dragon seeking revenge by eliminating the one person who could free Dae Jung from life imprisonment.”

“The Lawyer.” You said starting to realize where this story was going. “That’s correct, so your job is going to be to find out as much information about Dragon as you can. We currently do not have enough evidence to link him to the crime and many other crimes he has committed.” Namjoon placed his hand on your shoulder, “Y/N this agency is relying on you to get his ass the decree he deserves.”

“So I’ll be going undercover…I need my gear.” You walked out the office to the area that had all the equipment specially for you. You’re the top agent in your company and it’s only right to have your things separated from other agents’ equipment. You took some supplies and went back to the office to grab your duffel bag. “Good luck out there.” Namjoon smiled at you, you nodded your head as a reply, your serious mode currently switched on already.


Your plan was simple, a business woman doing her job. You watched as Dragon casually walked into the local coffee shop as if he weren’t an incredibly dangerous assassin. You waited a few minutes before going in as well, seeing him sitting on the far end of the shop, you decided to sit on the opposite side with your torso strategically facing him. You brought out your laptop and placed it on the small, rounded table. Since it was just a cover up, you began to type his features, behavior, whatever you noticed about him.

Subject ordered a plain black coffee, no sugar, no milk

No signs of unusual behavi-

Just as you were about to type the last two letters of the phrase, you heard someone walk in, and so you looked up, out of curiosity.

“Oh my god..” Sighing in annoyance you tried to look unfazed. Hopefully he won’t notice you in the tiny coffee shop, 'I’m screwed’ you thought to yourself. Unfortunately for you, the man came straight to your table and offered himself a seat.

“I feel like I should be surprised to see you here…but I’m not.” He said while watching you closely. You dare not give him the time of day, you barely payed any attention to him and focused on the task at hand. He leaned over the table just enough to make it seem as if he was studying your whole figure with utmost importance.

“What do you want?” Sighing in defeat, you knew he wasn’t going to leave anytime soon. You leaned back onto your chair and crossed your arms over your chest. He was obviously amused by the fact that he could get your attention. You watched as he gave you a smirk from delight, and you couldn’t help but notice how devilishly handsome he is, his clothes perfectly outlining his body, his biceps flexing as he shifted in his seat, his shoulders broad, you got a sudden shiver down your spine.

“Well, I think it’s safe to say that we don’t like each other. I’m here with a job to get done, but since we both are, I’d like to get to know the person I’m up against.” He held out his hand, “I’m Jeon Jungkook, agent 097, it’s a pleasure to take you down.” You reached out to shake his hand, you noticed how soft his palm was even though it looked incredibly strong. His long fingers wrapped around your hand, giving you goosebumps. Another reason to hate him even more.

You were so carried away by him that you failed to see Dragon leave. He was gone and it was all Jungkook’s fault. You quickly got up, “I’d appreciate if you don’t communicate with me, especially when I’m doing my job.” You slammed your laptop shut, stuffed it in your bag, and stomped out of the coffee shop, not even caring to look back. You couldn’t care less if Jungkook was offended, you didn’t need him disturbing you during a mission where even the slightest slip up could kill you.

“That bit-” Jungkook was furious, never has anyone disrespected him like that. “Excuse me sir, can I get you something?” The waitress had just popped out of no where, cutting Jungkook off from finishing his statement. “No. I was just leaving.” He got up with a slam of his fist on the table and walked out, raging in anger.

Thankfully Dragon hadn’t left much earlier, you were still able to see him crossing the street and entering an apartment complex. You figured it was his home, and so you decided to have a stake out in your car till it was dark enough to commence any actions.

Once the sun had set and the streets were empty, you left the safe confinements of your car, and headed over to the fire escape stairs lined up on the side of the complex. You checked every window till you got to the third floor where you heard someone aggressively speaking. Looking through the window you saw Dragon on the phone, you brought out your parabolic microphone and pointed it in the direction of the speaking.

