#228.5 - Houndour are intelligent pack hunters, able to team up and communicate with others over large distances using a wide variety of howls and barks. As they age, Houndour develop a unique toxin that activates when angry, which makes their fire extremely dangerous to others; often leaving a scar that will ache for years to come. Maturing Houndour begin to grow sharp horns, which are not only a powerful asset in battle, but also serve as a ranking system within their pack.

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           It was late but he wasn’t tired – in fact, he was very much awake. He was currently sitting in the middle of Dai’s house painting something for Hatsumi. He was alone and he had to admit that he was a little bored. Dai had said he wasn’t going to be too late yet here he was sitting alone. He glances over at his phone and decides phoning the other wouldn’t hurt.

  Yuu puts down his brush and picks up his phone. He waits while it rings and when the other answers – “Dai? I thought you were coming home fairly early.” Pouty painter, to be honest.

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a kiss - something so small, yet it meant a lot to the young dragon. surely it meant the same to thana. but, he would be lying if he said that it was something that they couldn’t, shouldn’t do. for a while now they had been hiding their developed feelings for one another. hatsumi had brought them close together, making thana part of the family - daisuke had been confused about his feelings. it was a concept he wasn’t able to fully understand. his teacher, his father was a man who knew little about them himself. daisuke had been so sure that he was homosexual, that he wouldn’t hold any romantic affection for any female & yet, it was different with thana. this game gave them both an opportunity. the kiss was something that had been coming for a while now. 

originally the dragon had planned to sit in a corner, never to touch his lips against hers, but after a minute went by, well, he found himself questioning why he shouldn’t, why they shouldn’t. they were a family now, in an odd way. fingers cupped her pale cheeks, gloved thumbs brushing over soft skin as he looked into crimson eyes. they were alike, though they were different. slowly, daisuke leans forward until finally their lips touched. the kiss was sweet, soft & gentle, lasting for a few minutes before he broke it off & rested his forehead against hers. ‘ welcome to the family, ’ he mumbled, lips curving into a slight smile.

MDB-675 マグロ男限定!!最初から最後まで動かなくてもイカせまくってくれる風俗フルコ?ス!!10?出すまで?れません!! 蓮?クレア 木南日菜 神ユキ 初美沙希

MDB-675 マグロ男限定!!最初から最後まで動かなくてもイカせまくってくれる風俗フルコ?ス!!10?出すまで?れません!! 蓮?クレア 木南日菜 神ユキ 初美沙希

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다운로드: 클릭 원문제목: MDB-675 マグロ男限定!!最初から最後まで動かなくてもイカせまくってくれる風俗フルコ?ス!!10?出すまで?れません!! 蓮?クレア 木南日菜 神ユキ 初美沙希 한글제목: MDB-675 マグロ男限定!!最初から最後まで動かなくてもイカせまくってくれる風俗フルコ?ス!!10?出すまで?れません!! 蓮?クレア 木南日菜 神ユキ 初美沙希 영문제목: MDB-675 Tuna Man Limited! !Customs Full Course To Me Like Crazy To Squid May Not Work From The Beginning To The End! !You Do Not Go Home Until Out 10 Shots! ! Hasumi Claire Kinami Nichina God Snow…

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