hatsume 2013


Tate’s finally uploaded their Hatsume 2013 photos, so now I finally get to see how I look, haha. They had everyone pose with the DK guy, so I just.. iunno I just did roar-y shit it at ‘im, iunno.

But yeah, I remade my monster horns from a while ago so that they’re smaller, more lightweight, smoother (I’ve read more tutorials to make 'em look nice), and such.

Mask was a blank from Missmonster that I painted on, the arm + leg warmers and tail are from Pawstars. (I made my own tail once but it fell apart- still working on trying to make it work)

The Story of the Ebay Grell Wig

As you know, I went to the Hatsume fair this past weekend cosplaying as Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler. As part of my costume, I had a fairly long, bright red, layered wig. But this was not the wig I was supposed to be wearing. Three weeks ago, I purchased a longer, much nicer wig on ebay that was supposed to come on March 15 AT THE LATEST. It didn’t, so I quickly ran out and bought a cheap (but surprisingly good) wig at a local Party City. Well, the wig came today. TODAY. Almost a full two weeks after it was supposed to arrive. I’ll probably donate the cheap wig to the theatre troupe I belong to and keep the good one for my cosplay. Moral of the story: be careful who you buy things from on ebay.



At Hatsume Fair 2013 in Morikami Museum & Gardens.
 If it’s not obvious by now, I’m the Kenshin who’s totally wearing his kimono wrong (hey, I had to redress in a hot and crowded bathroom - forgive me for not noticing when I wanted to gtfo! DX ).

All pics, save for the last were taken by my entourage. The last one is is credited to the folks at Zifprod.

FORGIVE MY DERP FACE GAIZ. When your photography director is your mother, it’s very hard to NOT have derp face. D:

If you recognize yourself, lemme know and I’ll credit ya.