“I swear to god Lee, if I don’t get my money I’m gonna fucking kill you.” Dragon spoke aggressively, you weren’t surprised. Criminals get upset over everything, it’s the way they function.

“Look Dragon, I’ll get you your money but you have to get me out of this shit hole first.” How are they in contact? You might as well have just solved the whole case.

“And why the fuck would I do that?” Dragon almost shouted as he paced around the small living room.

Your microphone was recording the whole conversation and all you had to do was sit tight and not get caught. You were so sure that you were going to beat Jungkook on this one too. When the conversation was over, you quickly headed back to your car with the new information, ready to hand it in to Namjoon, a smile plastered across your face as you passed the apartment complex entrance.

“Hey! Who are you and what do you want?” A familiar voice called out with a rather dark and furious tone. You swiftly turned around and of course, Dragon was standing there. 'Fuck!’ you screamed inside. Now that he’s seen you, it’s only a matter of time before he adds up all the digits.

“Do I know you?” You asked putting on a confused look. Dragon moved closer to you and you prepared yourself for the worst, “You’re spying on me.” and with that he didn’t hesitate to think twice before sending his fist in your direction. It took you half a second to decide if you were going to act innocent and take the blow, or defend yourself and give up your cover.

You dodged and crouched as you swung your leg under his feet, which left him stumbling to stand, during that time period, you sent him a quick but powerful kick to his abdomen. As he fell onto his back you turned around to quickly run to your car, but you bumped into a very tough chest, you stumbled a little but quickly regained yourself as you realized who it was. You groaned “I guess you win this one. Don’t get too cocky.” you used your index finger to hit his chest as an gesture to 'watch out’.

You left him quickly, got into your car and drove back to the base. This was going to be the most embarrassing moment in your life.                                                                                              _____

“Yes I got the information!” You raised your voice out of annoyance. Namjoon was a hard person to reason with and he wasn’t being anymore understanding this time.

“But you got caught! Now we have to assign a different agent to the mission!” Namjoon was clearly upset, he pinched his nose bridge between his index finger and thumb, as he walked around the office. The thought of having Dragon get away occasionally slipping into his mind here and there.

“Okay, I really don’t care about that since I already have..this.” You raised up the recorder with the conversation between Dragon and Dae Jung Lee, you shoved it towards Namjoon. You were just about to leave as you turned around at the door, “Oh and by the way, I don’t think you’ll have to use it anyway. Jungkook seems to have already taken care of it.” You used your head to nod towards the news on Television.

“The killer of high level Lawyer, Park Byeong-Ho, has been recently arrested. After the uncovering of new information, linking the killer to the mafia leader currently in prison has confirmed his guilt. We’ll get back to you soon with more.”

You scowled at Namjoon, it looked as if he was about to say something, struggling to find the words, but before he could, you left.


You were unlocking the door to your luxurious penthouse when someone grabbed your hand. Out of instinct you sent your leg flying to the area between the person’s legs. With a quick whack your hand was released and the person was hunched over and groaning in pain.

You didn’t even give them a second look before you scuttled into your home. You slammed the door shut and locked it. You were thinking it was one of Dragon’s minions, if he even had minions. You heaved a sigh of relief as you looked through the peephole to see if you could get a look of the person outside your door.

The sudden knocking made you jump in surprise, “It’s me… Jungkook.” 'What the hell is he doing here? How did he even find me, and what does he want?’ these thoughts now floating around in your head, unanswered questions that could be answered if you just opened the door.

Half of you wanted to open the door and flip him off, while the other half wanted answers. You looked through the peephole just in time to catch him slipping his hand under his pants, to rub what seemed to be his aching penis. You looked away hastily while your cheeks flushed with a rosy pink color. He was dressed in just a plain black shirt and black sweatpants which wasn’t very professional, speaking on the fact that you’ve both only talked once, and it didn’t end very well. Also considering that you’re both top spies who only meet at missions.

You slowly opened the door making sure it was wide enough for just half your face to be seen, “How the hell do you know I live here, and what the fuck do you want?” this reminded you of earlier today when you asked him the same question in the coffee shop. You looked him up and down, this time you were able to see him standing up in all his glory. The clothes he wore and how they emphasized his curves and muscles so perfectly made you rethink the whole 'I hate you’ situation.

“I decided to come tell you that I apologize for distracting you earlier. You see, I didn’t mean to cheat, but even if I hadn’t, I would’ve still won.” You began to fume in disbelief at his cocky words, the words 'I hate you’ suddenly making much more sense again. You hated losing, but you hated it even more when it would be constantly rubbed in your face, “Ughh, you’re just so- so- childish! Leave!” Your voice was now raised, and for just a second there, you thought you would finally call a truce, but no, over your dead body were you ever going to be at peace with this cocky motherfucker.

Jungkook loved to constantly upset you, he enjoyed teasing you and seeing your reaction. It was like a comedy TV show for him, he also doesn’t deny the fact that he finds you attractive. Like earlier today, he was supposed to be keeping watch on Dragon but he would occasionally end up checking you out. He didn’t like you, nor did he despise you though, but he hated being beaten so many times by a female.

Now standing outside your door, lord knows how he found your address, he wouldn’t mind in trying to get to know you, more like find your weaknesses, but he knew that wouldn’t be easy.

“Leave!” And suddenly the door slammed shut. Now looking at your name printed on the door right under the number of the penthouse, he sighed with a smirk on his face. If he was going to get any more information on you, his opponent, he would have to get closer to you… he’d have to spy on you.

Jungkook looked around the empty hallway, a normal person would awe at how expensive it looked but Jungkook was used to it. The security here was tight as well, the only way he was able to get in was with his badge, and the excuse of coming to visit you, threatening to call you if they still refused to let him through. Jungkook lived as luxuriously as you but would often feel lonely, people would think he could just have any girl he pointed at, which wasn’t entirely false, but he preferred not to. He’s had his number of one night stands but he’d rather look for a relationship with meaning, not just sex.

He placed his ear onto your door, trying to listen for any sounds of movement. Yes, he was about to break in.

He has no idea what had gotten into him, but he was taking the meaning of the word 'competitive’ to a whole other level. It was the risk he had to take to win any other missions ahead. He still hasn’t explained to himself how breaking into your home has anything to do with learning your weaknesses, but he didn’t care.

Jungkook used a bobby pin to fiddle with the lock until it opened. Once it was unlocked, he slowly opened the door. He peeked round the corner to see if you were in there, to his relief you weren’t. He tip toed inside, careful to check the surroundings and listen for the sound of your footsteps. He’s a professional spy, this won’t be hard.

Jungkook finally got to your bedroom’s door where he could hear the shower running in the bathroom. 'Perfect’ he thought as he slowly made his way inside. Heading straight for your desk, he began to go through pictures, files, documents, whatever he thought would give him a head start.

There was a picture of you and your ex boyfriend that he found, his face had a red 'X’ drawn over it, “Must not have been a great relationship.” Jungkook felt a prick in his stomach when he looked at the picture for a little longer, he couldn’t help but notice how happy you looked in the picture. Well… he had found one weakness of yours, that was enough for now.

He got up and quietly headed for the door when he passed the bathroom. Hearing the water running he stood there for a moment before looking at the door. Hesitantly, he placed his hand on the door handle, but immediately took it off, realizing the inappropriate action he was just about to make.

Then the water stopped. Jungkook sprinted out of the penthouse as if being chased by killer dogs. Once he was out he gave a sigh of relief and proceeded to leave. He didn’t understand what had gotten into him, but now he had a plan on how to beat you once and for all.

As he walked down the hall, Jungkook remembered that he was being assigned a new mission tomorrow. He didn’t have much information about it yet but a part of him hoped to see you there again.